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  1. Chelsea 5-1 Nottingham Forest

    Yeah but Hazard is not Messi, Ronaldo or Neymar. Hazard is Hazard and i love the way he can be so generous. Don't fucking care if he don't win ballon d'or as long as he stay a wonderfull player like he is now. Even he score less than the 3 others, he is the more pleasant player, never grumple, alaways a smile. That's what i want to see.
  2. Chelsea 5-1 Nottingham Forest

    Kylian ? You will never see him on first team lmao. He has not level to be in the squad of a hungarian team, peorple thing really he can play for chelsea one day ? He is just here to extend his brother's contract.
  3. Chelsea 5-1 Nottingham Forest

    Yeah it wil be a really interesting match to follow tonight. I just hope we will find a stream to watch the game, because there are Juventus- Fiorentina and Lazio / Napoli in Serie A. Real Madrid play in liga. Bundesliga tonight too. And Arsenal, City, United play at the same time. United is broadcast on SkySport. So I think it will be hard to find a stream tonight...
  4. Deadline Day!

    Same statut like Alonso last year. Not a big name but maybe a great surprise.
  5. Deadline Day!

    Not only for that. The main reason is just to have a decent back-up for our 2 middlefielder. Kante,Baka, Cesc,Danny. Without Danny it's an totally insane to face this season with just 3 CM.
  6. Danny Drinkwater

    We can call him Danny D. I heard he has a huge experience...
  7. 3. Marcos Alonso

    Yeah no doubt about that but it's a shame for the player for his personal career. He deserves more crédits.
  8. 3. Marcos Alonso

    Monreal prefer to Alonso again for Spain Squad Unbelieavable decison by Lopetegui.
  9. General Transfer Talk

    Di Maria ? No thanks He is maybe a really good footballer but also a total wanker. Always to roll on the floor and crying to ask a fault, most of the time there is no contact on him. Don't want this kind of player to Chelsea. He is perfect for Barca mentality and the real Neymar succesor, no doubt about that.
  10. General Transfer Talk

    And don't forget Oscar and his 60m€ from last winter...
  11. Middlesbrough v Chelsea

    Yeah I understand this. Anyway it was not a emergency. We can easily play this match without Willian. But it's just to said that he will be ahead Oscar or Fabregas in next fixture.
  12. Middlesbrough v Chelsea

    I have read a story about Chelsea didn't want to buy to bring back Willian in a private plane with others Brazilians players (Coutinho and co). Because the club found that was not in a hurry. So he came back in London too late.
  13. West Ham v Chelsea

    Would love to see this XI. SOLANKE BATS OSCAR WILLIAN CHALOBAH RLC AINA LUIZ TERRY AZPI BEGO With Eden, Diego, Pedro on the bench if we need to win the game. I would like to see Solanke because there are many questions about his level, i think it will be a good moment to see him.
  14. Chelsea v Man United

    The big problems is Mourinho knows very well each of our players. He knows their strenght but their weakness too, it's a big advantage. He will give instructions to put each of our players in the worst conditions so they can't play their style of play. Kante will be probably one of our more important player if we want take the lead in this game. We must win the battle in middelfied. I'm worried about Matic. His game against Leicester was problably his best, but against big team he seems always be in difficult. I think his shape sunday will be determinant too. For me Chalobah could be a good solution in a 3 middelfied with Kante and Matic. We can dropp a winger and put Hazard in second striker behind Costa.
  15. Chelsea v Man United

    I don't know if Mourinho is obsessed to win against us. But He is certainly obsessed to win and prove he is always a great coach . It seems clear that Jose will want to win this game because of table ranking. He is 7th in the table, except our fixture, all the big teams play against a weaker team . So like us, he needs 3 points to stay near of top 4, He will not settle for a draw as long if he stay in this position. It would be different if United was above us, but they are below. I'm waiting a different approach. Yesterday he just didn't want lose. Sunday, he would like to win the match. He knew that playing Liverpool in Anfield is not easy. He had to destroy their technical player, don't let any space with a big intensity. We have not the same style than Liverpool, he will adapat his tactic. There will be intensity for sur but with more intention to score a goal. Yesterday, Karius don't had nothing to do. In any case i'm really excited to see the confrontation between Conte and Mourinho. Hope Antonio will find the solution to break their block and keep a solid team in the same time.