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  1. Mateo Kovacic

    Even if there is no clause, it's okay. Kovacic is here to perfom right now and have a good transition he is a top player ready to start in our XI. Him with Kante and Jorginho it's just totaly insane. We can not afford to make a second bad season in row, But next year we could have a lot of choice to replace him. Barkley, RLC, VanGinkel, Mount... There is a chance than at least one of them become a starter next year. And even no one are good enough we could buy an another top middelfield in a better situation (UCL, strong and attractive team,..) So If kovacic allows us to get out of this situation and find the summits, I will be grateful to him even if it was just for one year.
  2. Mateo Kovacic

    Even if we don't have a buy clause it's not a drama. We really need quality player in our middelfied now. We'll see next year the situation, maybe Madrid bring back maybe not but we definitively need this kind of player this year. It's a smart choice from the board we don't spend money and have Kovacic for me it's okay. Next year, the team will be more solide, Sarri'philospophie will be better in place than now and we should replace Kovacic by an other top player.
  3. 29. Álvaro Morata

    Yeah that's the definition of a fan.
  4. 5. Jorginho

    Hazard I always found he did not have the profile of a captain. He can be the star of the team but not the leader. But what happens in the national team makes me hesitate about this. I think the armbrand really did him good. Give him responsibilities, he is more mature and less child than before. Maybe that at chelsea it could be the right timing too. If the club manages to convince him to extend his contract and become a true legend with us, he would be a nice captain. Even if I prefer Azpi because he is the most loyal and he seem to be a natural leader. But I should understand that Chelsea give it to Hazard if he decides to stay long-term.
  5. 5. Jorginho

    JT is a veteran player who has nothing to proove. 36 years england captain, Chelsea captain since 10 years etc. Jorginho is maybe a great leader but he need at least one year to prove that on the pitch. We have also great leader in our team so why should we bypass them for a new player who didn't play a single game for Chelsea ? Hazard you should give him for other reason but we have some leaders like Azpi, Rudiger, Luiz, Fabregas. I think give it to quickly to Jorginho is a bad message for them. Ok if after one season he showed great commitment and leadership more than others, but now it's too soon. Bonnuci was also AC Milan captain last year and you see the result now. And you have a lot of example like that.
  6. 5. Jorginho

    Our vice captain ? wtf he did not play yet an official match for us but we'll give him vice captain status ? What kind of message is for our loyal players ? For earn this statut you need prove something for the club. Azpi and Hazard should be captain and vice captain.
  7. General Transfer Talk

    Ok but you have just no idea what's happen internally. All you said is based on your frustration about this poor market. I can understand but please we need to learn to relativize. I can show you point per point : 1) Courtois will be sell for 35-40 or will go for free next summer. But we have no keeper available of this level now. Oblak is not available. Alisson was fucking expensive and not better thant Thibaut. Juste make a better season doesn't mean he is a better keeper. So maybe lost 35 millions but keep a top keeper for this season is a good idea. We can look for a new next season it's not a drama. 2) Hazard will leave for half next season ? Really ? it's a fact ? I didn't know. He could renew his contract and become our captain too, so again, it's just you who makes projections. 3) Willian and Pedro could easily be great player for us with Sarri so what's the problem ? Just because a player got 30 years should we sell them ? It's a failed to keep them ? Maybe we should sell Willian to Barca to 60 i'm agree. But the fact Willian remain at Chelsea is not necessarily a bad news. 4) For LB again, you take the worst scenario, Alonso will be disaster and Emerson will not be good. As if it was the only possible scenario, no it isn't. 5) Same for Morata, he could easily be a very good player. Drogba had a poor first year too no ? 6) Stop saying no sense about we forcing Willian to stay, he said again yesterday in a brazilian channel he is happy to chelsea for the love of god. You just want to see the negative in our team. All is not black or white, some of your scenarios will be true maybe yeah, but you will have some good surprise that you don't imagine (CHO, Barkley, Emerson, Ampadu or others.). Our Board should take better decision we are all agree about that but come on stop try to pretend we have a shit team and we have no chance to fight for top 4 or we are at the bottom of the hole... it's really frustrating to always read the same posts on this forum.
  8. 22. Willian

    And why Willian is a rat exactly ? Because once time in his carreer he runs out to the tunnel after a sub cause he was angry ? Or for the emoji cup on Conte's face in instagram ? I don't get it really. I find Willian has showed great commitment since he was arrived 5 years ago. Always said and showed he loves the club, Just last year was bad for his image because his relation with Conte was terrible. We can criticize Willian for his lack of regularity but i'm sick to see all this exaggerations on him. Stop just keep the bad and pretend to forget all good thing Willian brought to us. When we read this topic it look like we are talking about Marko Marin or worst. Keep some common sense in your posts please.
  9. Gonzalo Higuain

    Anybody know what becomes Belotti ? We were strongly linked with him last summer. Don't know why he is no longer in rumors this seasons. Maybe he should be a good target and for a better price than last summer. And no big clubs seem to be on him.
  10. 22. Willian

    I like that and i can't be more agree... But if we wanted to do that, we should have started this work earlier. He remains 2 weeks before the end of the windows, I can't imagine so many move (OUT/IN). But definitively this team will be amazing and not impossible from a financial point of view.
  11. 10. Eden Hazard

    Question for those who don't want to sell Hazard and block him. In average, Madrid would pay maybe +- 160-170 millions euros for Hazard. I understand some people want more but this is the reality, Madrid will not pay more for him. So next summer, Hazard will have just one year on his contract. His value will be 50 millions max at this moment. So the question is, do you think keeping Hazard just one season more worth 100 or 120 millions ? Or keep him 2 seasons worth 170 ? It's a real question, because if we block him, we don't will expect an extension contract of him.
  12. Jean Seri

    Seri in very advanced talk with Chelsea, personal choice of Roman. Apparently a reliable source, the guy who announced Fabinho in Liverpool... In Head of sport service for RTL France.
  13. Next Manager?

    It say "Blanc close to Chelsea. Happy for him. He gets screwed since few years and i wish him the best"
  14. Next Manager?

    Gasset and Blanc worked together during 10 years. 2007 to 2010 at Bordeaux. 2010 to 2012 in French national team. 2013 to 2016 to PSG. After Blanc's dismissal, Gasset goes to Saint Etienne in 2017. And at this day Blanc is always on the line...
  15. Next Manager?

    I have really big doubts about Blanc because when he was coach for Bordeaux and PSG, it's Jean Louis Gasset his assitant who was renowned for his tactical ability. Gasset was really the brain in the shadow. Now, Gasset is coach of Saint Etienne and it's difficult to say how good could be Blanc without him.