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  1. 10. Eden Hazard

    Hazard is our best players with Kante. He is fully committed to the club, repeat many times he love the club and we can feel it. After 6 seasons, he said again he don't care we have no UCL he is happy and ready to stay but only because he said he want better player it's a shame ? Come on it's not a lack of respect for others players, players like Moses, Cahill, Alonso knows they are not top class player. Eden is a nice guys i'm pretty sur he has never had a fight with team mates not even rivals players. He don't stay he is angry because his teammates are shit but just a team like Chelsea need better recrues than Bakayoko, Drinkwater or Zappacosta and he has fucking right. The guy knows he needs a different kind of football to express and shine. He is not a Messi or Ronaldo, he is a dribbler, one of the best dribbler in the world. So stop crying because he don't score 30 goals in a season because Salah make it one time. He is a a different player in a different system. And it's obious to say if Hazard playing in team like City he would score many more goals. When you have a player as talented as Hazard, when this player is a very nice guys, always smile, repeat he love this club, you should always be back him. We see less of less this kind of mentality in football, he is a simple and humble person. And even if is a flirt with Madrid because Real is his "dream child" who cares ? He has the right, he is not hypocritical to say Chelsea is his dream child but he learned to love this club. How many players are really attach at our shirt now ? Azpi for sur. Kante seem to be in right path. Christensen because is an academy player. Others like Rudiger will becoms in futur I hope. If Madrid don't try to sign it, and we show amibitions I'm sur Eden would love finish his career for Chelsea. He should become a legend for us. He has maybe not a leadership like lamps or Terry but we need commited players like that.
  2. 9. Álvaro Morata

    Morata should score easily 3 goals yesterday. He score just one with his head but fail again 2 face to face with his feet, that's a big problem. In the end, when he was on the pitch, Southampton play full attack and we have created many more occasion. In the 60 first minutes, Southampton play very strong behind. So Morata in less time had an easily game than Giroud for me, he had so more space to play. We can't compare Morata and Giroud because it's two strikers totally differents, and it's the best for us that we can count on two different profile. For sur Giroud lack of pace, but when he is on the pitch, the others players must know they can't make trough pass with him. He must play short. Howewer, he is a class player back in the goal. he is strong, play like a best and give 100% for us when he is on the pitch. In the end, they complete each other. The big difference at this moment, his Giroud don't need 10 occasions to scores a goal. I keep faith in Morata, I think the first season can be difficult for a player who don't know english football or english culture. And i hope next season he become a more complete striker. But Giroud stay our better striker at this moment. In term of potential, yes morata is better and yes he must become our number one. But for the rest of the season i don't want take the risk to give the key at Morata who score juste 2 goals in 2018. We have a cup to win, and a little hope to finish top 4. We must finish this season with 5 win.
  3. Olivier Giroud

    And some people thought we will go for Icardi? Lewandoski or something ? We look for a back-up player not a starter so wake up, it's not about accept decent. Who is Lewandoski backup in Bayern ? Who is Benzema back up in Real ? Who is Suarez backup in Barcelona ? Girourd is a great back-up player he prove since he was arrived in England so stop acting like kids who always want big signing. I understand that when we don't sign a big wing Back because we need that. But we have bought Morata 65 millions this summer. He was good then dissapointing but he deserves more time. If he failed, there we go for a big target. But Giroud will always be a good buy as second striker, not expensive, Conte's profile, can play UCL, have very nice stat and can perform immediately.
  4. Emerson Palmieri

    I don't understand. @Dimitr was adamant and said that any players we are link in Serie A was Conte choice. Would he lie to us?
  5. The Conte Thread

    Yeah sur but what's the link between these two facts ? We have not invest money (just reinvest), and the worst is we have spend this money on average players. I don't see where you want to go with your critics about my analyse about net spend.
  6. The Conte Thread

    But who cares we are "interested" in players ? The point is the players we are signed. No one of importants Serie A players that you quote were signed. Just Alonso, Zappa and surely Palmieri. No Bonnuci, no Sandro, no Koulibaly or wathever. If we sign Dzeko it will be a good transfert, i admit that. But I don't understand what you try to prove with yours posts. If tomorrow the board sign a bench player of Crotone FC, it will mean that the board support Conte because they signed a Serie A player ? Support Conte for me it's, do the best for signed his wish list players. The board can't because our low budget politic. It's their choice. So Conte accept average players so we are doing average result. We are top 4, in UCL (not for long but against Barca it's logic), in FA cup. It's just a logical position for a club who leads this kind of politc no ? Say Conte OUT what's the point ? You are really thought that we will be champion again or what ?
  7. The Conte Thread

    "Think before talk" from a guy who say absolut bullshit is really funny. Last summer we spend 220 millions on players and we receive 200 millions from departure players, so what ? You find 20 millions it's a really biiiig investment ? Think before talk yeah ? We replace bigs players by average players but yeah we spend 200 millions oh my god... So what, you would like Conte win 4 trophies with the players of the bottom of his list that board has aggred to give him ? Did you see United/City's investment compared to us, and you would like we are champions each year without spend money ? The guy just gave us a title in his first year, he give us true passion. And he probably leave in a club that will respect him and give him what he wants. But let's go to Ancelotti, Pochetino or anybody and sack him 2 years later, because fan like you are close minded and think managers are always the problem.
  8. The Conte Thread

    Yeah sur, and it's a big problem. Classic example, we don't want to pay 80 millions for a very good player. But to pay 40 millions for 2 average players it's okay. Maybe one will be just good, the other will be shit. Sometime we will have a good surprise and he will be world class. But several times they will be shit. And like i said above, pay for the 80 million player, will give us more certitude but also more money on marchandising. It will not be the case for average players.
  9. The Conte Thread

    And what's the difference ? We receive this money in selling players (loanees, bad, average or top players). But the fact is we just reinvest this money for new players but not more. The board doesn't invest money in the transferts, we are Chelsea, one of the biggest club in the world and we don't invest money. We have the new stadium, I accept that. But it's not the only reason. Its same clear it's a new politic for long term and no just to finance the new Bridge. As has already been said, if you want to fill this stadium, club must stay attractive, he must continue to make people dream. If we become an average club with average players, it could be worst for our incomes Who want experience that Liverpool experienced few years ago ? When you invest money on big players (fee or wages) it's not just for sport or result. It's also an important economical invest (more marchandising etc.). If we continue this kind of path, I really fear for the futur of the club.
  10. The Conte Thread

    Embarassing comment really.... Do you really think Zappa, Alonso or Palmieri are first Conte choice ? Same for Carroll or Dzeko ? You can be sur Conte want top players, it's the reason why he left Juventus some years ago. And it's the reason of his frustration now. But if the board tell him you have just a low budget to recruit then he gives average player, because average players it's always better than no players at all. That's no meaning that he is happy with that. Maybe ZappaCosta was the 15 choice on his whish list. And for some who says "Yes but board has spend 220 millions for Conte". It's true but seriously when you count the income players, you have to count depart players and check the balance ! This year we spend 220 millions but we receive 200 millions for our departing players. So what ? Conte should say "Thanks Chelsea Board, one of the biggest club in the world, to spend 20 millions for me on his window !" And the funniest, here is a view of our balance transfert since 14/15 at now : # Club(s) Expenditures Arrivals Income Departures Balance 1 Manchester City 761,00 Mill. € 101 227,76 Mill. € 100 -533,23 Mill. € 2 Manchester United 740,75 Mill. € 71 250,01 Mill. € 77 -490,74 Mill. € 3 Everton FC 377,94 Mill. € 86 197,98 Mill. € 74 -179,96 Mill. € 4 Arsenal FC 347,62 Mill. € 59 185,85 Mill. € 60 -161,77 Mill. € 5 Crystal Palace 200,78 Mill. € 98 61,47 Mill. € 110 -139,31 Mill. € 6 Watford FC 223,98 Mill. € 126 84,90 Mill. € 121 -139,08 Mill. € 7 Leicester City 252,23 Mill. € 80 122,40 Mill. € 84 -129,83 Mill. € 8 West Ham United 216,75 Mill. € 80 94,57 Mill. € 85 -122,19 Mill. € 9 West Bromwich Albion 156,38 Mill. € 58 44,25 Mill. € 62 -112,14 Mill. € 10 Newcastle United 259,33 Mill. € 95 148,49 Mill. € 100 -110,84 Mill. € 11 AFC Bournemouth 134,92 Mill. € 87 29,84 Mill. € 91 -105,08 Mill. € 12 Liverpool FC 524,53 Mill. € 76 440,72 Mill. € 74 -83,81 Mill. € 13 Brighton & Hove Albion 90,60 Mill. € 110 13,24 Mill. € 105 -77,37 Mill. € 14 Middlesbrough FC 149,31 Mill. € 104 74,68 Mill. € 115 -74,64 Mill. € 15 Stoke City 135,20 Mill. € 66 65,94 Mill. € 70 -69,26 Mill. € 16 Sunderland AFC 131,97 Mill. € 90 73,16 Mill. € 100 -58,81 Mill. € 17 Burnley FC 117,97 Mill. € 85 71,90 Mill. € 86 -46,07 Mill. € 18 Huddersfield Town 62,31 Mill. € 103 21,56 Mill. € 109 -40,75 Mill. € 19 Chelsea FC 577,80 Mill. € 151 537,34 Mill. € 144 -40,46 Mill. € Yeah we are 19th of this fucking list. Yes we have just spend 40 millions in 4 years... But yeah continue to blame Conte because you are too dumb to see the reality. When I read, "he must respect the board". Yeah maybe, but please first of all, the board must respect the fans.
  11. General Transfer Talk

    It's not just pay for Sanchez and got it. If we pay like 400k/week for Sanchez so you can up the wage of all players and you blow up your global wages at short term. First with Courtois and Hazard you will add 100k/week for each to extend them. We have a balance to respect, and the club can't do what they want. We have not unlimited money like United/City. The new stadium is going to cost a lot of money too. I'm also frustrated but its not difficult to understand.
  12. Chelsea 1-0 Man Utd

    And the bashing Cahill team strike again, what a surprise... I have told it yesterday it was obvious that Cahill will start, when you see his recent match and compare it with others defenders. Cahill deserve a start at this moment maybe not always in the past and maybe not in the futur but at this moment yes.
  13. Chelsea 1-0 Man Utd

    But it's not just one bad game for Azpi, and one "not so bad game" for Cahill. Azpi was poor since the begin of this season,he make 2-3 good match and after his level has totally fallen. I dont say necessarily he must be bench, because we have not enough good solution to replace him, but just we must be objective. Cahill was not so terrible that we can read. If he makes a bad intervention, it will be multiply by 100, when Azpi does the same we almost don't talk about. On the recents matchs Cahill was more solid and consistent thant Azpi but we will not see someone saying that here. For me Cahill can be a starter Sunday, I don't see why he will automaticelly be benched as long as he makes decent prestation. And same logic but reverse for Azpi. In center back role i would like to see Cahill Rudiger Christensen. ANd why not try Rudiger LWB, he will not be worst than Alonso...
  14. Chelsea 1-0 Man Utd

    Incredible how everybody bashing Cahill, and don't blame Azpi in our recent matches. I'm not a Cahill fan at all, but come on, he was pretty decent in our last matches. Azpi was totally disastrous but no one say a word about that just because it's Dave. If Cahill had made this kind of prestation, i don't imagine how bad reactions will be on him. In the opposite when Cahill make a good prestation nobody say a word about that neither, its always the same thing "Cahill is fucking shit, blabla" He was very good saturday, and was the less worst of our defender yesterday. Like I said i'm not a Cahill fan but even if he is bad, he deserve respect, i don't understand why some players have an immunity and others are so hated. If the player don't show respect to the clubs or supporters okay, i can understand that, but Cahill has always been loyal and respectfuf Some should learn to be objective.
  15. Chelsea 5-1 Nottingham Forest

    Yeah but Hazard is not Messi, Ronaldo or Neymar. Hazard is Hazard and i love the way he can be so generous. Don't fucking care if he don't win ballon d'or as long as he stay a wonderfull player like he is now. Even he score less than the 3 others, he is the more pleasant player, never grumple, alaways a smile. That's what i want to see.