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  1. General Transfer Talk

    Higuain to Chelsea. Higuain under Sarri. Oh boy...
  2. 10. Eden Hazard

    A translation from official Marca page: “Year 2598, Hazard continue to offer himself to Real Madrid.. Would you like to see him in white?” Even they are laughing ffs...
  3. 10. Eden Hazard

    What is wrong with this little cunt? Just shut the hell up and leave in the summer.
  4. Elseid Hysaj

    Relayed by CalcioNapoli24, Napoli Journalist Cammaroto: He said: “Hysaj is on the way out. Ancelotti is ready to let him leave, and Aurelio de Laurentiis didn’t appreciate the take it or leave it offer on the contract, as the renewal terms were too high. The goodbye is already on the agenda, the Albanian will go to his mentor Sarri. All that’s left is to know if it’ll happen in June or January. The potential summer ban for Chelsea could make the negotiations start suddenly, but Napoli want the €50m from the clause and not a penny less. The agent will try around €40m, but in the end they’ll meet in the middle at €45m”
  5. Chelsea - Man City

    Chelsea lineup and first 45mins were criminal. That out of nowhere Kante goal from last minute saved the day literally. Chelsea regrouped maybe surprisingly good in the second half and we looked as completely different team compared to first 45min. That moment Barkley and RLC was on the pitch, Chelsea started to control tonight’s match completely until the very end. Sarri shouldn’t really force anymore his favorite midfield trio. Absolute useless and boring to watch.. Pedro did an amazing job all over the pitch both offensively and defensively, Kante looked so much better in the second half and showed how good he can be when there’s someone like RLC and Barkley around him, Hazard was more aggressive in the second half and moved really good... Barkley and RLC both showed one of them should start next weekend..... I know the guy didn’t even play but Morata should never ever play for Chelsea again in PL from the start. Thank god he didn’t play tonight because he would easily kill everyone’s mood after that shit first half of the match. Very hot second half from Chelsea and an amazing victory of course.
  6. Chelsea - Man City

    Awful lineup. Hazard was always shit as false 9. Impotent midfield again. City will score soon and will be a good night.
  7. Wolves 2-1 Chelsea

    Maybe you didn’t understand what I was trying to say. ✌️ My point is, ok, City spent €600m in 3 transfer market, but they did it on great players. Every single one can score or assists. They have completed their squad. Huge amount of money spent on everything you need and now it’s up to coach. Never said or thinking how the clubs (or Pep) are buying Championship because everyone is buying a Championship. Real Madrid, Barca, Bayern Munich, Juventus, PSG, United....Chelsea used to...... They all spend a lot compared to other clubs from domestic leagues. Always been... My post refers on “Sarri will need time same as Pep” posts. It’s not true that Pep (only) needed time, he just needed money well spent on top players. They play a very same way of football only difference is Pep have better and more suited players for his system now then 2-3 years ago.
  8. Chelsea - Man City

    If he stays stubborn and persistent in playing the very same 11-man lineup in PL he was using for months now, then I believe people will call taxi for him maybe even before New Year’s Eve. There’s no way Sarri’s favorite 11-man team will survive January.
  9. Wolves 2-1 Chelsea

    Pep spent literally €600m in 2 windows on top players. Conte kick his ass before he spent even more crazy. If Conte and now Sarri has City owner, I can guarantee you people would doubt Pep big time now and nobody would ask time for Sarri. A little reminder, these players from the picture was added on already top football squad City had at the time.
  10. Wolves 2-1 Chelsea

    Seriously, better pray that Chelsea win Europa League because I doubt Chelsea fans will see this club in the Champions League anytime soon.
  11. Chelsea 2-0 Fulham

    Alonso and Dave as FB’s feels like a nightmare. Chelsea would play much better and more concrete football without at least one of them. Both on the pitch are just too much.
  12. Christian Pulisic

  13. Spurs 3-1 Chelsea

    This squad is impotent as 99 y.o. grandpa. Nothing new, plus we are predictable as fuck.
  14. Nabil Fekir

    According to L’ Equipe Chelsea with Bayern Munich are the only two clubs interested in signing Nabil Fekir now.
  15. Nabil Fekir

    Jorginho’s instagram story, last pic (video). It’s Fekir. edit some screenshots: