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  1. Alex Sandro

    Let's wait and see until the end of the weekend or Monday. It's not like we didn't have enough time. I just hope we're not gonna repeat same mistakes from last year because only an idiot would keep chasing ghosts.
  2. Tiemoué Bakayoko

    He reminds me a little bit of Patrick Vieira.
  3. Leonardo Bonucci

    I think nobody will give a sh*t about Cristiano or Messi after such a superb transfer market.
  4. Alex Sandro

    Fingers crossed about Alex to Chelsea. But my reaction after I watched Dalbert for the first time on YT was like what a sh*t?!
  5. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

    Borussia Dortmund CEO Hans-Joachim Watzke has invited interested clubs to make a formal offer for Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. "We will listen to it when a club is willing to show its appreciation for Aubameyang in a financial way as well," Watzke told Bild. Shame we are not interested in him. I suppose someone just has to pay big and will sign Auba.
  6. Alex Sandro

  7. Alex Sandro

  8. Alex Sandro

    Today, two hours ago. If you understand It. there's a link. http://www.goal.com/it/notizie/calciomercato-juventus-marotta-su-alex-sandro-non-resti/5qn7zn7u81ag130h1e1dwd5iq
  9. Alex Sandro

    "Alex Sandro? An important offer arrived. We don't want to sell anybody but if a player wants to go away it is pointless to keep him against his will. We didn't have such a situations in the past years " By Marotta for goal italia.
  10. Alex Sandro

    Raphael would be a good addition too. Anyone knows what's happened to Ghoulam Faouzi? His contract expires this year I believe.
  11. Alex Sandro

    In football everything is possible but I admit I'm no longer that enthusiastic about Alex coming to Chelsea. Even without any official rejection after the first one which keeps my hopes alive. There are a lot of reports keep circulating how Dani Alves is practically gone, Stephen Lichsteiner too. On the left side if we buy Sandro I see them possibly being in some serious troubles. This means Juventus will have to replace 2 fantastic FB's and one really good. How many fantastic and really good FB's there's on the market? It's gonna be tough for us to pull this rabbit out of hat. In Conte we trust!
  12. Alex Sandro

    Chelsea have a deal in place with Juventus fullback Alex Sandro. By Italian pundit Tancredi Palmeri. He says Chelsea have agreed personal terms with Juventus left-back Alex Sandro. But Juventus have no intention of selling the 26-year-old. “Do you think Alex Sandro will move to Chelsea?" asked a Twitter user. Palmeri replied to his 145,000 followers: “It's complicated. “Alex Sandro has found agreement on personal terms with Chelsea, but Juventus have no intention to sell."
  13. Romelu Lukaku

  14. Alex Sandro

    Maybe we got permission to speak with the player because both parties wants this deal to happen quickly. Alex wants more money and Juve will get crazy amount and enough time to find replacement.