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  1. The Conte Thread

    Conte has had bad moments and yes we lost points thanks to him but way more because of the ones like Thibou, Willian, Luiz, even Hazard... They (our most important players) have literally decided to stop playing football in Decembar. No matter what their job is to train hard and play their best but they showed no respect for the badge, fans and the coach they represent. Only personal needs matters. Antonio Conte can’t play football for them. He used exactly the same tactics we were dominating opponents last season but first time they felt though (results and from the coach) this season they surrendered like a little cowards and started acting against the coach (again), causing almost unrepairable damage to this football club. Those earns millions and are completely betrayed Chelsea Football Club (goes both ways). Always makes me laugh when Azpi comes out with we’re Chelsea we fight, next time will win blah blah. Next match we lose 100% I tell you that. Like when Ray (RIP) was in hospital suffering from heart attack they were all calling for the win and fight for Ray. We have all seen how they’ve fought against Tottenham the day after. I felt sick in my stomach and not because we lost. Some players just lost their identity and I can’t fully blame them because some of them deserves better (results and the squad).
  2. The Conte Thread

  3. Isco

    Highly doubt he’ll leave Real Madrid especially not for the club in EL.
  4. Roman Abramovich

    I wonder where’s my mate Roman? Last time I’ve seen him at the Bridge Gudjohnsen has scored against Barca.
  5. Who will be the next Chelsea manager?

    Bayern Munich chief Karl-Heinz Rummenigge: "Thomas Tuchel has indicated to us that he has already signed for another club." (Sky Germany)
  6. Barcelona 3-0 Chelsea

  7. Stamford Bridge

    A Chelsea spokesperson said: “Chelsea FC have reached an agreement to settle the ongoing legal proceedings in relation to rights to light. The details of the agreement are confidential.” Chelsea agreed to compensate most of the 50 properties that would suffer as a result of the redesign but reached a stalemate with the Crosthwaites. The family took out a High Court injunction in May to stop construction work going ahead, delaying the club’s hopes of being in their new home by the start of the 2023-24 season. (Telegraph)
  8. 10. Eden Hazard

    Hope Hazard never leaves because he’s one of those unique players but last night level performance of his against very top clubs in CL are exactly the reason why he is Ballon D’or player number 19. Just not involved or decisive enough for a talent like his.
  9. 27. Andreas Christensen

    How in the world you manage to make so many mistakes on regular basis and still keeps your place in the team? If Cahill was at his place Chelsea fans would destroy him without hesitation.
  10. 33. Emerson Palmieri

    Playing Emerson against Barcelona is one unrealistic wish. He was barely playing since his arrival. But yes, he should been rotated with Alonso more often.
  11. 18. Olivier Giroud

    I’m enjoying every moment of Giroud on the field. He is so dominant and useful unlike Morata. We’ve got ourselves a true soldier.
  12. Champions League thread

    Oh dear... I think you should read again because I have never said they will win the CL. I was thinking about the bigger picture, something similar to Atletico Madrid story. Once solid but mostly average Spanish football team (at the time) who managed in the last 8-9 years to skip that level from EL at best to the very top CL football club, now is playing on regular basis at highest level in one of the most beautiful stadiums in the world. They (Tottenham) are not building a brand new + 60 000 seats stadium for playing in EL or watching other teams winning domestic titles. All I'm saying is they (Tottenham) are growing fast in one healthy environment with so much potential. It's simple as that.
  13. Champions League thread

    When you are building your team, for a couple of years, around one coach in a stable environment you can play your best football against any opponent. I’m actually envy Tottenham. How in the world they managed to be such a stable and actually successful, a CL club currently playing in front of 90 000 home fans at Wembley, teaching football Juventus who was 2 times a CL finalists in last 3 years. Every player is signed for the right position and tactically perfect for the coach and football they are playing for years. Even if they lose they will be a success. I don’t know if people realize how big they become and they are constantly growing unlike Chelsea FC who looks like a club from pre Abramovich era. Tottenham is and soon enough will be such a good football story.
  14. The Conte Thread

    It’s not like Chelsea is going to spend any significant amount of money. We already brought in 9-10 new players since last summer (long term contracts) so I don’t see a room for new arrivals unless they are like for like. People thinks we’re going to attract top manager and spend big in the summer. Yeah right.