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  1. David Luiz

  2. David Luiz

  3. The Board

  4. Next Manager?

  5. Roman Abramovich Thread

    S-500 or S-400? 🤣
  6. The Board

    Could have signed Koulibaly ( Ghoulam his best friend confirmed KK was leaving back then on Instagram but we f up as always), Alex Sandro (we f up in June and he changed his mind after that deal was almost wrapped up), Van Dijk in March-April way before Klopp made a phone call was a deal done (almost). In May Conte was off to vacation thinking VVD is well a deal done but he was furious on Marina as outlets reported because someone waited for way too long and didn’t wrap this deal up after (that Klopp’s phone call) VVD only wanted Liverpool. Etc etc... We were supposed to be a football force in CL not a Europa League team with €600m spent.
  7. Next Manager?

    Michael Ballack will be part of Frank Lampard's coaching staff at Chelsea FC according to Sky Germany Edit:
  8. The Board

  9. Next Manager?

    His job title gets me every time 🤣 Anyway, massive support and what happens, happens.
  10. The Board

    ”Peter won’t be sporting or technical director, but he will act as a link and advisor between the board and the first-team coaching and playing staff” (Telegraph)