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  1. Chelsea - Watford

    “Only” 9 matches and 11 points behind. I don’t know, but to me Chelsea is looking poor, without plan B and very boring to watch... Big part goes to Conte but even bigger goes on Roman Abramovic because he didn’t provide better players and much competitive team. This project ,with so many defenders and counter attacking football, already looking dead.
  2. The Conte Thread

    According to mephobia (99% accuracy)!
  3. Crystal Palace 2-1 Chelsea

    Chelsea unfortunately lost his place in football and abandoned an idea from 2002/3 to become if not the best in Europe then among top 4 teams in CL. Today maybe not even in top 10. So many different coaches and some (a lot) very bad decisions in selection of players for years. CFC still spending good but not enough. I don’t think Chelsea fans wants Chelsea to become Real Madrid but to be where CFC was 10 years ago, competitive and among the very best. Another thing makes me angry, well, Antonio Conte and his idea of playing only 5 at the back and counter attacking football. Not helping at all. Not even Juventus use that formation (couple of times) because it doesn’t work against every team, plus always missing an extra midfielder to dominate. I don’t know. PL doesn’t look that poor to me like for the last couple of years. Just can’t see the way for Chelsea to pull that lucky rabbit from the 🎩 again. It’s just not the same quality of PL for doing that. At the end of the day all ways leads to Roman Abramovich, not the Board. Cheers
  4. Deadline Day!

    Zappacosta is not even a first team choice at Torino for RB position.
  5. Spurs 1-2 Chelsea

    3:0 or 4:0 for Spurs, easily!
  6. Virgil Van Dijk

    Yep that's pretty much that..
  7. Virgil Van Dijk

    I wouldn't say he implicates only for LFC. We were interested in him 2 months ago but didn't want to pay £70m. Interesting stuff you could read between the lines last couple of weeks one and of them we never left the table actually just waiting for the right moment and them to cut the price. I would be more scared if he goes to City.
  8. Virgil Van Dijk

  9. Alex Sandro

    He's not a natural LB. Spinazzola will play on left side, he reminds a little of Zambrotta. People suggest if Juve sell Sandro and sign Joao Cancelo (looks like it's just a matter of time before becomes official) that RB will be Joao Cancelo and LB De Sciglio.
  10. Alex Sandro

    Literally nothing. RaiSport journalists was speaking for La Domenica Sportiva about controversial situation with Dybala and Sandro. His opinion: Dybala is staying (even Marotta said no way he's going days ago, twice) and about Sandro he (journalist) said how Alex plans to stay in Italy and further could lead to some kind of contact/ engagement. Pretty much horse 💩. Until Beppe personally say no freakin' way........ He didn't and it's August🤞
  11. Alex Sandro

    For those who ask about Spinazzola..
  12. Alex Sandro

  13. The Conte Thread

  14. The Conte Thread

  15. Chelsea 1-1 Arsenal

    Simon Johnson said yesterday net spend an issue now for Chelsea and that's why Conte didn't get players he wanted at first place (for the second year). What scares me is the club will waist what Conte did for this club, team and the fans last season (already doing that). It's August and he's far from being happy, tension he's been caring so easy to see, players looks strange and nervous too. Currently, things looks bad and injuries (Hazard and Baka) doesn't help at all. With lack of top additions Conte (in)directly said that we don't expect good results in CL this season. About PL we'll try, work hard and hope for the good. Season just started with CS and today looks bad but tomorrow just some great players might arrive and everything could change.🤞It's realy bizarre situation at Chelsea FC considering we won PL title 3 months ago. Yeah, bizarre is the word.