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  1. General Transfer Talk

    Its Duncan Castles, but still, his article said that Monaco are trying to hold onto their key players,although they are expecting to raise money through the scheduled sales of Bernardo and Fabinho. But 65 for Mendy is just too high, so i doubt thats true, if we came in with an offer of say 40M i doubt they would refuse
  2. General Transfer Talk

    Matic needs to be shipped off ASAP, absolute donkey But Bernardo in this game would have been exactly what we needed, we couldnt string 2 passes together, his ball retention is absolutely superb, with him in the side we wouldnt have been completely overwhelmed with and without the ball, im just so freaking tired of seeing Hazard having to do everything on his own, this needs to change now
  3. General Transfer Talk

    So, do people still think we dont need players like Bernardo?????
  4. Man United 2-0 Chelsea

    Also, laughable that there is people that think that RW isnt a major position that needs upgrading, take Hazard out of the game and we are doomed
  5. Man United 2-0 Chelsea

    Matic and Costa are the most useless players on the team by far, this is a disgrace, A DISGRACE
  6. General Transfer Talk

    Lets assume we will buy a new starter for the RW position and he gets hurt, would you really be comfortable, with Redmond playing against a team like, say Juventus? i wouldnt
  7. General Transfer Talk

    To me our ideal team, and IMO very realistic is: Courtois Azpi Luiz Christensen Nelson Semedo Kante Naby Keita Mendy Bernado Silva Diego Costa/Lukaku Hazard Thats a CL winning team, and it actually is a affordable team Bernado(80M) Naby Keita( 45M) Nelson Semedo(30M) Mendy(30M) Lukaku(80M) if Costa leaves,which is going to give us an absurd amount of money, on top of that Oscar money The right players are there and available, we just cant slack now
  8. Alexis Sanchez

    lying? thats not a lie, even Arsenal fans say he is a shit dribbler when there is no space
  9. Alexis Sanchez

    He really isnt that good technically, his passing in particular is very poor, and he is not as good a dribbler as people think, he relies on his pace a ridiculous amount
  10. Alexis Sanchez

    City's transfer policy is absolutely laughable, they just buy attackers, thinking they will be able to outscore everybody, while neglecting other areas of the pitch, they're defense is laughable, and yet, all i hear are links to midfielders and forwards, we'll win another 3 CL's before they win one, and i actually wouldnt be worried at all if they sign Sanchez, because im positive he wouldnt be very good under pep's system as his passing skills are mediocre to say the least, and they would ostrcize one of Sterling and Sane, two players they have spent a fortune on, absolutely brainless club
  11. Bernardo Silva

    He doesnt score alot, because thats not his job, he is the main creator for the Monaco team, if you look at the first goal for Monaco, Bernardo did pretty much everything, he went on a blistering run form the edge of his own box and left Lemar pretty much 1v1 with the keeper, but Lemar fluffed his shot, and luckily rebounded on a offside Mbappe. Stats dont capture this kind of contribution, Lemar got the assist and Mbappe got the goal, but make no mistake, that goal only happened because of him. He had a bad second half though, but that was mainly due to Monaco not even touching the ball before he was taken off. On ability alone, he is twice the player that Alexis is, who BTW has been in really shit form since he got put on the wings again by Wenger,which is where we would play him. And thats not even mentioning the fact that he is 29, and Bernardo is 22
  12. Bernardo Silva

    PLaying VERY well against Dortmund, his close control is unbelievable
  13. Paolo Dybala

    You underestimate us. But its not happening anyway, he will go to one of the spanish giants, not that im overly bothered.
  14. Benjamin Mendy

    Why are you lamenting losing him? City havent signed him yet lol. Knowing City, i wouldnt be surprised to see them not buy a single FB, and spunk the cash on another MF or a winger lmao. This guy though, is a top top player, him and Guerrero are my top choices for the LWB position, delighted to see we are at least interested in him
  15. Alexis Sanchez

    While the interplay between thsoe 3 would be beautiful, i dont think Sanchez is a pure 9, i think he would work out better as a secondary striker or a wide forward. But i still mantain, that we would be better served going after Bernardo Silva,who is six years younger than Alexis, than trying for Alexis( whom i very much doubt we will sign, given Arsenal's refusal to sell)