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  1. Claudio Marchisio

    He certainly wouldnt be a squad player, now that i think about it, he is pretty much the ideal partner for Kante. Shame its the Metro reporting it
  2. 10. Eden Hazard

    Jesus christ people, they reported the same thing every report said, Madrid want Hazard,and Courtois but that doesnt mean shit, you know why? Because we will NOT accept any bid, its that simple, i Just laugh ar the people saying se would sell Hazard for 90M,LESS THAN POGBA HAHAHAHHA. Madrid pulled out of the Race to sign Pogba because they thought It was top much money, imagine Hazard now. He is priceless, and the same report claims that he is negotiating a new contract, you people need to relax and not believe everything you see in the media, Hazard is going nowhere.
  3. General Transfer Talk

    He actually said City.... but the point still stands
  4. General Transfer Talk

    Hmmm thats kind of expected to be honest, they cant sell ALL their players. Bernardo is leaving for sure ( HAS to be for us), IMO the interest in Mendy will be greater than the interest in Sidibe, so i think Mendy might leave before him. As for Midfield, looks like we are acting fast for him, so hopefully we get him and block United and City from getting Fabinho
  5. General Transfer Talk

    Agreed. I tried to be as realistic as possible with the transfers, so this is a very doable XI. Just need to get the right players in.
  6. General Transfer Talk

    Would prefer this. http://
  7. Bernardo Silva

    Why would it? We bought two( three if you count Courtois) players from Atletico in 2014. Besides, the reports linking us to Monaco players were claiming that we were planning on buying 3 Monaco players( Sidibé, Bakayoko and more recently Bernardo), so if anything this gives those reports more credibility. All we can do is hope it happens unfortunately.
  8. General Transfer Talk

    I know its the mirror and the valuations are a joke, but still. http://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/chelsea-plot-transfer-raid-monacos-10051354 Bernardo Silva and Mendy, not bad names to be linked with
  9. Bernardo Silva

    lol, i may be advocating too much for him, but its because our RW has been bothering me for so long its driving me mad! Its genuinely the first time i´ve been this excited about a possible transfer, because finally i found a player that is young, already at a level where he is ready to contribute right away to our team, has an insane amount of skill,PLENTY of room to grow AND is actually available on the market. All these things combined makes me wonder how is it possible that anyone can think that there is a better alternative out there. Think about it, who could we realistically sign, that could come in, become an instant starter and stay there for possibly the next ten years? I love Sanchez, but i really dont think that Arsenal will sell him to a rival, and he is already 28/9, for the fee that he would cost( assuming that Arsenal would sell him to us) plus the wages, and i dont see how he would be a better choice for us, even though he would arguably "fit" here more due to his goal scoring prowess ( which werent really as good playing on the RW as he probably would here).
  10. Bernardo Silva

    honestly, i disagree with this, there were several ocasions today, where Pedro and Willian found themselves in good situatios ( like that lucky bounce that set Pedro through on goal, only for him to be disposessed one on one) only to screw it up. A player of higher quality would have made something out of it, Bernardo would have probably beat his man and have a shot on goal, or a cross on that situation. Its these moments that really make a difference during the game, and honestly, only Hazard on our team can make the most of it on most situations. Also, this physicality thing is severely overrated, David Silva, Sterling, countless other frail players have prospered on the PL, if you are good enough, your quality will shine through. This myth needs to end.
  11. Bernardo Silva

    We look absolutely clueless without Hazard, and yet, people are against signing Silva, because we have Pedro and Willian. FFS.
  12. Bernardo Silva

    I really dont get this concern of having another Hazard, why wouldnt we want another player as dangerous as Eden? Its not all about goals and assists, sometimes having a really dangerous player would actually open up more space for other players, such as Hazard, giving him more chances to score, Bernardo would tive our attack a whole different dimension, neither he or Eden would be triple marked, because doing so, would give alot of space to another insanely dangerous player, Neither Pedro nor Willian, for all their qualities, offer that.
  13. Bernardo Silva

    Silva has said that he would like to play in England or Spain. " Its good to see your name linked with big clubs. One day, i wanna play in Spain or in England, at one of the best leagues in the world. But for now i am very happy at Monaco" 100% leaving Monaco this summer, i love Pedro, but we would be absolute retards to let him join another club.
  14. Bernardo Silva

    Christensen is coming back next year, we dont need a CB. I agree we have bigger "worries" than Pedro, but we wont have another opportunity as this one, he wont be available past this summer, this is our only chance. Besides, we have a butload of cash that has Just been added to, with the Oscar sale. Also disagree with the Silva comparison, he is faster and a better dribbler than David, If anything, i think he resembles the current Messi , acting much more like a playmaker for his side and a bit less explosive than before bit who still runs with the ball alot
  15. Bernardo Silva

    As you should. I dont give a damn about his height, he is not a defender, and its about time we have someone on the RW that makes the opponents shit their pants, he doesnt score alot, true, but he influences the game so much, that im certain that he would improve everyone around him. Its about time we relieve the burden on Hazard a Little bit, and i dont think we will have a player as good as him and available so Soon. We need to grab this opportunity now. Also, his work rate os terrific, dont judge It based on one game.