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whats happening

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  1. Bayern Munich - Chelsea

    nice to see kante as a captain.
  2. Bayern Munich - Chelsea

    gonna win this 1-6. werner hattrick, abraham and azpilicueta goals with alaba own goal.
  3. Chelsea Transfer Pub

    who the fuck is tsimikas and why is he suddenly a pl quality player from olympiacos or whatever.
  4. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    feel bad for him. looks like a good guy but hard to work with
  5. Eden Hazard

    i will judge him after the next season if he remains healthy of course
  6. 19/20 POTY

    when will this be announced? next week?
  7. Declan Rice

    how is he with the ball
  8. Willian

    i will remember him by disrespecting the manager and then blame it on his daughter. pathetic and cowardly move.
  9. Chelsea Transfer Pub

    anyone remembers that we still have ampadu
  10. Chelsea Transfer Pub

    just an offtopic reply. gerald green is definitely not an average nba player in terms of athleticism. he's up there with one of the best in history in jumping. freak of nature. maybe it's not even offtopic since dunk is mentioned right now...
  11. Willian

    3 years late on this one
  12. Chelsea Transfer Pub

    i want romagnoli
  13. Chelsea Transfer Pub

    is every young player now a wonderkid or what
  14. Eden Hazard

    this is old. i think few months before he left.
  15. Chelsea Transfer Pub

    i would love ake if he was 10 cm taller
  16. 19/20 POTY

    Kovacic. Pulisic hasnt played enough games imo.
  17. Willian

    fuck me
  18. Chelsea 2-0 Wolves

    you cant always play vs uninterested opponent.
  19. Chelsea 2-0 Wolves

    wtf real madrid plays in la liga and la lakers are in the nba.
  20. Chelsea 2-0 Wolves

    feel bad for them, wish it was newcastle, southampton, west ham or liverpool
  21. Chelsea Transfer Pub

    is there even a left back with some defensive qualities? how come every one of them is only good in attack
  22. Kai Havertz

    i wasnt this excited about a player coming in since werner
  23. Chelsea Transfer Pub

    since valencia is selling everybody, whats the deal with cillessen? is he still any good?
  24. 1. Kepa Arrizabalaga

    and now go back to when he refused to get subbed where he had too much (?) confidence in himself...should have been punished more harshly after that incident. feel bad for him, losing confidence is a rough thing, especially for keepers.
  25. Liverpool 5-3 Chelsea