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  1. 29. Álvaro Morata

    anyone who would take morata over torres is crazy atleast torres wasnt soft as limp dick he had decency to not look like a moron and wasnt made fun of himself or the club he represented.
  2. Chelsea - Everton

    imagine morata in the same lockeroom with cole drogba terry lampard. they would kick the shit out of him after this game
  3. Chelsea - Everton

    we need john terry now
  4. Chelsea - Everton

    morata still hasnt learn that this is not spain diving wont give you a penalty
  5. Chelsea - Everton

    fucking hate david luiz jorginho should be sent off now
  6. Chelsea 3-1 Crystal Palace

    it was a good try, not blaming him for that. one of his best games in our jersey. luiz on the other hand was terrible once again
  7. Chelsea 3-1 Crystal Palace

    barkley is terrible this game
  8. Chelsea 3-2 Derby County

  9. Chelsea 3-2 Derby County

    i meant for the upcoming games
  10. Chelsea 3-2 Derby County

    i would put azpi at cb and luiz out.
  11. Chelsea 3-2 Derby County

    i count it, thats all you need.
  12. Chelsea 3-2 Derby County

    zappagoat 3 assists
  13. Chelsea 3-2 Derby County

    willy gary chrisy trio-fantastico is joy to watch
  14. Chelsea 3-2 Derby County

    they cant handle the zappacrosses
  15. Chelsea 3-2 Derby County

    honestly i missed cahils football