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  1. Jack Grealish

    Pass on this one Good player, not better than what we have already got. Not needed
  2. Next Manager?

    With you on this. I still want and hopeful for Sarri and i think we may actually get him. Blanc seems not to care about being second best , plays more attacking football than Conte and plays youth - which is what us fans have wanted for years now. Only slight worry is his statue, not sure he'll have the pull power on top players as others
  3. Next Manager?

    Why do we always have to have a hate figure at the club? Gourlay, Emenalo and now Marina.. no wonder no-one wants the DoF job Remember when Emenalo left everyone changed saying he'll be a huge miss
  4. Next Manager?

    So Sarri gets released for free on 30th June? All could make sense then why we didn't pay the release clause, once Ancelotti joined Sarri was leaving whether someone paid £8m or not. I reckon we've got an agreement with Sarri to join whenever he can (either a cheaper agreement with Napoli to get him early or playing a waiting game) Blanc is a plan B if all goes tits up
  5. Next Manager?

    at least Blanc plays youth and will get rid of the defensive 5-3-2. Still hoping for Sarri
  6. Next Manager?

    All seems a game of chess to me. Just a thought: Sarri is still the top target. Possibly Napoli appointing CA early made Chelsea think Napoli have shown their hand and thought we can get Sarri cheaper than the £8m (and rightly so a club cant have 2 managers so Sarri is off) Yes, that's Chelsea being tight and penny pinching but its clear we are trying to be more 'economic' watching what we spend. Wouldn't surprise me if there is/was a mutual deal between us a Sarri to get him out of his contract via lawyers/buying himself out of his contract and we'll give him a bonus. I suspect something similar happened last season with Ross Barkley. The talk we are put off by his past action are BS, we would have known about that, just a smoke screen to distance ourselves from him- as is his agent 'who is chelsea' talk Things are taking longer than hoped for and being a World Cup summer/Shorter transfer window, we need to line up a replacement if things don' to smoothly - hense the Blanc/Joka talk All things have gone quiet for us in the tranafer window too, hoping for a domino effect and we've had deals just waiting to be signed once Sarri/ a manager gets appointed my hope at least
  7. Thibaut Courtois

    Stupid comment a straight swap for Oblak is way too sensible
  8. Mauro Icardi

    Love the optimism but there's so many times we're linked with a top player to be left with a mediocre one. Until i see him holding the shirt or papped in Chelsea harbour i wont get too excited
  9. Mauro Icardi

    got about a 2% chance id say... His wife/agent said 2 days ago he's staying.. plus he wants champions league which he's never played in and inter qualified last game of the season
  10. Non-Chelsea Transfer Pub

    1. Would love him. Our CM's seem packed for next season if so + i think it'll be him or Cesc to play i'm not sure both can play together game in game out 2. A LW is the position i think we need to improve the most. should be one of the highest priorities. Zaha would be another option 3. Obviously wouldnt say no to him but more of a want than a need. Zouma and Rudi could fit that strong athletic CB build 4. If Morata leaves we need a top striker with Bats also pushing with his hopefully renewed confidence 5. Happy for Willian to leave, i'm not too sure on martial myself Main change i'm hoping for is we ditch the 5 at the back and got more attacking. Id like something like: Tbo Dave Christensen Rudi emerson/New LB Kante Jorginho RLC Bailey ST Hazard
  11. Thibaut Courtois

    Clutching at straws here pal.. i'm sure an extra 15/20 mins flights is'nt what he wants, if he wants to be by his family he'll move to Madrid and be with them rather than take a flights once a week/fortnight. feels like the PSG talk is just rumours i can only see him going back to one of the Madrid teams if he leaves - can't begrudge him that but personally i really hope he stays
  12. Wilfried Zaha

    You need to sober up fella
  13. Next Manager?

    strange there isnt a manager that seems to be number 1 target or one outstanding candidate that all fans want. Myself ive gone round from Sarri to Allegri to Tuchel in the past couple of months to who i want. I also want Jody Morris involved in some way (if Pep can jump in Barca with no managerial experience why cant he?) Currently i'd like Carlo in for a season or 2 with Jody as number 2 before handing the reins over - id imagine Carlo wants more than a couple of seasons mind
  14. Eden Hazard

    People wanting to sell Hazard please have a day off. One of the best players in the world and possibly the best player we've had at Chelsea and you want him sold? If you actually watch games, 90% of everything we do is through him, despite having 2/3 opposition around him yet people get annoyed when he looses it yet not one other player is attempting anything effective in an attacking sense. rather than want him out, id rather bring in players technically on or near his level to support him. Again if you want games him and Fabregas often look only for one another because no-one else is comfortable at keeping the ball (Mata was another who linked up well with Hazard) We've been Eden Hazrad Fc for a fair few years now and selling him would be a stupid stupid idea
  15. David Luiz

    Bang on. Certainly the biggest personality we have at the club now. tough call because i really rate AC. Wonder if we could have a back 3 of Luiz AC Azpi