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  1. Hey guys we have changed the promo offer to make it even better! You can trial it for 10 days absolutely free!! visit this link: http://profitsquad.co.uk/promo-trial/?utm_medium=forum&utm_campaign=10day_free_trial&utm_source=chelsea&utm_content=CHFOSO
  2. Hi guys, just to be clear, yes I am one of the owners of Profit Squad. In regards to advertising here when the post first went up we paid to have it here which the admins are fine with. I still do monitor this thread time to time so if you have any questions regarding matched betting and or profit squad please let me know.
  3. Just so you all know we now have the forum live on the main site! Our members seem to much prefer it! Much more organised!ThanksJoe
  4. Hey, We can not support Canada directly, However im not sure on the gambling laws online are in Canada? The method behind Matched betting will be the same across the world if you are able to bet online and have a betting exchange in your country. So you could effectively use us as a learning tool and of course we will would help you with any questions you may have regarding any offers in your country. The main reason we say its only to UK and Ireland is becuase were not able to search all the bookies available in your country. Hope that helps Thanks Joe
  5. Cosmicway have you considered "risking" £1 on our trial to just see for yourself? (which we will refund if you aren't happy with the service) In the time you have commented about your theories you could have seen how it all works by now and made £hundreds EPIC WIN ALERT! Congrats to Kevin who is another big winner on our loophole we posted last year, that still works today!
  6. Hi, Sorry I must have missed this! Yeah thats right but where you are laying your bets you don't need to do that on bet 365 as your betting on the opposite on betfair Im not able to view that site as i get a notice saying i cant because im in the UK. That would be good if you did, we have wanted too but its very difficult as we cant always view the different bookmakers etc unless were are actually in that country. Thanks Joe
  7. Hi Cosmicway, Every matched bet can be made with certainty 100% because we cover all out comes so once the bets are placed no matter the result of the event, we will be in the same position! As to getting free bets and bonuses, bookies offer them out to all new and existing customers, I have not opened up a new account for ages now and never fail to make a nice profit every month Dont get me wrong, im not trying to get people to think this will make them rich becuase matched betting wont do that. However, it will make you a healthy bit of cash every month Thanks Joe
  8. In reference to the 2 points above.. 1) This is easily achieved. You should be able to make around £4 profit guaranteed from the £5 bonus. This is the sort of thing we do day-in-day-out though usually for larger amounts. And they all add up. 2) No we're not arbing - we're dutching, dutching doesn't involve arbs. It's betting on all outcomes using staggered stakes to result in an equal profit/loss regardless of the outcome. 99% of the time this is a mostly useless strategy. However, we have located a clever way to utilise the idea on some very specific horse races. Which generates results like this:
  9. We cover many ways to make money. Generally though it involves locking-in a guaranteed profit from free bets & bonuses. This includes new customer offers for opening the account to begin with, the daily offers that bookmakers post, accumulator offers, extra place races, casino offers, bingo.. the list goes on. We have also developed our own horse racing dutching strategy that can be used on a very specific type of race (usually only 1 or 2 per day) that can generate risk-free profit. The higher the odds of the horse that wins, the more we win. If it's the favourite, then it might only be £5 profit. But we had several £400+ winners last month. One member posted a £2.2k profit in September just from this dutching strategy - all completely risk free, and no arbitrage involved. I highly recommend you try the service, it only costs £1 for 14 days, most members make £100-200+ in this time. Even if you decide it's not something you're interested in, you'll probably learn a few things from our training section. If you join our forum though, seeing how much money people are making, it's hard to ignore..
  10. Erm, this is nothing to do with arbitrage betting. We advise people NOT to do arbitrage betting. This is something else. And also we only use trusted bookie that have been around for a long time and have a good reputation on sportsbook review.
  11. Another epic win on our UNIQUE strategy you won't find on any other website on the internet, even our rivals Just a reminder you can get 30 days access for just £5 using this promo link: http://www.profitsquad.co.uk/members/?page_id=9315
  12. Hi There, We can only offer support to UK customers im afraid. The only reason for this is all the bookies terms and offers will be different in each country so unfortunately we would not be able to advise what will be profitable in your country. However your more that welcome to sign up to learn how to do matched betting and in the process you could find offers in your country and using our training you would be able to see if they are profitable or not. Thanks Joe Hawes
  13. Several members making £hundreds today on 1 race. We've had over 200 new members this month - hoping any who came from this forum will post some feedback, as they have in all the other forums we've posted in! The KUMB forum has over 10,000 views and 225 comments, so check out the link in previous comment if you want to see some real feedback from people who signed up. Not sure why this particular forum is so quiet but the info is here for a pittance, if you like to make consistent profits from betting then dive in!
  14. Hi all,We have been on other forums and had a great success, feel free to check them out here if you want to have more of a read from users:http://www.kumb.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=165456&p=4792373#p4792373https://www.villatalk.com/topic/150...sk-free-money-at-home/?page=2#comment-1974415ThanksJoe Hawes
  15. Hi Guys, We have now made an automated system for anyone who wants to use the £5 trial for 30 days!! Just click the link below and you will be added instantly and sent your details via email! (Check Junk mail as it sometimes ends up there!) Do let me know how you get on and feel free to contact us at any point with any questions! support@profitsquad.co.uk £5 Link: http://www.profitsquad.co.uk/members/?page_id=9315 Thanks Joe Hawes