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  1. Chelsea - Arsenal

    Allison for 75 mil. What a joke our board
  2. Chelsea - Arsenal

    Today I save azpi and stop
  3. Chelsea - Arsenal

    Is it a severe injury?
  4. Chelsea - Arsenal

    Gooners will celebrate as a victory. Pathetic. But we deserve it
  5. Chelsea - Arsenal

    Giroud >>>> bats forever and ever
  6. Chelsea - Arsenal

    Good for you if you can sleep now
  7. Chelsea - Arsenal

    We are morons. No words
  8. Chelsea - Arsenal

  9. Chelsea - Arsenal

  10. Chelsea - Arsenal

    Without David Luiz arse play better. wake us up lamps
  11. Chelsea - Arsenal

    David Luiz ahahahahahah thank you
  12. Super Frank Thread

    it depends from the final results imho. if he is able to reach the 4th placement in EPL, the minimal goal of the season would be reached and he would deserve a summer market session to improve the squad according to his idea of football. at the moment I think he is beyond initial expectations, with the improvement of many youths and good results too.
  13. Newcastle 1-0 Chelsea

    chelsea have 5 points from the 5th in the table chelsea have a champions league last 16 match to play chelsea have a squad built without market chelsea have a coach at the first experience in a big club
  14. Newcastle 1-0 Chelsea

    what about start eleven?
  15. General Transfer Talk

    I hope so, don't like him at all