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  1. Next Manager?

    A Sarri announcement with a Zola kicker!? i won't even complain about lack of transfers for a couple weeks as I revel in the excitement.
  2. Anthony Martial

    I am a massive fan of CHO, but i don't think he is physically or mentally ready for the 1st team. He is our brightest youth star by far, I think he will become a major player in the first team. But personally if you said pick one for the next 2 years in the PL it has to be Martial(in my opinion). I would love a 2 year loan of CHO to Germany like Christensen did. The boy is 17 turning 18 this year, just a bit too young. Immense talent though, if you said pick one for the next 10 im taking CHO
  3. Daniele Rugani

    Okay well Savic and Boateng there is no need to discuss for this exercise, if we bring in Rugani I would be shocked if we brought either of them in. AC & Rudiger are vital, Rugani would join them along with one of Luiz/Cahill(more probable) and have 4 CB's for 2 spots. Luiz - Feels like he is going to be sold, potentially as a makeweight for Sarri. (even if not, he has shown he cant be trusted in a 4 man D) Cahill - Hanging on, will always be last choice in a Sarri style (in this hypothetical Sarri is our manager) He can stay as the 4th choice then move on at the end of his contract or next summer. Zouma - Has not played a role in Chelsea for a couple years (since that injury) Doesn't have the ball playing ability (yet) or the HG status. My guess is sold with a buyback or loaned out again. If it came down to Rugani or Zouma in a Sarri system I know who I would choose. 2 CB Slots AC/Rudiger/Rugani/Cahill even if we keep Luiz thats 4 solid options and Cahill for 2 spots. (Azpi for backup) (obviously this is a giant hypothetical based on Sarri as our manager and my opinion on the players we do own, with the assumption Rugani is the CB that we purchase)
  4. Daniele Rugani

    Zouma and Ampadu are two different stories, Ampadu is still too young to be counted on week in week out, and he still might be better suited to that defensive midfielder role as opposed to CB. Zouma (whom i love) feels as if his path is being sold with a buyback clause. I could be wrong, but IF we get Sarri(big IF) Rugani has shown he excelled in this style of play, one which im not sure zouma could adapt to
  5. Jean Seri

    Not yet, but I wouldn't blame him if he made it official. Chelsea seemingly can't do anything right this summer.
  6. Daniele Rugani

    At least fits the clubs profile. Big, young, proven. excelled with Sarri before. Wouldn't be upset if we did bring him in. People will say what about youth and zouma etc but Rugani is an interesting prospect.
  7. 13. Thibaut Courtois

    Or he waits out his current deal and chooses where he wants to go. Having those teams out of the market only hurts us. I am fine if we keep him but he needs to sign that extension or else he is sold cut rate in January.
  8. Leon Bailey

    The Rumour well really dried up on this one. Either that is very good news or very bad news. He is my first choice for that RW role. He is electric and young enough he can help now and in the future. My Dream is buy Bailey, 2 Year loan for Hudson-Odoi at Bayern Lev(huge fan of the 2 year loan for our prize players). in 2 years bring back CHO with Bailey and a prime Hazard. Then we are eventually set moving forward with CHO & Bailey.
  9. 7. N'Golo Kante

    Player says hes happy here. PSG already in hot water with FFP before they even get into even more with the Neymar/Mbappe investigation. Chelsea would demand a kings ransom if they even answered the phone. Hes not leaving, on to the next rumour.
  10. Next Manager?

    Than hopefully we would do a liverpool level reinvestment and proceed business as usual. No one player is bigger than a club (messi excluded) not even hazard. But i think an aggressive offensive coach like Sarri + Madrid no longer being interested means we might get to keep Hazard and he will reach legend status with us. Pay him the wage he deserves, new 5 year deal. A jolt of confidence, 1-3 smart buys and a coach with momentum like Sarri and we are in business.
  11. Next Manager?

    Simon Phillips on twitter quoted mediaset that a potential price of 11m Euros which would include Raul Albiol is in the works. Apparently Sarri asked for this player and his release clause is 6m Euro which puts the fee at 5m Euro. I used Potential and Apparently to underline this is a twitter rumour. I don't really care for Albiol but if Sarri says he wants him 6m is a laughably small sum in todays market for a piece he requests. This is a new rumour ive never heard, id expect the final deal to be something along these lines. A player + Sarri release for a fee.
  12. Next Manager?

    im assuming these are agents/team of Sarri?
  13. Radja Nainggolan

    Perhaps, They picked up De Vrij and Asamoah both on Frees, brought in Radja + Martinez. Icardi sees this + CL and it would be a TOUGH sell for us to convince him. Especially with how our board has been handling transfers, We wouldn't pay the fee which would then lead to discussions about a swap and pricing etc etc. I am not holding my breath. Would be terrifying in a Sarri system though, Kane/Salah would have to be worried
  14. Next Manager?

    The press know nothing, its a complicated situation. They will announce when its done. Hopes are some point during the week. best to lower your expectations then be happily surprised if its soon.
  15. Radja Nainggolan

    Inter are having a great window so far. If they hold on to Icardi they have a really nice looking squad.
  16. Next Manager?

    I would have absolutely no problem if Pedro were to stay, as you said he does fit the mold. Just need him in shooting practice aiming to keep these balls down!
  17. Next Manager?

    I agree, that is what i meant by "attacker of the boards choice" Someone like Leon Bailey/Fekir/Malcolm. I am higher on Willian than most, even after his little emoji tantrum. I think he would fill that allan role as a true right winger really well for Sarri. Basically in my opinion if Willian is to leave he must be replaced plus an extra winger. Barkley also has the potential as that forward right winger if need be. Plus we have youth players we can cherry pick for cup games etc. Ideal summer signings for me: Seri, Leon Bailey, Icardi. More Realistic: Seri, Malcolm, Higuain(swap or purchase somehow) Ideal outgoing: Drinkwater, Zappacosta Realistic outgoing: Drinkwater, Zappacosta, Morata, Luiz
  18. Mason Mount

    He seemingly had a wonderful year. he looks like he is gonna make it into the first team eventually. I think he will stay with us during the summer and impress, eventually going on loan to a PL or championship team.
  19. Next Manager?

    Ill believe this when I see it, i am hopeful but not confident just yet. With regards to players, I don't think we really need any of them. If he wants Hysaj thats fine, Zielinski for his release clause is not worth it at all. Prying Koulibaly away from ADL will be 100m and Chelsea is not going to pay that kind of money. Sarri is a manager renowned for not asking for too much. He will want Hysaj with a release clause I can swallow, besides that we will look to bring in Seri and an attacker of the boards choice and be done. The striker debate I have no idea, I can't imagine we start next year with Morata/Giroud/Bats so we will see what happens. Not keen on the idea of Higuain for Morata but frankly he would be a problem for the PL with sarri and Hazard so im not really against it. Also similar type of player to Tammy which could be great for him to see/learn from. If inter want Zappacosta, sell him. Hysaj in for Zappa Whoever wants drinkwater, sell him. Seri & RLC in for Drinkwater I am indifferent if luiz/pedro stay or go.
  20. The Conte Thread

    But are Madrid prepared to suffer? are they willing to work work work? In all honesty Madrid would be real scary with Conte.
  21. 6. Danny Drinkwater

    Some midtable PL team will come along and offer 25m for him. A bournemouth/Burnley/Crystal Palace type team. For the same reasons we bought him, HG PL winner, tough with some skill. He just never quite fit here, I genuinely thought he would be useful for us but alas his time at Chelsea will be shortlived. Personally if i were Burnley I would take a long hard look. Fits their style and player profile.
  22. Gonzalo Higuain

    Icardi 100%, but the difference is I think this would be a straight swap Morata <--> Higuain whereas we would have to trigger the 110m Release clause for Icardi. (I would still prefer icardi, but thats not how chelsea operate. Although the same could be said for swapping a young asset for an old one)
  23. Gonzalo Higuain

    While i agree its not the best plan, if we get Sarri it is tough to say Higuain will be a disaster. Also it certainly opens the door for Tammy to learn and develop. If we were to swap Morata for Higuain I would really like if Batman would be kept. He genuinely wants to be here and showed a little bit at dortmund and always looks good for belgium. BUT lots of variables need to sort out before this becomes a reality.
  24. Gonzalo Higuain

    Sarri & Higuain go hand in hand. only way it makes any sense. Hurts to give up on Morata this early but Sarri & Higuain reset our timetable to compete now. Plus we have Tammy coming up behind, and depending what we do with Batman we could have a load of cash. I personally prefer Icardi solely due to his age, but Higuain & Hazard with Sarri is quite scary to think about. If we don't secure Sarri than obviously Higuain wont happen.
  25. Jorginho

    Feels like a bargaining tactic, Jorginho really only has one suitor and its City (unless we somehow resolve Sarri) so they don't have to give in to the whims of ADL. I'd still expect to see Jorginho in manchester eventually. City don't miss on their 1st targets.