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  1. Chelsea v Man Utd

    slightly nervous for this game, Jose always seems to manage some freak spectacular game when his back is against the wall. It plays into his style this one, he is away from home playing against a high flying attacking side who is leaky at the back. He will play all the goons, protect deep and try to counter for 1-2 goals. An early goal will be immense for us, it will force them to come out of the shell and play.
  2. 10. Eden Hazard

    I haven't read through all of these posts, I am sure what i'm about to write has been echoed somewhere, so for that i apologize. I am not mad at Hazard for speaking honestly about his situation, id rather transparency than lies. I genuinely believe he is truly conflicted, Madrid are his childhood dream, but he has become a man, built a family and succeeded with us. He might be thinking he has accomplished everything he could with us and CL glory is more attainable at Madrid but the grass is not always greener. He has stuck through some volatile times here and now things are looking better, but false dawns have come before. I think he will win premier league player of the season, get us back into CL and maybe even a trophy this year. Madrid want Neymar/Mbappe, i believe that but come the summer time if Hazard wants to leave I think he has done it in a respectful manner and we should honour his wishes and sell him. I do not think he will find as much creative freedom at Madrid as he would here, the fanbase will not cherish him the way we do here but that is his decision to follow. I 99% thought he was gone this summer, i am probably at 55% gone - 45% stay right now with the stay gaining momentum. To sum it up: He has served us well for a long time, if he wants to follow his dream I won't hold that against him. If he wants to stay, he will go down as a Chelsea legend and perhaps the most talented player to ever put on the jersey when his time is up.
  3. 27. Andreas Christensen

  4. Krzysztof Piatek

    Genoa fired their coach today. This guy could really be on the move to a bigger club come January now. You'd think we would be in the pole position considering our absence of a striker and style of play. Seems to be a guy who thrives on smart movement and service while being extremely clinical(so far). In the current inflated market is 35-40m worth a gamble on a potentially deadly striker? you'd have to think yes, but gamble is the key word.
  5. 17. Mateo Kovacic

    This guy has got a battery pack similar to Kante. It feels like he plays in every single game for club and country. Minimum 65-70' and often the full 90' and he just continues to fly around the pitch. I hope Sarri starts to manage his time a little bit, he is an immense player for us so we don't need him burning out.
  6. Southampton - Chelsea

    A win then a City/Liverpool draw would make for one great Sunday(and Canadian Thanksgiving!) Kepa Azpi Rudi Luiz Alonso Jorginho Kante Kovacic Pedro Hazard Giroud My Subs would be: RLC for Kovacic (60'-65') Morata for Giroud (70'-75') Willian for Pedro (75') I liked what RLC showed yesterday, had more attacking intent than Barkley. With RB getting the England call up I think it would be good to see RLC get some PL gametime.
  7. Krzysztof Piatek

    https://www.footballwhispers.com/blog/krzysztof-piatek-genoa Article from a month ago, shines a little light on him. I am still hesitant, nobody is that efficient over any reasonable level of time. If he keeps it up over the next 2 months I can imagine the noise will be deafening come January.
  8. Donny Van De Beek

    I know very little about this guy, but a quick read about him and it sounds to me that he is very similar to Mason Mount? Mount showed what he could do in Eredivisie and in Europe last season with great showings. Perhaps someone could educate me on the differences, as i said i know very little apart from a bit of reading about DVDB
  9. Krzysztof Piatek

    The rumours are well under way linking this guy with all the top clubs, ive seen a few articles saying we are leading the chase. Feels like reporter click bait, guy has barely played in Serie A but i guess anybody is better than our current toothless options? Feels like this rumour is just beginning to pick up steam before january window
  10. Krzysztof Piatek

    This guy feels like Belotti 2.0. I wanted the Rooster more than Morata. He hasnt quite recaptured that magical season but we would definitely be better off with him rather than Morata right now. At least Belotti will fight for the team.
  11. Aaron Ramsey

    Sell Drinkwater and bring in Ramsey on a free? that is good business and a HG upgrade. Energetic player, comfortable in an attacking system with Arsenal. I would be all for it. @Superblue_1986 good point about Mount, but I think he would block RLC even more than he already is. I think Fabregas will move on at the end of his contract and I view Mount as his successor. Would fit right in that highest attacking midfielder role. If we manage to secure Kovacic long term then i think it will be either RLC or Ramsey(if he comes)
  12. 29. Álvaro Morata

    I tried to be irrationally positive in support of Morata. I have completely given up now haha he is just a total liaibility. We will have to splash cash in the market to fix the problem the same way we did with Kepa. I like Batsman, but its a big jump to rely on him next year with Giroud alone.
  13. 44. Ethan Ampadu

    For those who wondered what Ampadu looks like in Midfield check him out in the wales game today. 1st half he has looked really good in the midfield role so far.
  14. Chelsea 2-0 Bournemouth

    Same XI as last week, right now its our strongest (excluding Luiz, but i think he will play) Kepa Azpi Rudiger Luiz Alonso Jorginho Kante Kovacic Pedro Hazard Morata Most Likely Subs: Willian - Giroud - Barkley/RLC Bournemouth carry some threat but at the Bridge anything less than a victory would be a disappointment Prediction: 3-1 Goalscorers: Hazard, Morata, Kovacic
  15. Newcastle 1-2 Chelsea

    I worry for the opponent when Hazard & Kovacic are fully fit for 90'. Same lineup/strategy as Arsenal for me. Kovacic/Hazard come on early 2nd half to wreck the tired opponent.
  16. Newcastle 1-2 Chelsea

    Expecting the same starting lineup, only potential change would be Hazard for Willian. Never an easy game, but I am expecting a win.
  17. 29. Álvaro Morata

    Positive match for me, finally got the goal hes been working for. Glad to see he is building himself back up, all Chelsea supporters should be backing him. If he starts firing we are in business. Definitely more suited for Sarri than Conte. I feel another goal coming against Newcastle.
  18. Chelsea 3-2 Arsenal

    Don't forget about the speedy Bellerin overlapping on that side as well. We share the same concerns. Their weak spot is midfield and CB pair so if we press properly we should be able to control the possession and shut down their quick passing or at least force them into long balls which isn't their strength. Will be a strong test to see what areas of our team need improving.
  19. 17. Mateo Kovacic

    Quick Example, then back to Kovacic I promise. An Article from Forbes describing an NFL contract. "For ease’s sake, take former journeyman quarterback Matt Flynn. The Seahawks signed Flynn to a three-year deal reportedly worth $19.5-million prior to the 2012 season. The contract contained a $6-million signing bonus, with two of the three years possessing a fully guaranteed base salary of $2-million per season. In all reality, Flynn inked a three-year, $10-million contract with the potential for the balance of the reported value based on the third year’s status as a non-guaranteed amount. To say NFL player contracts are team friendly would be an understatement, evidenced in this case by Seattle dealing Flynn to Oakland just one year into the deal. Since the Raiders elected not to restructure the contract negotiated in Seattle and acquired Flynn via trade, Oakland became liable for second season’s $2-million in guaranteed money. Mark Davis’ camp cut Flynn after the 2013 season and the former LSU quarterback, like the countless others every year in the NFL, did not see a dime of the remaining $9.5-million in the final year, or “contract year.”
  20. 17. Mateo Kovacic

    Lets say someone signs a 4 year 50 million dollar deal. There will be a signing bonus, performance bonuses, and Salary. Not all of that Salary will reach the player unless he stays for the entirety of that contract or he is a massively important player, but if he were to get hurt in the 2nd year, NFL teams always find a way out from having to pay them. The first 100% guaranteed NFL contract was signed this off season for Kirk Cousins (Quarterback), only a quarterback would be able to get a fully guaranteed deal. But unless you're a super star or a Quarterback odds are your deal massively underpays you for the physical toll and once you get hurt, if its serious enough, the team will find a way to cut you and save money to the salary cap. Also, because there is so many cost controlled young players coming in each year with the draft, the average NFL career is like 3-5 seasons because the second there is a cheaper solution, the NFL teams go with it. Why pay a veteran Running Back 8 million when you can draft a new fresh young guy and pay him 1 million. Whereas in the NHL or NBA, the moment you sign all of your money is coming to you no matter what. An NBA player signs a 5 year 220million dollar deal, that entire amount is guaranteed. A hockey player this week signed an 8 year 50million dollar deal, no matter what happens to him he gets all of that money. (Also, NHL players make the least, NBA players make the most of any North American professional athlete) EPL Teams operate the same way as NHL/MLB/NBA
  21. 17. Mateo Kovacic

    Being in North America, its been interesting lately. The violence and concussion issue is definitely messing with people but it is so ingrained in American culture(mainly middle/southern america) that they just churn out new players every year. The biggest thing is contracts are not guaranteed, so once a player becomes expendable he is gone. Especially with Trump going at the players for their protests and negative publicity its curious to watch their fall vs the rise of the NBA. Either way every NFL team is essentially worth 1B plus and are cranking out new stadiums, Americans don't care they just want their football.
  22. 33. Emerson Palmieri

    He was highly rated and an important player for Roma before he got hurt, plus he is much faster than Alonso which is important for a Sarri fullback. Also has much better dribbling, Alonso obviously far superior on goals.
  23. Ola Aina

    Chelsea seemed to have learned their lesson in regards to this, we have been putting lots of buy back options into the young player deals and selling them below potential market value. I would rather they operate like that, sell with Buy back option as opposed to the constant loaning and uncertainty.
  24. Alex Telles

    Alonso was good in his Wingback role, he is still adapting to the fullback position and I think his physical limitations will hurt us against proper teams. During the first half while under pressure Alonso was consistently caught up the field while also never really presenting himself as an overlapping attacker. Perhaps its down to him not fully comprehending his role just yet, but he is extremely slow footed which will cause us issues with 4 at the back. I hope Emerson will establish himself as the first choice, if he does than we would not needed Telles, as of now though obviously has not.
  25. Alex Telles

    Anyone else think Telles in January could happen if Alonso/Emerson are a weak spot?