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  1. Chelsea v Everton

    Way too early lineup prediction. Courtois Azpi Luiz Rudiger Moses Kante Baka Alonso Cesc Pedro Morata Depending on health of all involved we could easily see Willian in Pedros place. If baka can play he needs to. Harsh on christensen I know but we are still on once a week game schedule and i think Conte prefers rudiger out wide between the two.
  2. Antonio Candreva

    GDS has unconfirmed reports we agreed for Candreva. I am a fan of his (my italian bias) I think he would do really well for us and he will age out as Dujon Sterling hopefully comes into his own. Candreva/Moses/Azpi(RWB cover) firms that position up for me.
  3. 9. Álvaro Morata

    Was a tough game for him, spurs were super physical and the ref let alot of the tackles go. For not being fully fit and isolated up top I thought he did as good a job as we could ask. Having fabregas/hazard/pedro back after the international break we will see a different morata. He fought for us and defended well on set pieces. Should have scored that header but nobody is perfect. once he picks up that "shield your body and fall over" move Kane uses constantly and gets a handle on how they call the game he will thrive. He ran himself into the ground for us. International break cant come soon enough to get some fitness work in for Baka/Morata/Hazard
  4. 14. Tiemoue Bakayoko

    Loved the effort by him, to play a full 90' against tottenham away while not being fully fit is mental. Without him we would have had no chance to win. That is the type of effort and dedication we need that lifts up the others, if he can run and fight why cant you. I am so excited to see him get fully fit and develop with Kante. We saw a small bit of what he can truly offer with some of those runs and challenges. I am very excited. So far Morata/Baka/Rudiger all look like great buys and fit with how we want to be as a club.
  5. Virgil Van Dijk

    Is this classified as a saga? I don't think so. We are interested in the player and if the club decides to cash in we will put an offer. Its either us/liverpool/or he stays. This has been painless for me, Now Alex Sandro...that is a saga
  6. The Conte Thread

    I don't doubt that Conte will fight with all he has got to win trophies. My point is its a shame we didn't back him with enough to give him a fair fight.
  7. Andrea Belotti

    352 or 424 would surely happen. The space hazard could work in would be truly frightening.
  8. Alex Sandro

    oh i agree 100% we absolutely need a depth/competition signing. Doubt Rose would be able to escape spurs, Ox can do the job there or Telles from Porto. I am still upset we missed on Mendy
  9. 19. Diego Costa

    I think he is hurting his own case, If he would stop talking I am sure Chelsea/Atleti would have agreed to a fee around 40m + performance add ons. Now the more he pushes Chelsea publicly the more they will dig their heels in and not be bullied and forced to bend to the will of a player. I can see us holding onto him, continue to Fine him until he comes back to train and get in shape. If he doesn't, I believe you fine him and let him waste prime years of his career sitting at home in Brazil. All sides have handled this extremely poorly since basically everyone knew the writing on the wall in January. Edit: One bonus we have is World Cup year, he desperately wants to be in the Spain squad but if he doesnt play they can not select him. We can afford to pay him and fine him until he does what he is contracted by Chelsea to do. Ugly scenes ahead.
  10. The Conte Thread

    god this summer has been bad for Conte/Chelsea. Feels like he will be gone next summer. Conte is definitely a temperamental manager on the transfer front that much is known, I think he was trying to be positive last year hoping he would prove himself then they would have to back him which hasn't happened. Frustrating for him and for the Club. Not a good environment at the moment. Feels like no matter who they bring in now he wont be happy cause they left it so late he wont be able to work with them on "His idea of football"
  11. Alex Sandro

    Conte can be furious all he wants, Sandro handing in a request was always the key to the deal. Earlier in the summer would not have changed things in my mind, they value Sandro and unless the player wants to leave why would they sell him? His agent must have given the indication he was interested in the move but not interested enough to push. I dont blame the board or Conte if we don't get him, offering world record defender fees is as much as we could have done. It has always been down to the player pushing to leave, Juve have always needed that to do the deal.
  12. Andrea Belotti

    I refuse to believe this. I love Belotti. Don't you dare try and get my excited Chelsea. Never gonna happen.
  13. Virgil Van Dijk

    He would be a great player for us but even if we announced him i would STILL be massively concerned over lack of WB and CM coverage haha
  14. Serge Aurier

    You are correct Sanchez is a CB. He is also a very talented young CB. Spurs look best in a back 3 so bringing in a player as dynamic as Sanchez could be amazing for them. As @xPetrCechx said they lack talented squad depth, seeing what Poch could do with a player like Sanchez worries me.
  15. Serge Aurier

    If he behaves he would be devastating for them. If they close Aurier and Davinson Sanchez that will two massive players for them.