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  1. Who will be the next Chelsea manager?

    The only glimmer of hope I am holding on to is your point that he cannot get worse, He did play better in the last couple of games in the season. Get Sarri in and get Bakayoko working to understand his ideas. Short, quick passes with a triangle pattern always will help baka make the simple decisions to gather his confidence. Always being surrounded by more adept ball players should hopefully return him to the Monaco form not the dreadful form he has shown.
  2. General Transfer Talk

    The way I view the CM roles next season depend alot on Jorginho/Seri. but in the midfield 3 Sarri likes a deep lying pacemaker, a B2B, and an Attacker with a goal threat. Deep Lying: Jorginho/Cesc/Ampadu(to grow/learn) B2B: Kante/Bakayoko(I think he will come good, a patterned system could make the game easier for him) ATM: Seri(?)/RLC/Barkley. I viewed Seri as a deep lying but his long range shot and playmaking seems like he can play this role, Barkley is my dark horse for a 10 goal season in this position(EXTREMELY optimistic point, im aware) RLC would just be splendid here no matter what. Jorginho Kante Seri/RLC I agree with your point on KK, definite luxury but he is so great. Striker mentions I agree with as well.
  3. Kalidou Koulibaly

    @Unionjack I agree with you on Cahill, but I think he will run out his contract here. Happy, perhaps you're right im not wed to the idea of him and if someone wanted to pay us enough i would reluctantly agree. AC however i disagree entirely, he showed extreme promise this year. He is going to be a great player for us in the coming years and hopefully more. He offers us something different to KK/Rudi. at Napoli KK excelled along side Albiol, AC is our Albiol & will be a wonderful CB in a sarri team. ADL won't want to lose KK and the asking price will be absolutely sky high, thats why im not expecting him but he would look real good in Chelsea blue.
  4. 9. Álvaro Morata

    That is fine, frankly I would agree with you. If dortmund want to spend 50 on Batman which we would then put to use to better the team while keeping Morata i would be over the moon. I was just operating under the assumption that Morata had greater market value and if he needed to move to secure someone like a Lewa/Icardi I would be willing to do it.
  5. 9. Álvaro Morata

    At this moment We have Morata/Bats/Giroud. I would only happily move Morata along if we got Lewa/Icardi and probably Higuain if thats who Sarri wants. That leaves Giroud/Bats/one of the 3. If you look back through my previous posts on Morata I believe he will come good and I support him staying here. My point was about having a prime striker lined up before allowing Morata to leave, if he/club wants. Also, I was solely speaking about a 1 in 1 out with Morata. Plus did you even read my post? Direct quote "If we do NOT have a prime option at striker and let morata leave on one of those ridiculous loan with buy deals ill be livid." I agree Lewa/Icardi are incredibly unlikely, but if either agreed would you move Morata?
  6. Jean Seri

    https://le10sport.com/football/mercato/exclu-mercato-chelsea-des-negociations-imminentes-pour-seri-ogc-nice-377807 Translation: Chelsea open discussions with Jean Seri
  7. 8. Ross Barkley

    I know he has had a rough start at Chelsea, coming off a massive injury into a toxic culture. If Sarri does come, Barkley could actually potentially become extremely useful. He is an uber athletic hard working player with talent and a nice shot on him. I envision him playing the Hamsik role of most attacking midfielder. Barkley/RLC both fit that role and they could really come good with the system and coach. To me its not fair to judge Barkley until he is fully healthy, his clock starts next year for me & I think Sarri could be a blessing for him
  8. Who will be the next Chelsea manager?

    More Money in the PL, bigger stage, More talented roster/youth system, More willing to supplement the squad than ADL.
  9. 9. Álvaro Morata

    If Lewa or Icardi is lined up, Morata can go for all i care. If we do NOT have a prime option at striker and let morata leave on one of those ridiculous loan with buy deals ill be livid. Sarri might want Higuain but he is 3rd behind Lewa/Icardi for me. Should be quite an interesting summer.
  10. Who will be the next Chelsea manager?

    Cause he is not ready, in a few years maybe. but U18 to First team is too drastic a jump. Start getting him ready now with Lampard on the staff for the future.
  11. General Transfer Talk

    If we are to believe everyone online Sarri will be our new manager. The transfer list should be short and sweet but just what he needs. 1. Jorginho - Does this even need to be explained? 2. Leon Bailey - Some will say he doesn't fit the style, i say he is immensely talented and a good purchase 3. Koulibaly - He is a Sarri Disciple and we have been chasing him the past 2 summers. Will be expensive but would assume he will push his way out. 4. Striker - If morata wants to ship out it would either be Lewa/Icardi(dream) or Higuain who is a Sarri favourite and Juve would want Morata. 5. Willian? - if ManU/Jose want him, I will happily swap for Martial. In a perfect world we pick up the 4 first choices, bring back RLC, sell off some deadwood like Drinkwater/Luiz and get this party started. Trying to get Jorginho/KK from ADL is going to be close to impossible though. I would settle for just Jorginho, KK would have to cut a VERY unhappy figure and we would have to offer a VERY large sum for him to even start the conversation.
  12. Kalidou Koulibaly

    Would be quite a sight to see Sarri & Koulibaly for Chelsea. Between KK/Rudi/AC/Azpi/Cahill/ potentially Zouma we are fully loaded at CB. I think Azpi can play RB for Sarri though as he is very similar to Hysaj.
  13. Jorginho

    If the recent coaching carousel is any indication this man is our new #1 target for Sarri. City is tempting for him but I have got to assume a top team in the PL with the coach who made him is equally tempting.
  14. Who will be the next Chelsea manager?

    Just remember to take it all with a grain of salt! these guys want clicks so they will say pretty much anything. Zenit is for sure a possibility but Sarri isnt convinced on them if they are to be believed. I think he has his eyes firmly set on us still. It would take a lack of belief in him from Roman/Marina for this to not get done in our favour. Its very possible but I think the reports of him being close to signing for Zenit are over blown. Just my own opinion though, I very well could be massively mistaken.
  15. Who will be the next Chelsea manager?

    Its all just rumours at the moment, I don't believe Sarri would torpedo his standing with Napoli to ship off to Russia. These things seemingly move quick in the media but actually slowly when it comes to official paperwork. Carlo will sign and be confirmed in the coming days, This might have sped up the Chelsea plan but I think they are probably negotiating a buyout deal with Conte + Backroom staff this week while seeing how many people Sarri wants to bring. We may think this stuff is simple and easy but there are layers to everything. Knowing us we very well might mess this up, but I am choosing to believe things are shaking out a bit quicker than anticipated so they are working on over drive to sort it all out. (i am more optimistic and give too much credit, but this seems like a more likely scenario than Sarri shipping off to siberia)