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  1. Jorginho

    I've read Barkley is going to take #20 and give #8 to Jorginho. His twitter handle is @Rbarkley20 from before he joined CFC
  2. Aleksandr Golovin

    He is probably just on his post World Cup vacay time. You'd think Chelsea and CSKA have an agreed upon price already. Once he is ready to travel he will come. (hopefully)
  3. Luke Shaw

    You're probably right, focusing more on his potential than his current form. Content is the correct word for Emerson and Alonso, Be curious to see how Marcos adapts to a new system.
  4. Luke Shaw

    The agent would never instruct a player, but a players will matters. If he is riding the bench and miserable i do believe a player would take less to leave a toxic situation if it means he can get a chance at more game time. 100k and on the bench or 70k and in the rotation? at his age I think he would take the playing time and less money. It does happen.
  5. Luke Shaw

    Yes, the contract would have to change. But if a couple things go right and he gets some confidence back we could have a real dangerous player. HG helps also. Or maybe he is too far gone to save, Summertime always skews with my perception of players as optimism and belief creep in instead of reality.
  6. Luke Shaw

    Always a chance since we seemingly have a good relationship with them. Willian/Martial are the big points of business, Shaw would have to be real serious about coming here to get into the discussion I think though. Sell Marcos Alonso to a spanish team and bring in Luke Shaw is a nice looking move.
  7. 10. Eden Hazard

    I agree, Coutinho is the starting point in negotiations. Anything less than that is non negotiable. The price IF we sell with no other players involved will probably fall closer to the Mbappe reported fee which was £166m maybe with the world cup boost its £175m
  8. 10. Eden Hazard

    Come on, can you be realistic. 150m + dembele who they paid over 100 for? 100m + Isco? 200m Euro might be an attainable number in a bidding war but Hazard is not a better player than Neymar nor is his market value with regards to sponsorships and visibility anywhere close to Neymar. I rate Hazard highly but what you've written just isnt based in reality.
  9. 10. Eden Hazard

    If Eden does want to leave, would you guys prefer a straight cash offer? or player + cash? For easy figuring lets say Hazard price is £150m. A: Hazard to Barca/Madrid for £150m B: Hazard to Barca for Dembele and £50m C: Hazard to Madrid for Asensio and £50-75m I am curious to hear what people think, I am tempted by the player + cash deals.
  10. 8. Ross Barkley

    Those are all fair worries. 1) Jorginho is at least a decent height, the majority of top teams play the ball on the ground now and our CB's are quite tall. In a sarri system pressing matters more than deep line defending. 2) Alonso could be sold but doubtful, Moses could be decent if he really focuses on his positioning. Both are fine players and servants for the club. I view Emerson and Azpi as grabbing the fullback roles but it will all be decided by Sarri once he works with everyone. 3) Yes, in my opinion. Hysaj is a fine player but they share many similarities. Dave is a natural RB with decent ball skills and ever improving deep crossing. He is a leader and tireless worker, those players always make it work.
  11. 8. Ross Barkley

    You should be a politician dodging a straight answer like that! lol kidding. I think Barkley definitely has the potential, and he looks fit. Would love for him to succeed. Ill take the slight under and say 8g this season with some assists as well. Chelsea fans have written him off far too quickly in my opinion.
  12. 22. Willian

    I am trying to figure out that exact same thing. Do they think he and Hazard are so close it will help sway him? Do they think he would be more dynamic on the left side and as a willing runner? I am so confused.
  13. 8. Ross Barkley

    Sorry, lost in translation aha if you had to place a bet do you think Barkley will score more or less than 10 goals in all competitions next year.
  14. 8. Ross Barkley

    Over/Under 10g in all competitions for him this year?
  15. Gonzalo Higuain

    My Tammy Abraham mention was more along the timeline of in 2-3 years, not next year. He is a HG prospect with immense potential. Yes ive heard the resale value and prime points before. If it were possible I would snap up Icardi, but the problem is those fish are more difficult to catch. Higuain is still firing goals in and playing at a top level, we both agree that 60m is too much and I don't think Chelsea would ever pay that but I think a negotiated price might benefit all parties involved. Lukaku and Salah are just cherry picking past players who are now stars, Lukaku I'll concede would have made it but Salah & KDB needed to develop at lesser teams to find themselves and require certain systems in which we did not play. Prospects with resale might make money eventually but Higuain could win us important games, If we had Higuain this year instead of an unfortunate season with Morata we would be in the CL not the EL. That's the tough decision which we need to balance of players who have resale but also who can do the job next month! its a tricky situation.