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  1. Tammy Abraham

    I would LOVE for him to be back with us next year, but feels like the next progression is PL loan. Lets hope conte takes an interest though and is willing to keep AND actually play him in some games
  2. Everton v Chelsea

    This ^^^ All truth. I don't think Conte will need to fire up the boys for this one, they know what they need to do. I expect a MONSTER game for Hazard, No Seamus Coleman on the right side he is going to torment whoever lines up down the right. 3-1 Win is my prediction
  3. General Transfer Talk

    You ever gonna give it up? Alonso is a KEY to our success this year and he has been great in the role. I had dreams of Kenedy being a useful LWB but i don't think Conte trusts him. I have been vocal about my want for Mendy because i think he gives us something different but we are currently in 1st and going for the double with Alonso at LWB so show him some respect.
  4. General Transfer Talk

    you are just panicking. We will be spending money in the summer.
  5. Radja Nainggolan

    Very fair, Griez or Sanchez would certainly fit nicely i agree. I have not seen enough of Tolisso to have an educated opinion im only going off what I have read, but he and Morata are seem to be more skillful than Radja/Lukaku but they are not as physically imposing. Just a matter of who Conte prefers/who wants to come/who is available. There are so many ways we can go in the summer it will be incredibly intriguing.
  6. Radja Nainggolan

    and who for you would take us to the next level? (I am genuinely curious, not attacking your statement) Radja is a hyperactive CM in his prime who has shown he can defend fiercely and knock some goals in from distance and hustles for 90 mins. Lukaku has consistently raised his goal tally year after year even as a young striker in the PL.
  7. Radja Nainggolan

    Maybe Monchi will be more willing to do business with us, Could see an ageing CM and off load for a sizable profit which he could then go to work with. A win for both teams!
  8. 19. Diego Costa

    Its a shame he never settled into life in London or showed he ever really wanted to be here. He could have been a Legend, when he is focused I love him and I think all Chelsea fans do. Truly only out for the money(which is fine, its business). I am shocked by his recent form but I truly believe he will shake it off sooner or later and help us win the championship. Conte will sit him down and say you can leave this summer if you pull it together. Give him what he wants and ship him off to China for $$$. Conte can bring in who HE wants to command his line. Any transfers this summer I am assuming Conte sanctioned 100% which means I will support whoever he decides to bring in. He will be armed with loads of cash from Costa/Oscar/TV/Sponsors/Roman so there is no excuse not to go get him who he wants. The board will earn their money this summer or will have hell to pay. Sad it had to come to this with Diego as I have appreciated everything he has done for us but its time we both go our separate ways. I am sure everything I just wrote has been said multiple times but there are too many damn messages to read! haha so that is my take on the situation. Edit: I also think he should start every game going forward, Benching him won't help and it might fully turn him off mentally(which we can NOT have), Conte has handled all man management decisions really well this year and I think he is doing the right thing continuing to play him.
  9. Thomas Lemar

    It was also nice to see him involved in two of the Monaco goals and be on the team who won the game. But yes, Dembele is a very talented player and will be very expensive whenever Dortmund choose to sell him.
  10. Thomas Lemar

    I am pulling for Juventus because I love Buffon, Bonucci, and Chiellini. But would be thrilled to see Monaco win it. If i had to pick one player, for the future and most valuable player is Mbappe. BUT for our current needs and looking at what we can get on the market I would probably take Mendy. He would be spectacular on that Left side and give us the competition/upgrade we need for that spot and Alonso. I think the options for right side attackers and central midfield are stronger in the available market than a stud LWB is which is why i go for Mendy. how about for yourself? Can only have one.
  11. Romelu Lukaku

    Whoever it is we bring in be it Rom or Belotti or Morata I just hope they are more dominant with their head than Diego. We have a system built with width as an importance and it kills me when we just swing balls across to nobody. Rom and Belotti are both extremely dangerous with their heads. I favour belotti but I have a personal bias with him being Italian, and I think he will work harder for the team. BUT if we end up with Rom I think he will consistently score 20 goals for us and be a fine piece of business depending what we sell Diego for.
  12. Thomas Lemar

    It was meant more as a joke since their roster is so talented. I hope we can get at least one of their studs.
  13. Thomas Lemar

    I was thinking the same thing. Every time I watch him play he impresses me, he is a little more direct than B Silva and seems to be a bit greater of a goal threat. Comes deep to pick the ball up and is very fast. Would suit that Right attacking spot very nicely for us and would be comfortable interchanging with Hazard. I want ALL the Monaco players haha Mendy and Lemar(or Silva) in the summer and I would be over the moon happy.
  14. General Transfer Talk

    My dream team for next year: Courtois Azpi Luiz Christensen Moses Kante Radja Mendy/Alonso Sanchez/Bernardeschi Hazard Belotti In order of want: Belotti(Diego cash), Mendy(35-40m), Sanchez/Bernardeschi(Oscar cash), Radja(35m) I think all could be bought and we certainly have the money pending a big sale of Diego + Oscar cash. To me, that is a team who can SERIOUSLY make noise in Europe with Conte at manager. The physicality/skill mix is terrifying in my eyes.
  15. Andrea Belotti

    This kid aint Martial. He will break the world transfer record whenever Monaco decide to sell him. In a dream world Monaco would be able to keep that team together cause it would be absolutely terrifying in 3 years time.