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  1. The Conte Thread

    Rightly so, he showed he owns no less than the other top managers gaining double the money and he wants salary adjustment. He did not show enough yet on international level but really this is something i think only Juventus' and Bayern's fans, sated of league titles, could criticize him for.
  2. Marco Verratti

    Well it's clear, after tonight match, he'll go to Barca which really need to improve their midfield. Verratti only can desire to play behind Messi, Neymar and Suarez. It's done. As a juventino i'm very sad about this cause Verratti himself was a juventino and our directors didn't want to put the extra cash PSG did at the time, like 10 -> 15 millions euro. Also it's a shame he will not play in Juve with his national colleagues but whatever... football at these times.
  3. Alvaro Morata

    I think Vidal is practically sure to come in summer. Kanté and Vidal... it's one of if not the best of midfielders pair for Conte's 4-2-4. Maybe if we relate on this formation we can find a spot for Morata as second striker/winger.
  4. The Serie A Thread

    Juventus sailing on the open seas. This site (http://www.juventibus.com/home/), in the section Megamenu - Bar Sport - #jvtbClip, it makes some highlights of the team's games, lately they are thematic on a player but usually they contain offensive/defensive nice actions, indifferently from goals. Do you know any site which does the same for one or more major PL teams?
  5. Alvaro Morata

    Glorious! I agree, Morata is not a good fit for Costa's departure. Generally speaking, it's alarming enough Conte only looks for players he knows very well. The man cannot do market!
  6. The Conte Thread

    I don't really know how English managers work there but Italian teams have general directors and sporting directors, and managers are coaches instead. Tevez, Vidal, Pogba and most of our market is Marotta and Paratici's job. About Pirlo, maybe Conte had some influence on his choice but most of all i think it was Buffon, Chiellini and the other national teammates. He insisted on the necessity of certain players like Eljero Elia, Giovinco who did not leave good memory at all. The first explicit reason he left Juventus in the first day of retreat in 2014 was the not-purchase of Cuadrado, whom Juve now have and i'm not sure he's really worth the money. In the national team he preferred the Giaccherini and Eder's alike players over less laboring and more quality ones. The same can be said about Marcos Alonso. These tactical players are very good for getting the wheels turning but they don't make you make a qualitative leap when it is needed in important matches It also must be said at Juventus' times Conte did not have the attracting players aura managers like Mourinho or Guardiola have, although he has started to create it - Vidal and many love him - and improving, but he does not look like he is deep in understanding others - i can't say it more appropriately now. He is super focused on the pitch. Asking him to do further work as it is needed to value purchasable players, and he is not either experienced at it, it is too much, although his deserved self esteem may let him believe otherwise. Just my two dark cents.
  7. The Conte Thread

    That can be a shortcoming. He didn't show himself as a good selector until now, with the purchases he wanted at Juve, the choices for Italy, here he wanted Marcos Alonso, now i hear rumors on Llorente...
  8. The Conte Thread

    Allegri has great tactical acumen, he studies specific expedients and sharply intervenes on the flow of games. He is the coach you see the hand more on sundays than weekdays. I'm sure he can do very well with sound successful teams as he is well-fitted for elimination tournaments and not really for leagues. At Chelsea he couldn't have done an ounce of what Conte's doing. Conte is not a leader, he is a fucking conqueror king who builds his armada and pushes to the boundaries without ever looking back. Exhaustion is the worst enemy, at first physically - march was a ponderous time and i see he is still using the very same regulars - then, slowly, a mental burnout. Chelsea directors must be good in bringing in the right players to improve technique and make a renewal of tired or relaxed ones: Conte doesn't look good at all on market. Sooner or later Conte will burn his immense energy too and i wouldn't be surprised if he'll take a sabbatical year to restore before next campaign. I just had a magnificent idea for Juve and Chelsea to swap between Conte and Allegri every some years! Go go Conte!
  9. The Conte Thread

    I understand Barbara's point of view but what you suggest would send the wrong message to the team. Conte's philosophy is pretty plain and simple: we never start favoured, we win through maximum focus in every minute of every game. If Conte changes starting defensive/offensive midfielders in regards to the opposing sides, it will have different impact on the players: opponents are good we must concentrate and not concede/ we are stronger we'll win because we are more technical. That's not how Conte works, he believes in win by concentration, motion and repetition therefore improvement of trained schemes. Of course he recognizes the tactical strenght of players who can often win their duels or the importance of good feet but that's not at all his coaching style: he wants solidity, he wants his players to be under pressure in every circumstance indifferently versus any team. (As example, Pirlo not only was favoured by Marchisio, Vidal, Pogba, all with great defensive capabilities, but Pirlo himself was often the player with the most kilometers covered during games, so no tackles no running back but steady sense of position.) This is what brought Juventus league after league, one while being unbeated (23wins, 15 draws) and one setting the all-time points record (102), but it also was the main critique to Conte when Juventus dealt miserably with inferior teams in Champions league.