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  1. General Transfer Talk

    If I was Marina , I would do this . Hazard + Courtois = 180m Morata = 45m Willian = 60m Alonso = 25m Moses =25m Giroud = 15m Cesc = 10m Bakayoko = Loan =365m Zaha = Drinkwater+50m Bailey or Pulisic = 75m Kepa = 70m Higuain = 60m Kovacic = 50m Vrsaljko = 30m Golovin = 30m =365m
  2. General Transfer Talk

    Ramsey , Vecino , Snodgrass ? Are we Everton ??
  3. General Transfer Talk

    We need Golovin and Vrsaljko lol ....
  4. General Transfer Talk

    Willian - £65m Martial - £85m ??
  5. General Transfer Talk

    ・Drinkwater + 40m = Zaha ? ・55m = Kovacic ? ・Martial + 20m = Willian ? Sell Giroud and loan Batshuayi ? Not bad , hurry please .....
  6. General Transfer Talk

    Dortmund is interested in Morata hunt . So , Morata(60m) swap Pulisic(60m) Willian swap Martial + 20m Musonda + 80m get Milinkovic-Savic . We spend just £60m ...
  7. General Transfer Talk

    Sell Willian and Morata and Drinkwater Get Martial and SMS and Pulisic
  8. General Transfer Talk

    IN Golovin(27m) Vrsaljko(25m) LeonBailey(65m) OUT Batshuayi(40m) Drinkwater(20m) Willian(60m) Zappacosta(20m) This is minimum transfer I was hoping for ...
  9. General Transfer Talk

    Lewandowski - 70m Higuain - 55m SMS - 90m Vidal - 30m Alderweireld - 50m Pulisic - 60m Bailey - 55m AlexSandro - 45m DannyRose - 40m Punic buy come on !!
  10. General Transfer Talk

    We should have gotten Golovin and Vrsaljko both £27m . SB - Azpi Vrsaljko Emerson CM - Jorginho Kante Golovin Cesc RLC Alonso Zappacosta Bakayoko Barkley are all shit ...
  11. General Transfer Talk

    Two signs One - Bernard from Shakhtar for free transfer Two - Reina from Milan for free transfer
  12. General Transfer Talk

    In Rugani Out Cahill and Luiz In Higuain Out Giroud and Morata or Batshuayi In SMS or Pjanic Out Bakayoko and Drinkwater 1 player in 2 players out I dont know whether Courtois and Hazard leave our CLUB or not . We dont have much time , Hurry up Marina !!!
  13. General Transfer Talk

    Even though we are 5-place last season, we will get only 2 players ? HAHA very funny . We will miss CL this season too...
  14. General Transfer Talk

    Current rumor ... Courtois → Butland and Reina Hazard → Bailey or Martial and Pjanic or SMS Morata → Higuain Cahill → Rugani Not bad if we can complete all deals .
  15. General Transfer Talk

    Rugani and Higuain too.