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  1. General Transfer Talk

    Cesc→Jorginho £57m Cahil→Rugani £40m Drinkwater→Golovin £35m Morata→Higuain £53m Courtois→Alisson £60m Hazard→Bailey £55m Zappacosta→Vrsaljko £35m Willian→Suso £35m
  2. General Transfer Talk

    If we sell Hazard → Kovacic+100m If we sell Kante to Barca → Dembele+150m to PSG → Rabiot+200m
  3. General Transfer Talk

    IN Jorginho-60m Rugani-35m Higuain-45m Golovin-25m Alisson-55m = 220m OUT Luiz-20m Zouma-Loan Drinkwater-25m Willian-65m Courtois-50m Batshuayi-40m RLC-Loan =150m+
  4. General Transfer Talk

    Jean-michael Seri go to Fulham by 18m ? hahaha very funny Seri is better than Golovin , Drinkwater , Barkley , Baka ...
  5. General Transfer Talk

    Jorginho(55M) Golovin(25M) Seri(35m) ??? What a fucking summer !! Baka Barkley Drinkwater are not too enough to play at Chelsea ...
  6. General Transfer Talk

    ✓Jorginho Golovin Hazard → James Morata Michy → Higuain or Cavani or Lewandowski or Icardi Luiz → Coulibaly Courtois → Alisson or Donnarumma Come on !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. General Transfer Talk

    James 55M Higuain 50M Jorginho 45M Koulibaly Luiz+50M Alison 50M = 250M Morata55M Batshuayi 45M Zappacosta 20M Courtois 50M Cesc 5M =175M
  8. General Transfer Talk

    Conte → Sarri Morata(50m) → Icardi(80m) Hazard(100m) → Malcom(35m) Cesc(10m) → Lemar(60m) Drinkwater(20m) → Jorginho(50m)
  9. General Transfer Talk

    Cant employ SD , Cant pay 7m for new manager . What can we do ? We are not BIGCLUB any more .
  10. General Transfer Talk

    Marina get all power in ChelseaFC . No SD , No Manager , Only woman . Marina should become New Chelsea manager !!
  11. General Transfer Talk

    Liverpool → Naby Keita (verry good) ManUtd → Fred (good) ManCity → Jorginho (good) Chelsea → Seri (somtimes good) ? Fuck Off !! Get MilinkovicSavic or Fabinho !!!
  12. General Transfer Talk

    Out 140m Morata(50m) Batshuayi(50m) Drinkwater(25m) Zappacosta(15m) Cahill IN 190m Lewandowski(70m) LeonBaily(70m) Jorginho(50m)
  13. General Transfer Talk

    City buy World-class player . Chelsea buy Everton-level player. lol
  14. General Transfer Talk

    Dzeko(50m) + Palmeiri(27) = £77m ? He is 32 years old . Its fucking crazy .
  15. General Transfer Talk

    Sanchez → ManUtd Aubameyang →Arsenal hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaha verryyyyyyyyyyy funnnnnnnnnnnny lol