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  1. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    I was talking about Alex Telles in response to King Kante's post. For some reason, the forum software used here creates a fatal error when I quoted it.
  2. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    If we were to get a new Left Back, I'd rather the player tactically smart rather than quick. Being quick doesn't help Zouma become a great center back, despite his tactical flaws.
  3. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    Telles is easily the most sensible buy. Low fee, currently on reasonable wages, right age profile and can deliver set pieces/crosses well from the left consistently. Not the greatest at defending but that is a trade off you have to accept with modern FB's as otherwise you get a Dave/AWB then everyone complains about their lack of ability in the final third. ---- You've just described Alonso.
  4. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    Not the most reliable sources but I was looking at reports for the costs. The most recent report for Rice was The Sun at £45m and Munich want €60m for Alaba. Obviously costs can fluctuate as no journalist, especially not The Sun, will know but it was a rough estimate to show that Rice and Tagliafico are equally as costly as Alaba and Telles. Yes, there may be sell-on value for Rice, but in the short term he won't push us closer to title contenders, and that is what we need. We have Tomori and Maatsen breaking through for CB/LB and if we don't land Chilwell, who is my first choice LB, then Telles would be a better and slightly younger option for pushing us up the table than Tagliafico. If we were to get a goalkeeper, why not just spend big on Donnarumma? He's got only one year left on his contract and is young but experienced like Lampard wants. I'd love a deal with Romagnoli but I think that's a pipe dream to get both of those. Overall, I don't see the need for doing it on the cheap, even more so if they aren't that much cheaper.
  5. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    Sorry I typo'd Alaba post and an error is preventing me editing. It should read £54m. This would bring the total to £90m and £15m above Tagliafico and Rice's cost.
  6. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    Rice: £45m Taglifiaco: £30m TOTAL - £75m Alaba: £45m Telles: £36m TOTAL - £81m It's not that cheap. We could upgrade CB and LB with a lot more quality for just £6m more!
  7. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    I believe next to Kante, Ruben can easily play as a shuttler CDM like Kovacic. He has all the attributes to be able to do this job. I agree we probably won't sign a midfielder unless Jorginho goes, but there's no doubt that Havertz would be a step up from our current attacking midfielders and would fit into the team.
  8. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    What if we play 4231? Tammy/Giroud Timo/Puli - Mount/RLC - Ziyech/CHO That looks notably weaker in my opinion, and then if you consider us potentially selling Jorginho we will be probably playing Mount or RLC as a back-up CDM
  9. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    I don't disagree with this but you also have to consider that Man City had Kompany until this season, and Liverpool leaked goals until they bought Van Djik. Liverpool finished 4th the season before they bought Van Djik and like us this season lost stupid games against Burnley, Bournemouth (4-3!), Swansea and Crystal Palace. Even after buying Van Djik in the Winter Window of 2017-18 their form dramatically improved. Before Van Djik (PL only): W11, D8, L2. W%: 52% After Van Djik (PL only): W10, D4, L3. W%: 59% To put it in real terms, if we had a Van Djik type player, we would have won 2 more games this season and would be on 57 points not 51. That would be 11 points clear of Man United and Wolves and 6 points behind Man City in 2nd. That isn't even considering the above effect of being able to break teams down and the real world situations this has happened in - I can think of many games where we've dropped points where should have won because we couldn't score (Bournemouth at Home, Newcastle Away, Southampton at Home and West Ham at Home). However, it's equally important to note how many games we've thrown away leads in after dominating (Sheffield United at Home, Leicester at Home, Arsenal at Home to name three).
  10. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    I don't think it's just Azpi's height that is concerning. You look at the Villa goal and he wasn't organising the defence. The common theme here is that we need a leader, as well as a physically dominating player. Azpi is a nice guy, but he's not a John Terry style 'shout at your defence to get them in the right position' type player. In my opinion Azpi doesn't tick any of our centre back boxes.
  11. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    It's shaping up to be a very good window for Chelsea but the center back issue reared its head again yesterday. We cannot keep dominating games to go behind from a set piece or lapse in concentration. I suspect Werner and Ziyech will help us with this but we need to sure up that defence and I don't think a left back will be the only solution. I echo sentiments about us being crazy to pass up on Romagnoli. Given that Rudiger is currently our first choice CB, I cannot see Ruben Dias complimenting the German and I worry about Ake's form and leadership. For me, I think Skrinar and Gimenez are great but unrealistic options given that Atletico are notably hard to buy from and Inter aren't that far off the title race this year. However, saying that by my calculations we should have a lot to spend given that FFP has been wiped out. But even if it hasn't we'd be in a healthy position as the Ziyech and Werner deals would go into this season and not next season's budget. Out: Hazard (last season) - £100m Morata - £58m Zouma - £25m Batshuayi - £25m Pasalic - £13m Jorginho - £40m (I just don't see him working well in a 4231 which Lampard favoured most of this season and looked to favour in second half vs Villa) Emerson - £25m Barkley - £20m Bakayoko - £25m Rahman - £10m Zappacosta - £15m TOTAL - £356m In: Ziyech - £35m Werner - £50m Havertz - £75m Chilwell - £70m Centre Back - £60m TOTAL - £280m Please note that these are rough values, but that's over £75m of profit with a £60m spend included for a centre back, as well as paying over the odds for Chilwell. We've got room to afford big players, and we will have the versatility to rotate with a smaller squad akin to Wolves. Squad: Kepa / Caballero James/Azpi - Rudiger / Tomori - ? / Christensen - Chilwell / Alonso Kante / Gilmour - Kovacic / RLC Ziyech / Hudson Odoi - Havertz / Mount - Werner / Pulisic Abraham / Giroud Other back-ups - Cumming, Maatsen, Van Ginkel (I think he will try and breakthrough next season and then leave if not), Anjorin, Broja
  12. Chelsea Kits thread

    Used the Russia kit above to mock up a very rough design. Have to say personally I hate the lions, I hope they aren't as clear the Russian kit's. It is probably one of those kits that looks better on the players.
  13. Chelsea Kits thread

    Chelsea kit 2016/17. It will contain the stripes down the side in white. Source: http://www.footyheadlines.com/2015/11/chelsea-16-17-home-kit.html
  14. Chelsea Kits thread

    FAKE! It is a concept kit. Here is the link to the original post.
  15. General Transfer Talk

    With the Yokohama deal and selling the deadwood (Moses, McEachran, Salah, Marin, Romeu etc...) then we can expect about £75m on top of anything we can cover through revenue (including the £18m not counted in the Yokohama deal as we had that anyway with Samsung), competition revenue as hopefully we will better last year's finishes. I would expect us to have around £100m to sign a defender; reportedly Varane, a midfielder and a forward. I am hoping we get rid of Mikel and bring in someone to cover Matic whom is competent and I wouldn't mind Lars Bender though if Dortmund don't reach the Champions League I would take Sven on the cheap. As for a forward I have no clue, maybe Icardi but I see him commanding a high price that I don't think would be worth it when he would be second/third choice. Bas Dost is on form but it would be a massive gamble. Lacazette is another gamble but has more consistency in Ligue 1; yet we've seen how that worked with Giroud. In an ideal world this would be: Raphael Varane - £30m Sven Bender - £17.5m Alexandre Lacazette - £22.5m That would be £40m for another player if we need them. I doubt it but Pogba would be great though (probably cost more than that too BUT this doesn't factor in the likely sale of Mikel if we were to sign him and a defensive midfielder) I cannot see Mourinho dropping Oscar or moving him to the right and making him ineffective to play 433.