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  1. Juan Mata

    epitome of class.
  2. The Mourinho Thread

    Future Boss
  3. Frank Lampard

    I think that if Roma were to play against us and Ash had a part in it, he would get a standing ovation on Stamford, even if he scored a goal. Now if you're talking about Ash going to LA Galaxy and going back on loan to Liverpool and scoring, now that's a whole different story, mate. Something about Lamps the last few years was really fishy, from AVB saga to always having a problem with signing a contract since he was past 30. Remember Micha? He wanted a 50% pay cut just to stay for 2 years. The whole thing is just wrong on so many levels and it's just sad that we have to sit here and discuss whether one of our best players, if not the best player, we've had is still worthy of a legend status. I still love Lamps, I remember running around the pitch when I was younger and trying to imitate him, when I scored a goal from distance I yelled LAMPAARD like crazy. But the thing is, this whole saga floats so much shit every weekend. From him signing just to stay fit when Villa chose Melbourne, to him saying it was just for the English National Team and then retiring, to the obvious participation in the game, different emotions and eventually signing an extension. Fucking football, man...
  4. Filipe Luís

    yep, he chose not to, sadly left-back is a position that we haven't had a proper player since Anczok
  5. Cesc Fàbregas

    btw. how is he doing in that all-time assists table? he had so much in fewest appearances, is he going to top it in the coming seasons?
  6. The Mourinho Thread

    Carlo, what a fucking gent. Always looking sharp!
  7. Fernando Torres

    two-year loan deal? wtf
  8. Fernando Torres

    will we miss him?
  9. Fernando Torres

  10. Roman Abramovich Thread

    what a legend! proper Chels!
  11. Frank Lampard

    I thought it wouldn't affect me this much but when I read "Lampard joins Manchester City" something crushed inside me. The man I adored and looked up to, a perfect ambasador has done something I can't and won't accept. After all those beautiful moments, counting all these goals to break the records, all those penalties... To be honest, I felt we were held in ransom by Lamps for quite some time, each year that contract extension was brought up there were problems with Lamps and money. Look at Micha, he wanted a cut with a 2 year deal, everybody accepts those cuts when they're older but not Lamps, he wanted a change, moved to New York and didn't thought about their season break? He had to go to City? What else does he want? Another trophy? He's won everything with us. It's fucking disgusting...
  12. Romelu Lukaku

    If Costa is injured, I'd rather see Andre lead the line. Hard-working, humble, not complaining. I loved Lukaku at the beginning just like any other fan, his video of dreaming to play on Stamford was amazing, but in all matches he played for Chelsea (I know there were not that many of them) I haven't seen him deserving to start another game after the one he's played.
  13. Frank Lampard

    he's going on vacation, we'll be seeing him soon. have fun in NY, Frankie!
  14. Oriol Romeu

  15. Frank Lampard

    Thank you, Frankie. I will miss you.