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  1. Football Club Name Game

  2. European Competition thread

    First Chelsea played against my local team Olimpija in preseason and now they will square up against their arch rivals NK Maribor. Even though they are our rivals I'm still happy that they qualified for Champions League, because it's a huge achievement for the whole slovenian football. I always support all slovenian teams in Europe, but this will be different because Maribor will play against a team that I've supported since a child. I just hope we don't trash them badly, so i would take a nice 3-1 win at the Bridge and a high-scoring draw like 3-3 in Maribor, so it can be an exciting match for the whole country of Slovenia.
  3. Name Changes thread

    Can I change my name to sLOVEnian Blue ??
  4. David Luiz

    I will miss him, he is a great character to have in a dressing room and all the fans liked him (at least off the pitch). He is also very versatile which always comes in handy, but 50€ million is a crazy amount for him and we would be stupid not to sell him at that price. Zouma can take his spot as a back up CB, but we must use this money to buy a WC central midfielder to partner Matić.
  5. The Football Player Game

    Eden Hazard =)
  6. The Football Player Game

    Ander Herrera
  7. The Football Player Game

    Georgios Samaras
  8. Non-Chelsea Transfer Pub

    That's right ... Ivory Coast eliminated them in the qualification
  9. The Football Player Game

    Emile Heskey
  10. David Luiz

    He did make 2 or 3 very good runs ... I remember one, where he dribbled past 3 Colombian players But I agree that he had a great game and kept both Falcao and Martinez in check. He has had a few bad games for Chelsea, but in September and October he played pretty solid IMO and I don't know what happened since than ... maybe he is just not comfortable playing with Cahill.
  11. Last Film You Watched

    The Watch ... it was a really funny movie, especially Vince Vaughn who was hilarious
  12. Football Club Name Game

  13. Football Club Name Game

    Domžale NK
  14. Daniel Sturridge