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  1. Riyad Mahrez

    I was hoping for better than Mahrez but that's probably out of Chelsea's reach. If it were to happen, the team would all of sudden look a lot different. Imagine a line-up like this. Courtois Azpilicueta - Christensen - Luiz - Emerson Kanté - Bakayoko/Drinkwater Mahrez - Hazard - Willian Morata + the likes of Dzeko, Pedro, Fabregas, Barkley offering competition
  2. Edin Dzeko

    For years I've wondered why people bother watching them. Same goes for 99,6% of player interviews. Pointless TV.
  3. Emerson Palmieri

    In terms of pure defensive ability he's fantastic. But you don't think the team would suffer aerially? And Christensen-Azpilicueta is a combo that can be bullied by power and aggression. Alongside a Terry or Kompany, I'd always go for it. But alongside Christensen? I don't know. Then you have to make sure you win the ball much higher up the pitch than Chelsea currently do.
  4. Emerson Palmieri

    Rudiger doesn't impress me. Solid player but a back-up for me. I'd like to see Christensen-Luiz. I want to see how Christensen's calm presence affects him. You really think that could work? I've liked the idea of that CB duo for a while but I don't know if this Chelsea team can pull that off. (City could easily make that work because of their style.)
  5. Emerson Palmieri

    Good talent. Did not know him at all prior to 16/17 but he impressed me the few times I caught Roma last season. The only problem I have with this move is the fact that Chelsea is the last place you wanna go after a serious injury. Alonso is an established member of the team (I know, I know) so he'll most likely get a few chances here and there 'to prove himself'. Him not being big and strong, and not a natural work-horse, he'll be tossed out (meaning sent to Loanland) if he doesn't perform. But I'm happy Chels still seem capable of valuing technique and creativity. Even more so in this case, offensive qualities in a non-forward. I don't know if he's good enough but I like his skillset. More of the same, please. And please revert back to a back four. Though that's probably too much to ask for.
  6. Andy Carroll

    This is inspiring me though. If I were to purchase a donkey and give it a kit and boots, I could probably sell it to Chelsea and make silly money. Buy a house somewhere near the beach. Chilling and plotting with a fine female companion, playing Did You See in the background. Ahh...
  7. Alexis Sanchez

    Off to City! No, no, he's Utd bound!! Oh my days, Chelsea with a heist!!! Papers making a pretty buck. Women aren't the only ones who enjoy drama.
  8. Chelsea 0-0 Leicester

    Horrible football. Two forwards left to fend for themselves up top. They've already wasted so much energy trying to produce miracles. The less said about most of the players behind them, the better. Playing football without an idea and mostly footballers who can't do shit with the ball at their feet. I think I've had enough.
  9. Chelsea 0-0 Arsenal

    I hate 3-5-2. Field Chelsea's 11 best players Courtois Azpilicueta - Christensen - Luiz - Alonso Fabregas - Kante - Willian Pedro - Morata - Hazard With Luiz out of the team, Rudiger at CB.
  10. 8. Ross Barkley

    Shooting from distance doesn't make you Lampard. Completely different players. One of those hope signings. Decent player, don't believe in the 'great potential' talk, but I would love to be proven wrong. Fair play if Chels make money off this transfer in the future.
  11. Ross Barkley

    Ross Barkley... So this is what it feels like to be a Pool or Arse fan. Not pleasant but it's the new reality. No point in conplaining.
  12. Chelsea 2-0 Brighton

    3-5-2 at home. Against Brighton. With Kante and Bakayoko in midfield. I really don't care for this development.
  13. The English Football Thread

    This is gonna sound controversial but that's not the aim of this claim. De Bruyne is a more refined and better version of Gerrard. I find him more efficient and clever in his use of the ball than Gerrard. This is comparing both players at their peak. De Bruyne of course has his entire career in front of him. Silva-Fernandinho-De Bruyne is the best midfield I've seen in the PL in a looong time. They're elevating the entire team. The ball circulation is mesmerising and their positioning is simply immaculate. Their touch never fails them, always turning into space to then play the ball to the right player at the right speed. The service their forwards receive is top notch. The entire organisation of the team is amazing. Man, I love good football.
  14. Riyad Mahrez

    Don't know what people see in this guy. Star man at Leicester, yeah, but for a club like Chels... squad player at best. In that role I'd personally prefer Zaha. Man goes hard for the full 90 min. And he can play.
  15. 3. Marcos Alonso

    When Chels manage to get a left wingback, I'd love to see him at on the left of the back three. Actually think he could find a new home in that position. On the flank he's hindered by his physical limitations but I do think he possesses the defensive nous to play at the back. Azpilicueta - Christensen - Alonso That back-line would improve the overall quality of the build-up play from the back, which in turn would help elongate the effectiveness of the three CB system. He could also provide that bit of unpredictability like Azpilicueta does so well on the right. The few games (in a full season) which absolutely require more physicality would be the ideal time to call on either Cahill or Rudiger.