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  1. 7. N'Golo Kante

    Thought he was class. Took charge and was producing positive plays with the ball. Little man was a general today. More of the same, please.
  2. Chelsea - Southampton

    Van Dijk's pace over distance is decent. He's no Smalling and I think even (a fit) Luiz is faster than him
  3. 10. Eden Hazard

    Eden Hazard in Chelsea blue is still a bit of a dream. Not your usual Chelsea signing. But it is real and he is indeed playing for my favourite club. Love him to bits. Another great goal. He's just so good. Don't know how else to put it. More Hazard-esque signings, please.
  4. Everton v Chelsea

    Regardless of Spurs' result tomorrow, win this and the league is won. Chels is never imploding with three home games out of the remaining four games. I do expect Spurs to drop points against Palace though. And they'll drop points for sure when facing the likes of Arsenal, Man Utd, Leicester and Hull away.
  5. 19. Diego Costa

  6. Chelsea - Southampton

    Agree. That was not an easy header to win and to guide it to a team mate made it even better.
  7. Chelsea - Southampton

    Props to Fabregas. He's been magical. Excellent decisions and technique time after time. Good stuff taking the lead. I can see Chels conceding again though so I hope the boys come out firing all cylinders. Gonna need one or two more goals. This back three + the wingbacks is not the future. Definitely not in the Champions League next season against serious opponents.
  8. Chelsea - Southampton

    I've been waiting quite a while to say this. Waiting to see whether it was a bad patch of form or a bad stroke of luck. But let's be honest, Chelsea's isn't strong enough defensively. Luiz is good but isn't a top defender. Same goes for Azpilicueta as a CB because of his lack of height and power. Cahill is a decent defender. Both Moses and Alonso have their deficiencies, the former tactically and the latter physically. There seem to comunication problems as well. No one there to organise. And more weaknesses might be exposed in the CL next season.
  9. Chelsea - Southampton

    The man loves experience so no surprise in Aké not starting. Playing it safe by playing Cesc instead of Pedro rather than putting him in Matic's spot. Cesc in a free role out wide against tired legs has worked very well. Let's see how it works from the go. Missed the last two games so I'm looking forward to this. Expecting a win. It's at home, it's off the back of a Spurs win and it's about the title. Dazzle me, Eden.
  10. Chelsea 4-2 Spurs

    O ye of little faith. Brown undergarnments everywhere because of big, bad Spurs. Had to miss the game, sadly, but taking the lead twice before finishing it off by a two goal difference couldn't have been too bad. Bring The Double home, boys. It's property of The Bridge.
  11. 19. Diego Costa

    A fit and in shape Costa offers a physical and aggressive presence up top. Constant motion, working the channels, very quick to react to loose balls and makes threatening runs and taking up dangerous attacking positions. With his pace he also presents a problem for opposition defences when launched. While he's also the man to initiate the pressing game, and he does it pretty effectively. That's what makes him very useful outside of his goal-scoring. But the problem with Costa is how he slows down as the season goes on. And I'm convinced I'm not imagining it. Currently he's a step slower, slower to react and he doesn't offer that energetic presence in attack. In this condition he's like Lukaku. Only exerts himself in bursts here and there. Simply low energy in energy. Lazy if you will. So when you don't score, you become an annoyance. It was the same in 14/15. Don't think he has the body of a true athelete.
  12. Romelu Lukaku

    I'll never understand that argument. Whether they're young and developing or mature and established, imports rule the PL.
  13. Buffon, yes. He's an institution. Simeone, nahh. He had his chance. Twice. Don't care anymore. But I've been behind Monaco all season. A team like them winning the CL in the current football climate would be huge. Not only are they underdogs, they play a brand of football which is very easy on the eyes. Love this team.
  14. Thomas Lemar

    I think Bakayoko, Fabinho and Silva are off. Anyone thinking they'll (practically) sell their first XI is dreaming. That's not how you run a football club.
  15. MONACO Loving this CL run. Hope they draw Atletico next. Up to the final.