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  1. 3. Marcos Alonso

    I hear Nsync music in my head when I see him.
  2. Spurs - Chelsea

    That was horrible. And I don't care. Now to soak in the hate.
  3. 3. Marcos Alonso

    Beautiful, beautiful man with the '01 boyband hair. Bless you, son.
  4. Spurs - Chelsea

    They have more quality but they sure don't know how to bring a win home like Chels. Chels love a good struggle init, haha. Forever underdogs.
  5. Spurs - Chelsea

    He really wasn't. Bringing on fresh legs up top made sense as Spurs were looking shaky. It's a shame but it's not his fault. As in, he's not to blame for this. He's had plenty of good moments coming of the bench as well. GOAAAAAAALLLLLLLL!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA FUCK SPURS.
  6. Spurs - Chelsea

    10 min left. Come on, steal a win. A corner, a free-kick, an intervention from The Avengers, the Hand of Buddha. Anything
  7. Spurs - Chelsea

    Mehh, it was coming. It's a shame it had to fall like that but I'm not gonna blame the lad. Fuck.
  8. Spurs - Chelsea

    The way that guy would transform Chelsea's midfield play. Never happening, sadly.
  9. Spurs - Chelsea

    Morata's not much of a target man init? Not that I didn't know that already but this is painful. No point in long balls and punts forward but I guess the defenders and midfielders can't do better. If only Chels had a greater appreciation of technique and composure.
  10. Spurs - Chelsea

    Willian is killing me. I like mans but when he kills attacks with regularity like that I just wanna slap the taste outta his mouth.
  11. Spurs - Chelsea

    People will tell you he's good there though.I just don't get it. It was necessary today but he's never a midfielder.
  12. Spurs - Chelsea

    Chels need to assert more control. If not, I can't see them holding on to this lead. This physical approach also seems to be very exhausting. Can't see them keeping this up for 90 min. Credit to Conte for making some changes. It was necessary and has improved Chelsea's chances today. Thank God for Courtois' form today. Great goal Alonso. Hoping for the best. Come on, Chelsea. Win would be huge today.
  13. The Conte Thread

    For me, Suarez was one of the top three players in the league in 12/13. easily. He was an all-round attacking threat. Back then he was still pretty quick, highly energetic and a problem with his dribbling and ability to create for his team mates (he was still selfish though). He also scored 23 goals in 33 apps that season. He made his name as one of the top strikers around that season. Especially when you look at the quality behind him. But it was his first top class season. The question was whether he could repeat it. He also had his rep against him. He went on to do even better.
  14. The Conte Thread

    Suarez scored 54 goals in 66 league apps in 12/13 and 13/14. I just had to correct you there. But please, continue.
  15. 19. Diego Costa