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    kent blue since 1990
  • Birthday 08/02/1990

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  • Location KENT
  • First Match vs leeds 1997
  • Memory being in mhl when terry scored header against barca & when i was in east upper when we was 3-0 up at half time vs barca also when we became back to back champions
  1. Last Film You Watched

    will smiths persuit of happyness brilliant film watched on my psp kent_blue
  2. Arjen Robben

    wont miss him the money grabbing c"nt hate him kent_blue
  3. Frank Lampard

    i think frank is in doubt weather to go or not because he his still yet to sign a new contract. tbh i will be gutted if he goes but as the saying goes there must be life after!. kent_blue
  4. bring on the big boys weve gotta get past em all to win afterall ay. cough barca cough kent_blue
  5. Football Club Name Game

  6. The Football Player Game

    kiriy the crystal palace goalie
  7. Frank Lampard

    didnt he once say he wants to be at Chelsea for life ?? same with jt kent_blue
  8. Gianluca Vialli

    i used to have one of them woolie hats the colour of our away kit with his name on brought it from a stall outside lol kent_blue
  9. John Terry

    brinh him back for the pompey match as im going lol!. kent_blue
  10. Poster Above You

    is a over land and sea blue,
  11. Gianfranco Zola

    i wanted to go to that game in 2004 but i couldnt because i was unfortunalty on holiday!.but ive got the programme anyways! and i was fortunate enough to meet him at the old training ground around 97-99 time KENT_BLUE
  12. Poster Above You

    has avram transforming into a moster kinda thing in his avatar KENT_BLUE
  13. Sig Requests

    can anyone please make me an zola sig with kent_blue on it?? thanks kent_blue
  14. Roberto Di Matteo

    he was superb liked him v much,will remember his fa cup goal for all my life it was great,he was class end ov kent_blue