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  1. Best pre match pub

    its interesting
  2. So, what do you do for living?

    I need advice about moving in Canada Now I live in Canada, Matheson. I want to move to Toronto. I have already found housing. Want to buy. But how to move and take all of the old house? I think maybe to take advantage of mmovers.ca service? What do you think?
  3. The Hobbit

    I like it. I started to watch.
  4. The Walking Dead

    I started watching the last season 7 "The Walking Dead" on this site. It seemed to me or the last season is not interesting as the last one? Which season do you consider to be the most successful? Who else watching this?
  5. The Boxing Thread

    I'm think so too))
  6. Mountain climbing?

    I like trips, extrim sport, mountain expeditions, climbing. By the way I began to addict to the mountain climbing not verya long ago. I very like this direction. By the way, here https://mountainplanet.com/ good social network for alpinists. There much information about equipment, it is possible to find like-minded persons. Does anybody lIke mountains?
  7. And what genres do you like? What can you advise of those genres that I wrote above?
  8. edetarod Yes, a good list. I agree. Although last year was filmed a lot of interesting movies. For example, here's one from top, is called Southpaw. I revisited it several times. A good and interesting movie genre: Action / Drama / Sport.
  9. The Walking Dead

    It is a very good series, which is really impressive.
  10. The PS3 Thread

    I just want to play now!
  11. The PS3 Thread

    I just want to play now!
  12. Fallout 4

    several times I took this game