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  1. The Pub - Discuss Anything

    PARTY TIME! birthday!
  2. The Pub - Discuss Anything

    if you want a food idea, curry poured on top of some pepperooooni pizza it's godly like the pancake drilling itself into my eye sockets right now ow ... that hurt
  3. Name Changes thread

    thank you! forgive me, i am a picky one
  4. Name Changes thread

    Can i have mine changed to epicsarah-ous
  5. The Pub - Discuss Anything

    Anyone having problems getting to the last pages in the forums on firefox? also i really wanna change my name, but i have been up tight about what i want... i want maybe something to reflect "sarah"
  6. Chelsea Kits thread

    would be nice to have a proper striking black and white kit like we had around 08 09, nike could pull that off real well
  7. Chelsea Kits thread

    that is freaking awesome!!
  8. The Conte Thread

    I don't really have much bad feelings towards mourinho, he left us with good memories and sure he poofed up into a cloud of smoke in the end, But i think he still will be a part of us no matter what :'D Conte on the other hand is such a cute!, Kinda makes me look forward to where can go from now on with him, Would be happy to let him some extra say in transfers and give him some backing too.
  9. The Pub - Discuss Anything

    Guys i cant decide on what to name myself so. Ashy, Zashyo, Ashidoo, are some i was thinking of, but im open to SUGGESHTONS !
  10. That was SPOOPER! :D!

  11. The Pub - Discuss Anything

    (still deciding)
  12. The Pub - Discuss Anything

    Anyone know how to get your name changed around this bit? i'd like to change mine :"D
  13. *needs to get herself some new shirts!*

  14. I think i need to change my name on this, Something more... ash sounding ;3

  15. Doing some decoration soon!

  16. The Pub - Discuss Anything

    How is everyone doing? Me personally i'm doing better nowadays, a lot better :')
  17. Chelsea Kits thread

    Looks nice and different!, i was kinda afraid of something a bit urf first time out, but those look properly nice and solid.
  18. you know it's been a long time cause the player you chose as your favorite is gone ;'(

  19. The Pub - Discuss Anything

    Hey y'all
  20. Poster Above You

    Delicious Belgian that isn't a waffle.
  21. Chelsea Kits thread

    3rd kit isn't seeming as nice to me anymore for some reason Might grow again but so far i like the white one ^w^
  22. The Serie A Thread

    Dmytro Chygrynskiy Is the name your looking for, 25 million sold a year later for 15 million.
  23. The Pub - Discuss Anything

    http://www.livestream.com/kazadoosfishbowlofnightmares Im screen sharing some FIFA (im playing on my manager mode being a noob) your free to join :3
  24. The Pub - Discuss Anything

    OWO! OMG IM SO EXCITED LIKE THE GAMES GONNA BE TODAY AND LIKE :3 mourinho will be like 8O but then i'll go like EEEEEE 8D
  25. The Pub - Discuss Anything

    I don't know if anyone else feels it but, I don't ever really want to be famous at all?, I mean i look at my more "popular" friend's video streams of them and they have all their big groups of friends follwing them and it all looks so nice but here wise i don't even want that, i couldn't be a famous person ever, nor would i wanna be in a play hard get paid lots job, i would just like to live quietly the rest of my life with my family and friends, i don't care if i even work a lowerish pay job once i'm ready (when i feel i have done enough education first cause i'm mainly doing that) though on the grounds as long as i enjoy it, but as saying I don't like spotlight really? i couldn't really have a massive statistic giant people following me or being a massive fandom of me, like how guy's like pewdiepie or uberhaxornova get, if i have an account on like a place like deviantart, i do admit i kinda switch accounts once i feel too many people know my account, and i mean nothing nasty against the other people..cause i couldn't really bring myself to doing harm to others uwu, just.. Is it common just to want to live peacefully? even more anonymously? not be mega rich or mega successful or mega famous or mega popular? I just take it im very much a "quiet type", I like keeping my friends close :3, and i mean I love them to bits , i'm just the type of person that'd rather have 3 friends who they can dedicate 33 33 33 to rather than like 20 friends who they have to dedicate 20 5's to if you get my percentages? Even like if i went (well when i went, i have to find a new place of education now since... things didn't turn out right) to a Uni or a collage (NEVER touching a high school again, poisonous place i found it to be) I frankly would just like to go there and learn, but not to make friends as said i don't have any omg deep people hate cause i just don't believe it's a really good thing to hate? i prefer love :3, i'd rather eat ice cream and pancakes than egg a persons house out of spite?) so means i'm nearly mute, but i can say something on a subject i love, and for the fact i'm wanting to do art , cause i absolutely love design, you see why i like the kit thread a lot? i love seeing all the designs X) ) Even if i was playing a team game, I'd rather be the person that does the thing that makes others work/do better or make things, a team of one person that works a quiet job but an effective job so the ..per say 1 team of 10-15 people in the noisier more thrilling/exciting job can do better? that too is a reason why i kinda like playing a defence player in football, I found it to be more quieter but actually a lot more satisfying and your not on the front line and everything? your also not the spine of the team but what you do good helps, Maybe i just like being back at base too owo rather than it looking like some people like being on the front line, but i can understand why people like being on the front line, has it's ultimate reward no? also delievers much more of a thrill. Maybe just the question im wondering is, anyone else like me? just a curious thing cause..i just see people loving thrills and spills and that a lot :3 which is fine...afterall it's whatever makes you happy, and hey sometimes it's worth working the quiet job and having the others do the thrills and spills,