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  1. 18. Olivier Giroud

    Sarri needs to rotate him with Higuain. He can offer a lot towards the end of games when we are chasing a goal. For example against Wolves. he would have bullied those Wolves defenders.
  2. Dynamo Kiev 0-5 Chelsea

    We really should be beating Valencia.
  3. Dynamo Kiev 0-5 Chelsea

    Azpi really is a bum now.
  4. Dynamo Kiev 0-5 Chelsea

    Hudson Odoi has been okay.
  5. Dynamo Kiev 0-5 Chelsea

    We better stat pad. Its been a while since we stat padded
  6. Dynamo Kiev 0-5 Chelsea

    We have looked quite good in Europe all season to be fair.
  7. Dynamo Kiev 0-5 Chelsea

    The ball moves faster when his not on the pitch. We seem to have less of the sideways passing plus our pressing is also in sync.
  8. Dynamo Kiev 0-5 Chelsea

    I know its only Dynamo but with each passing week Im more confident we will be fine after Hazard leaves. Our best team performances all season have been without him. His been the X factor but overall has caused some of the teething problems we have with Sarri's system.
  9. Eden Hazard

    In the long term this would be good for the team imo. It will allow us to implement a style. It will hurt in the short term however its better we sort the issue now rather than later. Hazard is 28 so regardless we where going to face the issue again in the next 3 years. His not taken good care of himself like Ronaldo so i doubt he will still be in his prime around 33. Right now you can already see his lost a burst of pace.
  10. Eden Hazard

    I absolutely love Hazard, but dont you guys think our over reliance on him is the reason we have regressed so much as a team in the last 3 years? Yes his arguably Chelsea's best ever player but I am with Sarri, he needs to move more off the ball, Hazard is a ball hog (an excellent one by all means) however I think letting him go might be better for us in the medium to long term. We need to reestablish an identity. All the great Chelsea sides (the ones with Lampard, DD and Terry did not have this over reliance on one guy and had a system) I remember winning important games when Drogba, Lamps, Terry or Ballack were not playing. We need to go back to that philosophy were the greater sum of the team is better or more important than one person's individual talent.
  11. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    I promised I would not watch another Chelsea game this season but unfortunetly found myself with nothing better to do. Sarri has to go, yes we have to clean house but his not the guy to take us forward. Would rather much we got rid of him asap to salvage our season.
  12. Leandro Paredes

    Apparently he might have rejected PSG. Will see.
  13. Victor Moses

    Why the fuck is it a loan?? Get rid
  14. Leandro Paredes

    Torres and WIllian.
  15. Leandro Paredes

    Hope Roman intervenes with his Russian buddies. Only problem is the last 2 times Roman intervened we all know how that turned out.