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  1. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    I promised I would not watch another Chelsea game this season but unfortunetly found myself with nothing better to do. Sarri has to go, yes we have to clean house but his not the guy to take us forward. Would rather much we got rid of him asap to salvage our season.
  2. Leandro Paredes

    Apparently he might have rejected PSG. Will see.
  3. Victor Moses

    Why the fuck is it a loan?? Get rid
  4. Leandro Paredes

    Torres and WIllian.
  5. Leandro Paredes

    Hope Roman intervenes with his Russian buddies. Only problem is the last 2 times Roman intervened we all know how that turned out.
  6. Leandro Paredes

    Jesus Christ how did we lose out on this?? For fuck sake Marina your ineptitude knows no bounce. Just pay what they want and stop shackling over 2 million when we all know u always end up over paying. Im furious.
  7. Álvaro Morata

    Morata still has great potential I wouldnt be surprised if he worked out well at Atletico. Chelsea eats strikers alive and I feel like with Morata his confidence went away after his early misses and he never regained it. Watch him play for Spain, he scores 1 in every 2 games.
  8. Leandro Paredes

    Im actually more excited about this signing compared to the Higuain one.
  9. Gonzalo Higuain

    When you keep the ball as much as we do movement is more important than speed.
  10. Gonzalo Higuain

    Thats why I said he needs a run of games, whether here or not. He has the tools to be a good LB. His not played much football in 2/3 years. The defensive awareness can improve with game time, as his confidence grows.
  11. Gonzalo Higuain

    To be fair Emerson has never been given an extended run in the side. It could actually help him. He hasn't really played much football in almost 3 years since his ACL and some of his weaknesses can be fixed by game time. Things like positioning. H e has all the other attributes to be a decent if not great LB
  12. Leandro Paredes

    Are you saying we dont need him for Saturday? Jorginho looked tired during the 2nd half on Saturday because he has played way too many games, plus he was on a yellow. What happens if he picks up an early yellow on Saturday and we dont have his replacement on the bench ?
  13. 20. Callum Hudson-Odoi

    Sarri fucked up really bad on this one should have given the guy more minutes than he has, however we can not be held to ransom by an 18 year old. Let him go the club existed before him, and will exist after him. We have lost really good players in the past and we have managed to come out on the other side. He is becoming ridiculous with some of the threats his team are ending out.
  14. Leandro Paredes

    We need him for Saturday and the board is busy fucking around. Smh. Jorginho's fatigue almost cost us a game against Newcastle on Saturday. The lack of urgency in which we do things is astonishing. Most of the time we still end up paying what the other team wants but after affecting our own team. take for example Bakayoko last season, we took all preseason to sign him when everyone knew he was going to be signed but we only signed him a week before the opening game. Guess what happened? He missed preseason never really settled and we lost the first game to Burnley. This season we only got Sarri days after preseason was scheduled to start, how is he supposed to implement a new philosophy with that much shortened time?? At times it feels like we are run by amateurs.
  15. 22. Willian

    Kevin Durant, NBA player