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  1. Chelsea v Man City

    I fancy us strongly against City. They haven't been performing great recently, and if they roll out some of the youngsters to boot then we should put them away no problem.
  2. Chelsea v Newcastle

    Yeah, that looks better.
  3. Politics & Stuff

    They are determined to make an example of Assange it would seem. The UK government will continue to break as many laws as necessary in keeping him detained until the US tell them it's ok not to.
  4. MK Dons 1-5 Chelsea

    Great result for the lads against limited opposition. While it was good seeing us knock 5 in I had 1-3 and 1-4 correct score bets on ha.
  5. Arsenal v Chelsea

    Going to be a very hard ask for us to get anything from the Arse at the Emirates the way things are going with both teams. If we could grind a point out I'd be delighted with that.
  6. Chelsea 3-3 Everton

    Things are slowly getting better. Think we are due a late goal to help us out as well after the torture of the first half of the season.
  7. General Transfer Talk

    12 million Swansea chairman probably at the bottom of a bottle celebrating as we speak.
  8. David Bowie Passes To Cancer

    Terrible news. Didn't even know he had cancer. Never be another David Bowie, that's for sure.
  9. Automotive world

    Never been that keen on the 7 series but that's a beaut. The adverts for the brand new one are good as well, probably the best looking of the lot so far. Cost a few quid though.
  10. Forum Update

    Yesterday, and the day before, when I was posting a reply to a topic, there would be bit of crazy jumping up ad down from top to bottom of page, eventually settling on the new post on the thread. Not happening so far today though.
  11. Forum Update

    Everything looking good from my point of view. Prior to the updates it was already by far the best looking and easiest to navigate forum I had used. Stands out even more now, well done.
  12. The Pub - Discuss Anything

    I was thinking the same the other day. George W. getting voted in tells you anything can happen state side so I wouldn't be surprised one bit if Trump got voted in, scary thought though.
  13. Welcome to the forums BioHazard :)