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  1. Non-Chelsea Transfer Pub

    Mate, I get what you are saying but would like to start my post with a bit of a disagreement. Please dont compare Cesc to Oscar. Yes, Cesc has his faults. Glaring, frustrating, mind numbing faults but the guy is also a joy to watch when things are going right. He is a player who can be a match changer on his day and his technical ability when given space and time is almost second to none. You just compared this guy to one of the most hopelessly, devoid of any talent player who actually makes me pull out my hair everytime I see him on the pitch. Please dont. Lets not compare Oscar to ANY player otherwise we will end up re calling marko marin, in case Oscar is the player who sets the bar. Now to cesc. There is plenty of ways to go around the rebuilding. If we go to the "expectations for next season" thread (or something on the similar lines), then we can see 2 broad categories. I would call them as - 1. Longhaul, 2 Instant Success. Both of these have their pros and cons. Are we over-rating the youth? Are our youth really worth a shot and having 6/7 guys not only in the squad (RLC, Ake, Andreas, Baker, Kenedy, Traore, musonda along with young players like Baba, Zouma) but actually a massive part in deciding the season? Or should we go down the lets just buy for now and deal with the consequences after 2 years. Personally, I am willing to take the risk. Yes we might end up like Spurs and pool, But their also a chance of our own youth players playing and giving their all for the shirt. Coming just to cesc. He is one of the highest earners in the team. Do you think that he would accept a bench role? Would he be successful on the bench? I might be wrong here, but he is a player who needs the team to play around him rather than him to come on the field and perform a bit-part Kalou role. He seems to be a player who can only work when the things are built around him. He needs the ball on his feet to thrive. I honestly dont think their is any other way. Otherwise, It would almost be like having Mata in the team but putting him on the wing and not letting him be your main play-maker. This is my main issue with cesc. If cesc stays, the only role he can be of any use to us is if he is our main playmaker. Which to me makes no sense for the numerous reason I gave in the first post. I can see us having another good season with him as our lynchpin and then getting screwed massive the year later and again in the market looking for a creative CM while berating RLC for not "developing" or "having the right attitude" despite him having no play time. I know what i want is bordering on impossible considering the board and the owner that are running this club to the ground. I also know that cesc will most probably be here come the next season. But a fan can dream.
  2. Thibaut Courtois

    Agree about Tibo but massively disagree about Lukaku. Yes, Lukaku "asked to leave" but why did he do that? Was it because Jose thought that getting a 33 year old semi retired etoo from russia was better than trusting a player with lukaku's potential in a season where jose repeatedly said things like "We wont win the PL", "we have young eggs","we are small horses" and all the weird things that he said.
  3. James Rodríguez

    Who would you suggest in this case. For me, I would hold on to Hazard for this season, no matter what. So I am not talking about swap deals. I am a 100% against keeping cesc for another season, which would mean getting a creative-ish midfielder to partner Matic and Radja in a midfield 3. Pjanic is one option, but honestly he looks like a 3 years younger cesc. Isco and James are wonderful players and just a year or 2 ago they were the next big things. Another option is Gotze but he seems to be facing a similar fate as Isco/james. Mate, I have to massively disagree with the last portion of your post. We got Eden because we won the CL and were in CL for the next season. The signings before that were that of moses and marin, if I remember correctly. So Hazard was a freak signing, not the other way round.
  4. Radja Nainggolan

    Please NO. Radja can very well play the DM role in case we need a 2nd DM. Baker should be in that midfield option.
  5. James Rodríguez

    If it was upto me, I would have the likes of Kenedy, musonda (for winger positions), Traore (for striker), RLC, baker (for CM), zouma, andreas, ake, baba, with major first team/squad positions for next season (all the positions that i have writtenn in the bracket are for backups). With no european competitions, its the perfect time to integrate youth. Anyways, cesc was a barca reject. He was terrible for them. He was brought for replacing Xavi and instead Xavi outlived him at Barca. Mate, personally, I would have taken Jose still at chelsea with talents like Lukaku and Kdb here for the next 10 or more years rather than 1 PL and years of obscurity or atleast undecisiveness. With these 2 players currently on our roster our future would not have been looking so bleak and unsure. Fair enough on the stones, marquinhos fiasco. But you have to admit that the pull of CL and the name of JOse makes us far less likelier targets for players like antoine, bale, pogba. I mean honestly would you? Would you come to chelsea right now? Not you as such. But if you were such players. I am sure they are earning massively, and some extra cash would not even come close to playing at the highest level. (I am combining your post in the transfer window thread too). Moreover, if we can pay those ludicrous amounts then so can a lot of clubs. I mean these days stoke pays 18million pounds for Imbula.While i agree money does talk, but i dont think to the extent you think. Otherwise, liverpool wont just be a joke but they might have actually landed a couple of players like reus.
  6. Dominic Solanke

    17 years old. But we should definitely sell him or probably send him on a succession of loans. Look at the number of YOUTH players that has generated for us. Who cares about personal grooming. Lets the clubs who should not give a crap about players on loan take care of that aspect.
  7. Non-Chelsea Transfer Pub

    I dont know the reasons for the rest of the people, but I can sure give my reasons. For the past 6 years, we have been in transition. We have no identity, we have no stability, we have no youth players coming through the ranks, now we have no european football. Despite continously putting in 100million pounds every year ( £475,959,000 in the last 5 years) yet we have been going from bad to worse. in 2007 and 2008 we were one of the best teams in the world and again, despite continously putting in millions of pounds, we are now not only out of the list of elite clubs but also out of the elite competition. I think its safe to say that we need a change. We need a change of approach, of mentality, of attitude. So how do we do it? We are not in CL next season, have a new manager and yet we are looking to make a system around a 29 year old CM who runs like a 50 year old. No idea whats going to happen to him when he gets 30 in a year. I am sorry but what have we learned from the past then? Lets leave aside the fact that can cesc actually play the "pirlo role" (as this seems to be the operational word on this forum), is a player so hopelessly unathletic at the prime age of his career, playing as a CM which requires a lot of legs and running around, is he the best player to make a system around him. If not then I think he simply is not a player to keep around if the system is not built around him. Personally, I will be willing to have no PL for 3 years if it means we can get some identity. Build the system around the likes of RLC, Radja, Hazard, Zouma, Andreas, Tibo.
  8. James Rodríguez

    Mate, lets be realistic. Do you actually think we have a chance in a million of getting antoine, gareth or Dybala? Seriously. People keep throwing these names around like all we need to do is express our interest and they are ours. For me, its not going to happen. Mate, we were unable to get Stones and Pogba and Marquinhos despite being the champions of england and having jose mourinho at our helm. Why would antoine (who might end up winning the CL and Liga double in a team which has perfect identity, a stable manager and a stable club) or bale (playing with the likes of Ronaldo and modric for the dream club of any player) or Dybala (a young striker who was trusted [something which never happens at chelsea] and is settled and one of the first names on the team sheet) come to chelsea where there is no stability, no identity, no guarantees of european football. Sorry mate. I am not going to even talk about getting such players when there is literally no chance of watching them dawn the chelsea shirt. We are down to rejects. Cesc was a barca reject, pedro was a barca reject. We might get the likes of Benatia, or isco/james - rejects. I completely agree with you that they are not "ambitious" (i think thats the word you are looking for instead of lazy). Gundogan has a history with injuries. I have my reservations about "that" rather than his abilities. But yes, I would take him over Isco and James - totally agree. Pjanic, for me, is as bad as cesc defensively. You talk about "good old chelsea" but want cesc and pjanic in your midfield 3, well thats a disaster. My point simply is this - first of all, i agree we need to go to a midfield 3. We need muscle - which we seem to already have got with Radja. now we need a "creative" CM. For a lot of people that is Cesc. For me, cesc needs to leave. Simple as that. (why? discussion for another day and another thread). Can we get someone like Gundogan who just signed a new contract, is injury prone but still one of the most important players in his team when fit - I would say improbable. What we are left with our some really good players in the mould of James/Isco. If you are doubting their mentality, then fair enough. With a good coach that can improve. Look at torres and what simeone has done to him. Realistically speaking, these 2 names are front runners if we are looking to get some creative midfielders and definite upgrades on oscar and cesc.
  9. Ola Aina

    First of all, Bayern had muller, kroos, alaba, badstubber. Kroos has moved on now, but they had their BUNCH of youth players to come through. are you seriously telling me that Hatim ben arfa is not talented? He lacks one thing attitude. and This is where I think youth players can be evolved. Like you said, Kakuta needed a change in attitude. His attitude was the main problem. Same goes with Josh. And thats where they failed themselves, as well as we failed them. as the parent club, it should have been our responsibiluty to nurture them. We did not.
  10. Ola Aina

    Conor clifford is the same talent as Josh or kakuta or RLC or Colkett or musonda or boga. Fine mate. There is only so much logical arguments one can give. What i find weird is that, we have dominated Fa youth cup for 6 or 5 years now. We have dominated Youth league for 4 years now (3 years in uefa youth league and 1 year in that weird youth competition which got scrapped, i think we lost to villa in the final and ake played in the mid). But yet, we are the worst team in the numbers for youth players. Yes, you are definitely right. Its the players' fault. They are hopeless.
  11. Nemanja Matic

    Ah good old Chels.
  12. James Rodríguez

    The year when Bale was bought by Madrid, he and isco went head to head for a spot. Luckily for isco, Bale got an injury and isco had a long time to play in the team. He was exquisite. Yet, as soon as Bale came back from injury, Isco was dropped. What does that tell the player about the team and the club? It simply tells him that no matter what, your transfer fee is going to decide your place in the team. Also, the way RM is set up is very very different from ours. They give all the freedom in the world to their front 3 and want legs in the middle to make up for them. James and Isco are simply not those players. Also, mate, I massively disagree with calling James as a "lazy player". I am not sure if you have watched him at all last season. His workrate is close to willian's. Anyways, we are a team that want to give hazard all the freedom and want bodyguards to be played in the team just so cesc can play. Meanwhile, while Hazard's talents might warrant that, cesc definitely does not. We take james/Isco and give them the role that cesc would have in a midfield 3 with Radja and Matic, and we would be a completely brilliant team. Both are miles better dribblers, ball controllers, tempe controllers, goal scorers. It is simply their current roles in the squad and the weird heirachy at Madrid that makes them look poor. Dont forget, Filipe luis was not a "good defender" for us. Now he is the best defender in the best defence in the world. Without a doubt, the best LB in the world currently. A lot depends on the club and the system. Real Madrid have a system which revolves around CR and bale with kroos and modric in the midfield. Any player would find it difficult to break through. Have either of isco/james at this club to link up with hazard and the "protection" of radja and matic, and they would play like the world class talents that they are.
  13. Nemanja Matic

    True. Cant disagree with that even if i wanted to.
  14. James Rodríguez

    No more no.10 roles. 3 man midfield Please. Either of them can be the creative beacon that people are looking in Cesc for next season.
  15. Nemanja Matic

    In all fairness, I never thought Lampard-makelele-essien was a very creative midfield 3. Infact bayern have lined up several times with vidal-alonso-lahm (mostly since thiago was injured for a spell). Regarding cesc, I seem to have a mental block now (and not without cause). some want him to play the "pirlo role" with matic and radja acting as bodyguards. I think I had a converstation with you regarding my doubts about cesc's ability to play the role. Pjanic is not much different to cesc, i feel. Koke would be the absolute ultimate buy but the probablity of that happening is 0. While radja and Kante are not "creative', i think each of them have a very good passing range. radja has a mean shot with him and we have the likes of hazard, willian to do the creative work. One thing I would be worried about is the runs into the box from the midfield. I dont think any of these 3 is good at that. So maybe, yes, it is overkill. But I just dont want cesc here next season. PS - This just makes me appreciate exactly how great a player Lampard truly was. All round midfielder with 20 goals a season. What a player. No doubt we miss such a player.