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  1. Chelsea v Dynamo Kiev

    Perhaps Mou has no other choice. If his relationship with other players of this position are bad then he cannot do anything else than count on Zouma at RB again We already know this story (Real Madrid for instance), it wouldn't be the first time when Jose is in conflict with cloackroom. To be honest I'm scared about Dinamo. Sounds crazy but in this season nothing can suprise me anymore... and I don't want to see the team defending. Not again. I'd like to see offensive game, a lot of shots and agressive pressing. IDK maybe we should start playing with two strikers. 4-4-2 or 4-4-2 Dimend? It used to work fine before (remember our game when Carlo gave us dublet?). If Mou will fail once again, I think this will be his last game in CFC.
  2. Chelsea 1-3 Liverpool

    There's something bad happening with the team. Something inside the cloakroom. I think the relationship between coach and the players is tense, that would explain several strange Mourinho's decisions about who is playing in the match. Watching first and second lost goal was terrible. Third goal killed us. But to be honest, we couldn't win this game, that would be unfair, not with such a form or style. When you shot first goal, you must kill the game by shooting another, not go back to defense.
  3. Hey guys

    Hey people. I'm Jim, age 24, from Poland. Supporting CFC since 2002. My friend told me about this site, found it and decided to register today. Hope to meet cool people and spend a good time talking about our Chelsea. Oh and please, forgive me my english It's not my first language, but I will try hard
  4. Welcome to the forums Fixer :)