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  1. Kevin de Bruyne

    another poor game from De Bruyne, he has really gone off the boil.
  2. Diego Costa

    you 1000% did say that.
  3. Diego Costa

    I think the post has been deleted now, but you said to someone the reason why Pacquiao got banned was because he was caught sucking Costa's dick and then something about spitting it out, joking or not that was such an unnecessary and disgusting comment to make and can be seen a homophobic.
  4. Diego Costa

    dont agree with that, Cesc has had chances to play it over the top to Costa to run onto in the last 2 games but too often played a simpler pass
  5. Diego Costa

    i dont think his overall movement is shit at all i was at Norwich game and i watched him make runs in behind but not receive the pass a number of times i agree his movement in the box has been poor recently and him drifting out wide ect is frustrating but i am not concerned about it right now as its not a hard thing to fix, i just disagree with the fact you blame Cesc being poor on Costa, because he certainly has been making good runs outside the box but not getting the passes
  6. Diego Costa

    why are you changing the subject to his movement in the box, i have already said his movement and anticipation in the box has been poor, we are talking about his direct runs that he makes, you said he doesnt makes them anymore, but i saw him making them yesterday and against Norwich.
  7. Diego Costa

    no they have also been shit(apart from Willian, who isnt the most creative player), if you watched us play this season you would see our creativity has been shocking! the Norwich game was the first time we created lots of good chances in a game all season. and no he shouldnt be making the same run over and over again it makes you predictable and easy to defend against.
  8. Diego Costa

    I saw Costa make quite a few runs in behind last night, and Cesc opted not to play it over the top to him, he still makes those direct runs, its just his movement inside the box which has been poor lately.
  9. Diego Costa

    yes it does, what it says about me is i dislike a keyboard warrior who makes homophobic comments more then i dislike a professional footballer who can be quite aggressive at times.
  10. Diego Costa

    i am more offended by some of the disgusting comments you make on here then Costa's behavior.
  11. Diego Costa

    So thats Gabriel and Ben Haim who Costa has got sent off this season! Hopefully Vertonghen or Alderweireld take the bait next.
  12. Diego Costa

    yeah because scoring is so easy! players like Aguero, Lewandowski and Suarez get that kind of service every week! keep feeding Costa and will score goals! its not hard to understand!
  13. Diego Costa

    if you say so. feed Costa and he will score. Simple. once he is fully confident and back in form he will start to make it look easy as well.
  14. Diego Costa

    exactly what DYC said he isnt a world class footballer, but he is certainly a world class striker!
  15. Diego Costa

    DIEGOOOOOOOOO!!!! That is what a world class striker does, not at his best then goes and scores the winner!!! now hopefully he will start to score for fun again! if he keeps getting the service like he got today then he will score every week!