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  1. Álvaro Morata

    He's so mentally weak, i can see him fail tremendously at Juve and go back to a spain mid-table next season.
  2. 14. Fikayo Tomori

    During the Brighton pre-match presser, Lampard hinted at Tomori not giving his 100% in training. At least that's how i understand the below. “There’s nothing specific I want him to improve, all I want him to do is work hard, show the work ethic he’s shown me at Derby and for major parts of last season".
  3. Chelsea Transfer Pub

    Wrong translation.. "Tomori and another player that is NOT Giroud".
  4. Eden Hazard

    Unbelievable he would come back overweight from off-season, AGAIN. Especially after a first disastrous season in Madrid. I just can't get my head around the fact he is not doing everything he can to give himself a chance to really succeed in his dream club. Such a shame Eden
  5. Chelsea Transfer Pub

    He's the real deal. Very strong, aggressive defensively (attacks the ball carrier) and great at tackling with both feet (prefers standing tackles). Not an amazing passer aka Fabregas, but more than decent and can certainly pick a pass. Also has great positional awareness from what i've seen. The fact that he's a natural leader and a Chelsea fan is also a huge bonus
  6. Chelsea Transfer Pub

    I invite you to go read the first few pages of his thread to refresh your memory. Your own post, i quote: "Welcome Danny. I think he is going to be useful additon and depth option to our squad, nevermind being english. However his quality, it says alot Leicester was looking for improvement over him for two years now in Silva. He is decent player, nothing more. I dont expect him to do anything beside basic, but he is reliable and used to PL, so he will hold his ground hopefuly. Still kudos for choosing us and accepting side role. But 35m pounds for a player thats neither already great nor has potential, IMO way too much. Yes english and all, but keep in mind City bought Delph for 8m two years ago for basicaly same reasons. Transfer makes sense, Danny is alright player, but that fee...plain awful. " So yeah basically what i said earlier, that most fans were OK/happy with the transfer. Some happy about it, some more reserved (like you), but almost nobody was 100% against it. You will also see most people preferred him to Chalobah. I agree selling KDB was a mistake, but again easier to say now that he is a world beater. When we sold him his potential was obvious for everyone to see, but a £20M fee was good business. Salah was just not good enough when we sold him, it made perfect sense to sell. Fairplay to him though, he put the work in and drastically improved. You have reservations about Ziyech, Werner and Havertz (fair enough you are entitled to your opinion), but again who would you have fancied the club to purchase?
  7. Chelsea Transfer Pub

    About the fans being excited on transfers then blaming the board if they fail, it was more a general observation on some fans, and not directly directed at you. Morata/Lukaku were the only good strikers available, very little wiggle room that summer.. For Drinkwater that's not true. Most of the fans aknowledged he was overpriced, but a proven PL player that could fill the gap and the do the job as a squad player. Nobody could predict his complete and utter downfall. But in essence i do agree with you that this was not a good signing by the board. So basically the club needs to sign one of the best players in the PL (Kante) or a talent like Hazard to make you really happy? Can i ask you this. Besides Sancho, who could the club have signed to make you happy? You seem to be very hard to please to be honest.
  8. Chelsea Transfer Pub

    Kepa was a flop. Morata was a flop. Baka flop. Wont even go with Drinkwater. Emerson didnt fill the expectations. Barkley was a weird signing too. Zappacosta pointless. Jorginho didnt reach expectations. Rudiger didnt reach expectations. But you can't do that can you? It is really unfair to judge in hindsight. It is so easy to look back and say X or Y was a flop or did not live up to expectations. People blaming the board when they were excited at the time of signing is really hypocritical IMO. There is always a risk about every transfer not working for an array of reasons. So everyone is buzzing for Havertz, but if he flops we're gonna say "damn you board, how could you spend 80M on him"? This summer has been great end of.
  9. Chelsea Transfer Pub

    Thanks for taking the time to argument and provide a thorough answer. Ok i think i understand the point you're making, which is why did the club prioritize attacking signings instead of dealing with the more obvious aera to improve which is the defense, fair enough. I do see a few contradictions in your post, and i am going to get into details why i think the club's strategy makes sense, so far. "New GK, massively improve defence, buy prolific striker and replacement for Willian: a rotational RW so it doesnt hinder Odoi progress but adds depth." Prolific striker: i imagine you are happy with Werner, and you should i think he'll be amazing for this club. RW: So you are saying we should not have purchased a proven quality player for a reasonable price (and low wages), but rather have gone for a worse player not to block CHO's development? Two issues for me here. 1) CHO has not proven enough to show he can fill Willian's boots and be a starter. 2) If you settle for lesser quality, you are taking the risk the player will not be good enough, even for rotation and the club might end up with more deadwood. Clubs pay that kind of money for average players nowadays, so why not go for quality right away if available at the same price? If i read into your post correctly, your biggest issue is with Kai. For him i think the club was just pragmatic and took advantage of a terrific opportunity to snap a top top talent that probably would have not been available next summer. This kind of signing is what is needed to close the gap and make those playing around him better. CHO and Mount will benefit from that i am sure. You insist that Kai would take Mount's game time, but for all we know Frank might be playing with two 8's (Kai AND Mount). If not, there will still be lots of game to be played, and Mount has also shown he's better when fresh and rested, so try to look at this as a positive and another amazing option for Frank. On the part where you mention Frank's faith in Mount. Come on don't be ridiculous it is obvious that the gaffer highly rates him and has complete faith in him. Now regarding the defense and GK, it seems like the next thing on the agenda is the GK, so patience, it will get fixed. I also think your argument about funds being unavailable for a GK because spent in attack is not great. First we don't know what funds are there still and second, I highly doubt the club would have gone for another really expensive keeper anyway, not after Kepa's fiasco. Let's just assume they would have for the sake of the discussion, what top GK should the club have chased? In defence, we might still sign Rice who knows. Either way, you said it yourself, TS is here as a stop gap and we can still sign Rice next year he is not going anywhere. If anything it would strenghten the club's position with Rice's contract being further down one year. My point really is that doing it the other way around (Rice this year, Kai the next) would most likely not be possible at all, hence the club's strategic decision to go for Kai this summer.
  10. Chelsea Transfer Pub

    Think about what you are saying. This is Chelsea, the club is competing for trophies and the last thing i would want is for the the club to settle and think that last season's squad is good enough on basis that it finished top 4. Even if most youngsters don't become indisputable in the coming years (let's assume only Mount and James make the cut and the others are fringe players), that is a much better situation than the one we've seen over the last decade when it comes to youngsters. Listening to you, it looks like you would rather have the young as starters compete for top 4-6 rather than having top players joining and be part of the discussion for a return to the top. We're not Southampton... What top club in Europe is having success integrating lots of their young at the moment? Yeah... Also, what if the club did not sign Kai and Mount got injured? The club is supposed to rely exclusively on RLC, which has a huge question mark on his head? And that's a false debate IMO, the squad will have an extremely busy schedule next season and Mount will see plenty of game time, same for CHO and the others. If one of them is truly class, he'll play. That's funny you would bring up Trent and the RB situation. The board really wanted to buy Hakimi and Lamps pulled the plug because he trusts James to do the job. What's your take on that then?
  11. 6. Thiago Silva

    Not point in even discussing the capitaincy, it was just cheap media BS. No worries, it will be Azpi next season..
  12. Non-Chelsea Transfer Pub

    Why does Messi now have man boobs and an indian accent?
  13. Kai Havertz

    As i said, no transfer record is ever perfect. I am not saying 70M for Kepa was great, but it is always easier to criticize in hindsight. For Chilwell, first it's not done yet, and we don't know the amount we'll end up paying if he comes. Maybe she and the board are trusting Frank 100% on this one and if he has identified him as his preferred target, doing the new boss a solid. I'm sure if we signed another cheaper LB that was not Frank's choice, she'd get the stick from our fans as well for not supporting the coach's preferred option. Fans always have to complain about something anyway.
  14. Kai Havertz

    Dude what, chill out.. And for those who are asking the club/Marina to just cough up the 10/15M we supposedly are off in terms of player valuation, i am glad you are not running the club. We are in the midst of a crisis and are going to be hit financially, those millions might be the difference in getting an extra player or not, we don't know. Bayer's best outcome is to sell this window, where we are the only club willing to come close to their valuation, so Chelsea has a strong hand in those negotiations. I am glad they are not rushing it if there is a good chance we'll get a better price by playing our cards right, which is to wait. If unsuccessful, there is still a good chance we will budge and just pay the 10/15M difference eventually. Most reports say we are in advanced negotiations and that it's a matter of when rather then if. I am confident we'll land him, be patient guys... Also about all the criticism i'm reading about the board and Marina, i can't get my head around it TBH. She has pulled some master coups, and how many times have we read on how great she is at negotiating, from different people having dealt with her. No club gets it right 100%, there will always be bad transfers and bad choices, in all clubs, and Chelsea is no exception. It's really easy to point out at bad decisions in hindsight, which fans love to do. That's not fair IMO, the board has done a great job for the most part recently, and we have all reasons to believe it will continue this way. Trust our Russian lady.
  15. Sergio Reguilón

    @Jason to add to your question. I have read his thread on a Sevilla forum, and basically they all valued the bloke to some extent. The main takeaways were that he had great potential, great energy down the flank, but not a world beater neither offensively nor defensively at this point in time. Very interestingly, most of them did not want the club to spend 20M on him. I also think we need to bring a bit of context when looking at this. Their top transfer was 25M with Rony Lopes, so they are obviously looking at 20M in a different light than we would. But in purely footballing terms, most of them agreed he is a good footballer.