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  1. 10. Eden Hazard

    You should stop hating on him, seriously. You really sound deluded when you talk about him at times. He's at miles from his best level and not scoring, I think it's beyond obvious for everyone, but he still is one of the best in this team regardless.
  2. Koke

    Both are class players, and both would bring much needed qualities into the current squad. And by the way, it's not necessary to start insulting other members...
  3. 13. Thibaut Courtois

    Neuer may be the best, but his mistakes are often overlooked in my opinion. It sometimes looks like he has an immunity totem. Are you talking about this season? If yes Keylor Navas has to be in this ranking, he's been outstanding this season.
  4. 10. Eden Hazard

    Great analysis about Hazard's efficiency this season. http://www.espnfc.com/blog/tactics-and-analysis/67/post/2734634/eden-hazard-struggles-at-chelsea-not-entirely-his-fault
  5. 24. Gary Cahill

    It sets a dangerous precedent. What's the point of offering 30+ years old players only one-year contracts and offer a 29 years old a 4-year contract? A 2-year deal would have been more coherent with the way of the club in my opinion.
  6. Financial Fair Play

    How do you convince a CEO of an international company to part with £1/4 billion? This is how! (could not find it without the arab subtitles) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mApB1nu331s
  7. Thomas Muller

    I'll go to church every sunday if we sign Muller.
  8. Moussa Dembélé

    Simply not Chelsea level. He's a joy to watch and has technical abilities above average but he terribly lacks the end-product in his game to be worth buying. And the Vardy rumor is ridiculous, can't see us buying him.
  9. New sponsorship deal with Carabao

    You are saying it yourself, if we are receiving half the money they get from adidas, don't you think that we can say that receiving 2/3 of what they get for the training kit is a good deal? It is clear for everyone that they're ahead of everyone concerning commercial deals, and this is the reason why being somewhat close to them in this situation is a good thing for us. I think we just won't agree on that one, so let's agree to disagree on that one because it's getting us nowhere. Cheers.
  10. New sponsorship deal with Carabao

    I'm not sure I understand what you mean tbh.. It's not irrelevant, you asked if the figures were confirmed or not by official sources. It's not, but the figures given are in a reasonable range of what the club could get, given what Man U gets its training sponsorship deal. Otherwise, how are you supposed to guess the money this kind of deal could bring without using a "benchmark"? So, my point was that we have every reason to believe that the 10M amount is the real one.
  11. New sponsorship deal with Carabao

    Yes why not? We have not the same commercial leverage as Man U. If they get 15M/year, I'm happy with the club getting 10M/year.
  12. New sponsorship deal with Carabao

    It isn't mentioned on the official website, but it seems about right knowing that Man United has a £15M/year deal with AON for the training kit (8 years deal). Anyway, good piece of business from the club.
  13. 22. Willian

    On the contrary, I think it's a quite popular opinion
  14. Financial Fair Play

    Yeah Torres was a dead-weight for quite some time, glad he'll finally be off the books
  15. Financial Fair Play

    Yes the remaining cost of Torres accounted for this period: "Torres will now cost £18.2m in 2014/15, but will be completely off the 2015/16 books." Here is the source if you want to get more into details http://weaintgotnohistory.sbnation.com/2014/12/27/7455227/fernando-torres-sale-ac-milan-chelsea-finances-ffp