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Blue in NY

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  • Location New York, United States
  • Memory The 2-1 win over United in 2008. I plan on making it to the Bridge very soon.
  1. Fernando Torres

    Just watched his goal about 20 times. The miss is obviously terrible but I don't care. Cliche as it is, form is temporary, and class is permanent. There aren't many other strikers in the world who can make that goal look that easy. Keep believing and he will turn it around and when he does everyone else in the league is gonna be pissing their pants.
  2. The FIFA Thread

    Can't be positive but I think you actually get 24 gold packs. I can't wait, I pretty much spend my entire life on UT.
  3. La Liga Thread

    Pretty happy those little arrogant Barca fuckers lost, I always enjoy seeing them cry when things don't go their way.
  4. John Terry

    I absolutely loved him quieting the Sunderland crowd after he scored today. Fucking legend.