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  1. Chelsea Kits thread

    My chelsea collection :
  2. Chelsea Kits thread

    I love my classic Chelsea shirts from Gogoalshop http://imgur.com/a/dTHzs
  3. Chelsea Kits thread

    That's really a good deal .
  4. Chelsea Kits thread

    As far as I know most people here are probably collectors, I should point out there are probably going to be a good amount of Cyber Monday sales on kits. Here's a brief list of some of the deals I know are happening, but I'm sure there are many others. Kitbag 20% off sitewide Soccerpro 25% off footwear and balls, and free shipping over $65 US Soccer 25-75% off various apparel, kits not included World Soccer Shop 25% off sitewide, code is CYBER15 (I personally just snagged a new Germany shirt and a Palace shirt) Wholesale Soccer Jerseys up to 70 % off Chelsea kit, Buy 3 Jerseys ,They give you one free jersey . buy 1 jersey . one socks for free . buy 2 jerseys .you get one shorts for free . 15-70% off depending on how much you spend (I'm sure many clubs have a sale of some sort, this is more of an example of that than anything else) If anyone knows of any others, please let me know and I'll edit it in. Mods, feel free to delete this if it isn't allowed, I just thought people might like to know what some of the better deals were.
  5. Chelsea Kits thread

    They have a blackfriday sales now .Buy 3 get 4 activities are available now .It's time to buy the Christmas gift http://www.gogoalshop.hk/blackfriday-sales-c-277.html
  6. Chelsea Kits thread

    Anyone bought from gogoalshop.hk before ?
  7. Chelsea Kits thread

    Wow .It takes so long time to get the package ? I will not wait so much time when ordered from GoGoalShop.hk .Usually it takes 2 weeks to get the package .
  8. Chelsea Kits thread

    How long to get your shirt from aliexpress ? I bought there before and it took one month and 5 more days to get my package
  9. Chelsea Kits thread

    It's only for £25 If you wanna buy ? That's really worth for money ..
  10. Welcome to the forums The Monster :)