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  1. Willian

    Very easy to shoot down Willan now that he is leaving, despite all of the trophies he contributed to bring to us. What about our midfield btw? Completely outclassed by mid-table PL teams, not to mention Bayern Munich. Do you guys seriously believe that Jorginho and to a lower extent Kovasic are able to compete with best European teams? And what about our defense, do you really believe that James, Christensen, Rudiger, Emerson, etc. are up for the job? We need a complete overhaul, that includes mid-field and defense. It is a kind of miracle we are qualified for next CL, but if it is to be kicked-out by 7-1 again, I do no see the point. Just look at the headlines in the European media, sort of "Chelsea destroyed by Bayern Munchen"; "Chelsea humiliated again by Bayern Munchen".
  2. Willian

    Who are these "so many better players than him we have"? CHO who is 19 and yet everything to prove? Ziyech, who hasn't yet played a single match in PL?
  3. Willian

    One of our best players for years. I do not see anything positive in him leaving (for free). He certainly has 2 additional years to perform at the highest level. Not three. And there was no way we would pay an additional 3 years contract. Disappointed but let's move on. It was his own decision.
  4. Eden Hazard

    1 goal and 3 assists in 26 games... Yesterday, I saw KDB on the pitch, not Hazard.
  5. Chelsea 2-0 Wolves

    We are qualified for the CL. Fantastic! Now, go on win the FA Cup. Next season will be so exiting with Hakim, Timo, and likely Kai and other world class players to come in! Come on Chelsea!
  6. Chelsea 2-0 Wolves

    We need a third to be sure.
  7. Chelsea 2-0 Wolves

    What a goal friom Giroud!
  8. Chelsea 2-0 Wolves

    Defense seems to be more or less fixed. But no attacking power! Not a single shot on or off target after 30 minutes!
  9. Chelsea Transfer Pub

    Apparently he is very talented, playing at the highest level for some years, and would not cost a lot.
  10. Chelsea 2-0 Wolves

    Defensive line-up. Make sense. COME ON CHELSEA!
  11. Chelsea 2-0 Wolves

    I hope so, but I think that if the deal with Leverkusen for Kai is going ahead, we will have to sell Kanté. At least to buy new CB/LB/GK.
  12. Chelsea 2-0 Wolves

    Thanks! Precisely what I said. Let's play him 30 minutes or more, if he is fit. Just a clarification: Kanté will be sold if a good price is proposed. Of course.
  13. Chelsea 2-0 Wolves

    Again, and I repeat myself, Bakayoko is a loanee, hence he bring us revenues. Not sure if we can get 80£ from selling Barkley and Jorginho. More like 50£ if you ask me given current circumstances. But apparently, you are in the know much more than I am.
  14. Chelsea 2-0 Wolves

    Kanté is our main asset that can be sold at high price. Drinkwater and Bayayoko are loanees, so they bring us revenues. Jorginho and Barkley can be sold, but we won't get 80£ million or anything nearby, be serious, they are very much average players.
  15. Chelsea 2-0 Wolves

    Really? If we buy Kai, and it seems that the deal is all done, we would have to sell Kanté to raise funds, no surprise here.. Of coure, Kanté is lacking match sharpness. Maybe he can play 30 minutes or so. But I would not put him at risk of another injury that would make the deal with Kai collapsing all together. We are talking about Wolves here, not Man City, Liverpool, Real Madrid, Barcelona or Bayern Munchen/