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  1. Aleksandr Golovin

    It's the weekend. These things can take a while to go through the final stages. We may have agreed everything a week ago, but there's other things which need to be sorted before he is officially signed and pictured with the shirt at Stamford Bridge.
  2. Anthony Martial

    If Bayern are interested in Martial, I think he'll end up going there tbh. Man Utd would not sell to us. It is what annoys me about the Matic/Mata/Lukaku situation, we sold them the former two players and indirectly gave them Lukaku.
  3. Anthony Martial

    But where would he play? Sanchez plays on the LW, so he can't play there. He is nowhere near as effective on the right side of a front three attack. Unless Jose would have other plans for Willian, which I doubt. He would end up playing in the same position he's played here. Barcelona want him to play on the LW so he can cut in with his right foot, where he's more effective.
  4. Anthony Martial

    He wouldn't. He would be the striker. It seems like we're looking at a left footed attacker to play in Willian's position on the RW. Leon Bailley and that Brazilian lad have been monitored.
  5. Anthony Martial

    Why would Willian want to go to Utd? He prefers Barcelona.
  6. Anthony Martial

    We aren't selling Eden to fund Martial. Martial would be playing as a striker. That is why we would be selling Willian, not Eden. We turned down the 3rd bid for Willian because we want more.
  7. Anthony Martial

    Has Martial even played as a striker before? Did he play there at Monaco?
  8. Miralem Pjanic

  9. Miralem Pjanic

    Have City actually sold anyone yet? It seems they continue to make signings yet never get rid of anybody.
  10. Nabil Fekir

    The dude has had one good season for Lyon. Before that his stats were about as good as Pedro or Willian.
  11. Miralem Pjanic

    And you believe it?
  12. Arturo Vidal

    Got a sudden fetish for midfielders all of a sudden lol
  13. Perth Glory v Chelsea

    Maybe I'm getting confused from Last season, but didn't we play poor vs West Ham and then scored late in the game? Not sure if it was that was last season or Conte's first season, but that game was certainly looking a bit shaky and was a game I thought was the start of our performances stagnating.
  14. Perth Glory v Chelsea

    You have to remember we will have no Moses, Kante, Hazard, Batshuayi, Giroud, Azpilicueta, Christensen, Rudiger, so the team will be pretty shallow. If Sarri gives the squad 45 mins each, we can't expect a guaranteed win. However, of course it's great to get off to a good start with a win.
  15. Perth Glory v Chelsea

    We looked awful at the start of that season. I genuinely thought (and many others did too, including the media) that we were going to end up in another bad situation. I remember the media expecting Conte to be sacked haha. It was a fantastic turnaround.