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  1. Antoine Griezmann

    Because Utd pay absurd wages.You think he'll come to us and get paid more than hazard?
  2. Tiemoué Bakayoko

    We are looking at a LWB apparently, not a RWB. We have Ola Aina to fill that RWB role if needed.
  3. Antoine Griezmann

    Means nothing. He's said numerous times in the past he's fed up with being asked about his future, maybe he's now decided to fuck around with the media to cause controversy.
  4. Antoine Griezmann

    Nonsense, they have so much money they can get the best health treatment, best nutrition, etc, etc. Their quality of life is in no way affected living in a colder country. Tell me about the quality of life in the Middle East and Africa where it's scorching hot and people are dropping dead due to starvation and diseases. Footballers in the modern day are molly coddled. Griezmann is from France where the temperature (barring the South) is not much different than London/South of England. Of course a player can choose where he wants to live and work, but to act like they're paupers who are choosing a quality of life is ridiculous. They are healthy guys who run around a lot for a living and earn a fortune doing so. look at Gabriel Jesus as an example; a talented young Brazilian with tons of potential, decided to move to arguably one of the colder places in England, yet he isn't whining about where he wants to go. To him, living in England provides a much higher quality of life than his life in Brazil. Griezmann doesn't have to move in all honesty, Atletico are a top club. Will he be much better off moving to Man Utd or to Chelsea? Who knows, maybe, maybe not.
  5. Marco Verratti

    55 is about 65 million euros, then if there's add ons it could well become nearer to 75/80. I say that is a fair price considering I put his potential maybe just below Pogba (don't forget marketing value) and he isn't a prolific striker who is worth the money. In fact, I would say 55 million is about right, as he's done nothing special to be worth much more tbh.
  6. Radja Nainggolan

    Dude, if he was going to go anywhere in England I would be 99% certain it would be to London, with us. His partner has a business in Rome and he wants the best for his kid, so there's nowhere better than London for business and the best education in England.
  7. Alvaro Morata

    Maybe Conte is looking to play a different style than one which involves a big target man like Lukaku. Maybe it will be Morata and Llorente.
  8. Aymeric Laporte

    One question - why? With Christensen returning is there need for him?
  9. The Conte Thread

    All these comparisons between Conte and Allegri now Juve have got to the final of the CL is getting on my tits a little. I am obviously bias because I am a Chelsea fan and will support our Manager, but the fact Conte is on the verge of the double in his first season in England with a poorer side than Juve, for me, gives him the edge over Allegri. I hope Conte can get to the latter stages of the CL next season purely because I feel he'll still be doubted going into next season too. People in the media and oppo fanbases still want to try discredit his and the team's achievements this season because the league hasn't been as competitive as people were hoping for.
  10. Andrea Belotti

  11. 19. Diego Costa

    €90 million is not a shed load of cash for our 2nd most important player and main striker. I really would have preferred us get quite a bit more than that considering how much the Chinese have been willing to pay out for average players.
  12. Virgil Van Dijk

    Never got the big fuss with VVD. It's almost as if he's the new Maldini or something. He is a good Premier League defender, but one of the best in Europe I am dubious about.
  13. 10. Eden Hazard

  14. General Transfer Talk

    Would take out Gordon, replace with Diego Lopez Remove VVD, replace with Koulibaly. Keep Ake in the squad. Remove Fabinho, replace Nainggolan. Add Baker to the midfield. Remove Sanchez, replace with Lemar. Belotti or Lukaku would be fine to me.
  15. Chelsea 4-2 Spurs

    City vs Chelsea final then