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  1. 10. Eden Hazard

    If we had Conte or Mourinho, I would be concerned without Hazard. However, with Sarri at the helm I am not concerned if Hazard leaves. Hazard is a fantastic player, but City, Spurs, Liverpool don't have Hazard yet have made top four in the last 2/3 seasons. The fact is, having an offensive manager like Sarri helps to improve players and play a system in which benefits most players. I feel we can buy an elite level striker, maybe promote Hudson-Odoi and be good. The thing we lack this season is a 20+ goal striker so Hazard looks better, but with a 20+ goal striker and a Pedro and another similar level attacking winger on the right, similar to Insigne, we would do very well.
  2. Chelsea 1-0 Videoton

    Loftus-Cheek is playing so that's something to be happy about. The problem is, as long as we have Willian and Pedro, Hudson-Odoi will struggle for game time. Both will be playing bit parts and Hazard occupies that LW position. If Hudson-Odoi was left footed, the RW would be perfect.
  3. Roman Abramovich

    Well Bruce Buck works at the club and most of the other staff will probably stay. Maybe Marina will leave, we don't know. These multi-Billionaires aren't idiots, they would bring in the experts.
  4. 8. Ross Barkley

    Why? Nothing he did created that goal. It was a wonder strike.
  5. 20. Callum Hudson-Odoi

    Oh stop! People like you would be the first to moan if we started the young guys and lost a game. The fact is, experience will trump youth at the moment because our young players aren't at that level yet. Like others have said, there will be cup games where they will likely be used in rotation, but to expect either Ampadu or Hudson-Odoi to start for us in a league game is mental. Hazard already occupies Hudson-Odoi's strongest position. I don't think he'll be anywhere near as effective as Pedro on the other side either seeing as he is predominantly right footed, unlike Pedro who can play well with his weaker foot too.
  6. Nabil Fekir

    Have a feeling we'll go back in for him in January. Either him or Martial. The problem is, I don't see where Fekir fits in. He isn't a wide player naturally, and isn't a natural striker either. He seems to play in the position behind the striker, right? Where do you guys think he would fit in?
  7. Alex Telles

    The Napoli LB would have been an interesting buy
  8. Kepa Arrizabalaga

    If we sell Courtois for £35m, we are really only paying a similar amount for Kepa, so it's a decent fee.
  9. Mateo Kovacic

    Not sure where the goals will come from with a midfield of Kante/Kova/Jorginho though. Barkley suits the no.8 role much more. Also, it would mean again Loftus-Cheek is left in the dark for a loan player from Madrid lol.
  10. Jan Oblak

    I don't believe we are even interested in Oblak.
  11. Roman Abramovich

    Massive overreaction. If that was any of our other rivals who had been beat by City there wouldn't be this talk, but because it's Chelsea they want to talk shit. These people don't even consider the context when giving their opinion.
  12. Marina Granovskaia Thread

    At the end of the day, Marina gets a lot of shit, but if people think Roman doesn't have any involvement or say in transfers they're very naive. Simple fact is, Roman probably should sell the club because he's not allowed in the country and he hasn't hired football people at all. There was talk of the stadium on hold allowing us a larger chunk of money to work within the transfer market. Well, that's not even the case any more.
  13. Leon Bailey

    We're interested in Zaha apparently, but not sold on any of the others. Only reason Baily would be useful is because he is left footed. The rest of those players' stats aren't anything special. Willian's workrate and defensive duties have been important for us. He has contributed more to tracking back than others, and he's been in a more defensive style for a few seasons now. We haven't seen the best of Willian because he plays on the RW as a right footed player (which limits his ability a lot) and due to playing for defensive managers like Conte and Mourinho. I am very intrigued to see what he can offer with Sarri in charge. Baily may be a future prospect, but he's not better than Willian at the moment.
  14. Leon Bailey

    Bailey isn't better than what we already have.
  15. Michy Batshuayi

    Don't see anything wrong with that. If people told Lampard to not be so selfish, he wouldn't have been one of the best goal scoring midfielders.