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  1. General Transfer Talk

    Would take out Gordon, replace with Diego Lopez Remove VVD, replace with Koulibaly. Keep Ake in the squad. Remove Fabinho, replace Nainggolan. Add Baker to the midfield. Remove Sanchez, replace with Lemar. Belotti or Lukaku would be fine to me.
  2. Chelsea 4-2 Spurs

    City vs Chelsea final then
  3. Chelsea 4-2 Spurs

    Wembley is our second home, always has and always will be.
  4. Radja Nainggolan

    Famous last words
  5. 30. David Luiz

    Yeah he was stood still, think he might still be carrying that injury but is playing through it, or trying to. Problem is we don't have many options for that position. Zouma can't play the ball out confidently, so Terry would be the only other option for us unless Ake can be trusted there. However, this is only if Luiz is carrying an injury and needs to be rested.
  6. Man United 2-0 Chelsea

    It shows how critical having Courtois is. Alonso missing was crucial too, but Begovic isn't on the same level as Tibo, and Tibo commands the box and organises the defence well. I wonder how Utd would have adapted if they had lost De Gea and similar player to Alonso before the game. When you've set out all week to prepare with the same team, then on matchday two of your first teamers suddenly need to be replaced, it's not easy to get around. I am not surprised Conte was a little lost in the first half of the game, he wasn't able to prep. No one could have predicted that, otherwise Ake would have travelled.
  7. Title race

    Spurs I believe will certainly drop points in the Utd game. Jose ain't gonna go to WHL for a loss. He will try to go for a win, but will likely set up for a draw. Utd when set up like that are hard to beat, then couple that with their pace on the counter and Ibrahimovic up top I could see Utd pulling out the upset over Spurs. Arsenal I think are way too sloppy to beat Spurs. The london derbies Spurs have will be tougher than some think, and let's not forget Leicester away. I would be very surprised (if not impressed) if Spurs don't drop a few points in their remaining games. I think our fixtures are a lot kinder, and with 4 home games against opposition we should get 3 points against, the title could well be ours sooner than we think. We are generally a force at home, the Palace game, for me, was an anomaly.
  8. Man United 2-0 Chelsea

    I would have liked to see Pedro up front instead of Costa, Pedro actually works his ass off to get into positions and create goal scoring opportunities, and his technical ability is superior.
  9. 19. Diego Costa

    That's a bit of a downer to hear Costa could stay. It means we will continue to have a inconsistent striker with poor technical abilities. I think he may be a liability when we go up against the big sides in Europe next season.
  10. Chelsea 2-1 Man City

    Nice to see an offensive line up from us. I think I can trust Azpi, he's a boss who's always ready to play any position and succeed.
  11. Luke Shaw

    the sun
  12. Stamford Bridge

    They interviewed Luiz about returning to Chelsea, then after the presenter said if Chelsea fans are excited about the new stadium then a fan has created concepts of what the stadium could like like. They showed a couple of photos from your concepts of inside the stadium then said if fans want to see more go to a website, but unfortunately I can't remember what the website was. I assume it was your website (?)
  13. Stamford Bridge

    Neil, I see your work was featured on ITV London News last night. Kudos!
  14. General Transfer Talk

    There are not many players like Sigurdsson out there. I think what he brings (long range shots and set piece threat) is something we absolutely lack in the team, and it's a case of whether we can get that elsewhere or not.
  15. Alexis Sanchez

    I just don't see it. There's a few things to consider on his part: 1. The safety of his family by angry fans if he goes to us 2. Playing for a direct rival, and not just a direct rival in league, but also a direct London rival 3. Whether he wants a change of scenery and to finish his career in France, a country in which he has yet to have played in. 4. Where can he see himself in our team, and whether PSG have more or less need for him than we do. 5. Which club he is capable of achieving the most trophies with. He may feel the Premier League is too competitive to get top 4 or win the league every year. Just a few things for him to consider going into these negotiations. It's ultimately down to Sanchez and whether he wants to stay in London or not. If he wants to stay in London then it's obvious choice for him to come to us.