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  1. 21. Nemanja Matic

    Well i hope Juve gonna get him finally. I dont think he would take bench player role. +40mln and lets go.
  2. Alex Sandro

    We dont have any class LB/LWB. This position should be priority. I think that Lukaku and Baka are for 99% deal done so we must go for others targets like Mahrez/Costa/Sanchez/James, Antonio, Sandro/Alaba, CB(we have Christensen but idk Conte trust him)...
  3. Alex Sandro

    These gonna be hot days.
  4. Alex Sandro

    Everyone are depressed because we didnt make any move in this window. Just make it for community
  5. Alex Sandro

    well we have on Matic position better Fabregas. And for Moses we can put there Azpi(or switch for 4 at back). We dont have any LB. Baba just started play ball i dont count him.
  6. Alex Sandro

    50mln we should pay it, its our only position where we dont have good player.
  7. The Conte Thread

    I just hope we are waiting till 1 July.
  8. 21. Nemanja Matic

    Well we have Christensen and one of Luiz/Cahill can play with him. In this situation we need a LB asap. and we can play Baka-Fabs Kante Chalo on bench and Matic would be perfect on bench too but i dont think he will choose it. One more man in middle.
  9. 21. Nemanja Matic

    Or we switch to 4-3-3
  10. Premier League thread

    Last time when we play with Burnley at first match we win league And that Everton start:
  11. 21. Nemanja Matic

    40mln£? Well i would not even think and take him to Manchester now.
  12. Tiemoué Bakayoko

    Well Tolisso is Bayern player so he will be our player :/
  13. Corentin Tolisso

    Fuck this shit.
  14. Corentin Tolisso

    Well if he improve passes/crosses i will be very happy. He is young so he can be better.
  15. Corentin Tolisso

    He reminds me Matic. He puts his play style on his posture like Matic. We needs someone who can open a goal with one pass and can defend. He can fit in out team in 3-middle with Kante and Fabs. Tolisso is more creative(he can spread a ball nicely) and has some defence skills. Perfect to two man middle with Kante. Sure Baka is young but hmmm we should ask for better options. My dream is Vidal :/