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  1. Johnnyeye liked a post in a topic by Cosmin in Fernando Torres   
    What a career! Won an European trophy with his boyhood club on his last European appearance for them. 

  2. Johnnyeye liked a post in a topic by milan.cech in Fernando Torres   
    Torres just announced his retirement and the Chelsea official website came up with that famous and heavily used line  
    'He won the corner.'  
  3. Johnnyeye liked a post in a topic by Jason in The Board   
    Perhaps but at least having someone with football knowledge in the board might help us make better transfer decisions...
  4. Johnnyeye liked a post in a topic by Blue Armour in Next Manager?   
    Whatever happens, you can't deny. Theres always something exciting happening at this club.
    Love it.
  5. Johnnyeye liked a post in a topic by OneMoSalah in Next Manager?   
    Will believe it when a manager sees out the duration of his initial contract.
    I know thats maybe a tall order but Klopp has been at Liverpool since 2015, Pep at City since 2016. Both signed initial 3 year contracts and have seen them out as well as renewing. That is managerial consistency. Believing in a project and a coach in the long term as well as the short term. 
    Regardless of the name, we will only break that cycle when we give a manager the full duration of his initial contract or longer.
    For me, I think Lampard will only get 2 years maximum. Lot of it depends on results (which based on the last few seasons could be good or bad with this squad) and then when the transfer ban is lifted, if the results arent great or we arent being competitive enough the club will see this and make contingencies definitely, especially regarding regarding a more proven manager if its not going well (which for a relatively young manager, regardless of his playing career, leaving a relatively secure job to come here, I do hope it goes well). I think his first year with this ban will maybe give him a bit more leeway but the objective is still gonna be top 4 minimum. Honestly if we can win a league with Moses, Luiz, and Alonso as key players (which they were even if we had Eden and Costa) then they and some percentage of the fan base will surely expect us to get top 4 with a squad with proven and experienced players like Azpilicueta, Kante, Jorginho, Willian, Pedro, Luiz, Rudiger, Kepa, Giroud. Even if some of them arent going to put up amazing seasons. 
    Whoever comes in, I want them to do well. If its Lamps, who I do have reservations about in all honesty as a lot of people and the media seem to be basing what he can do as a manager for Chelsea on what hes experienced as a player like handling bigger named players (he hasnt actually managed a player in that bracket) and competing in the top division of English football.
    Yes he knows the club, the fans will be much more responsive to his appointment and yes he will get respect in the dressing room but he still has to prove himself in a managerial capacity and thats unfortunately my biggest concern. Yes he played Mount and Tomori at Derby among a few other youngsters and we have a very good academy but the pressure will still be on from day one as soon as he walks in the door. Bigger and better managers have come in here and struggled with the pressure, the handling of big names and even getting the team playing well. World Cup winners, CL winners, PL winners, La Liga winners, Serie A winners...
    If hes confirmed I hope he does well but if people werent happy with how it went last year, it could be a long season, theres a lot to be done in certain areas and I doubt it will be plain sailing. Certain players need booted up the arse. Certain players need phased out. Can he keep 18-20 bigger players happy as we will be in 4 competitions? Can he break the cycle and continue Sarris integration of young players like CHO and RLC, using the likes of Reece James and Mason Mount while still getting results? Also with Gaz leaving, we are losing another hugely experienced leadership figure, which regardless of the level he is as a player is a blow too. If Lamps can come in and manage to do it, fair play, its not an easy job for anybody yet alone a guy 1 year into his managerial career. 
  6. Johnnyeye liked a post in a topic by the wes in Next Manager?   
    Claude Makelele is being lined up for a role at managerless Chelsea after the former Blues midfielder left his job as head coach of Belgian side Eupen. (Evening Standard)
  7. Johnnyeye liked a post in a topic by Jason in Next Manager?   
    TBF, it wouldn't have been that many had Lopetegui not done what he did and even then, Hierro was only the caretaker and Enrique had to quit due to personal reasons. It's not like they were happily sacking people...
  8. Johnnyeye liked a post in a topic by Blue Armour in Next Manager?   
    More Klopp than Mourinho! Inside Lampard's Chelsea revolution
    Interesting read.
  9. Johnnyeye liked a post in a topic by Iggy Doonican in Next Manager?   
    Your getting confirmed Petr I didn't think you were a Catholic mate
  10. Johnnyeye liked a post in a topic by BigMabz in Next Manager?   
    Just want an answer. Is it Frank or isn't it? Who is it going to be.... Bored of all the speculation. Want someone to get excited about. 
    I know Frank has low levels of experience and a transfer ban to contend with. But, there are some opportunities for his hiring to be a success. Youth will get a chance, most specifically English youth. Also, don't underestimate his drive and work ethic. He was never the most athletic or gifted footballer but he worked his socks off, day in, day out to become the club legend that he is. I have no doubts that he will do this as a manager. It won't be stubborn Sarri, who wants to mould his players to his system. It will be adaptable and grow as Frank grows. And yes, there may be some growing pains because his green managerial status. But Frank is a worker, and he will expect that from his players, backroom staff, and the fans. 
    Of course there are some risks involved. But lets get behind the guy. This is different for Chelsea. Maybe we are finally breaking the cycle that has lead to no consistency with our managerial position. 
    Come on Frank
    Come on Chelsea. 
  11. Johnnyeye liked a post in a topic by Atomiswave in Sarri But Not Sarri Thread   
    Its matter of opinion and nothing else. How do you know the same objectives were forced on him? If we get Lamps you think the board will shoot him away considering how fucked we are? You are making all kind of excuses for him why he left. Fine he found a better job bla bla bla.......then supporters shouldnt say it was us fans that hounded him away etc. He found EPL too tough imo and with this ban and his utterly boring footy he jumped ship. I also believe he has been in contact with Juve for much longer than we think.
  12. Johnnyeye liked a post in a topic by MoroccanBlue in Sarri But Not Sarri Thread   
    All of our correspondents have been saying Sarri wanted reassurances and the club refused to meet them. Add to the fact our board willingly let him, screams more truth to this. 
    Have you read the latest report on Lampard by the way? He apparently told Derby he'd leave to Chelsea if only the offer is right. Lampard is an intelligent man, and he more than anyone should understand the circus our board room is when it comes to managerial appointments. He is going to want reassurances, and if he gets none, I reckon he'll decline. We will then stand there opening day with our cocks in our hands. 
  13. Johnnyeye liked a post in a topic by Atomiswave in Sarri But Not Sarri Thread   
    Everyone copied us......you think the influx of managers and teams suddenly doing what we did came out of the blue? And its not the system....its how you utilize the system that got people's attention.Before that no one used 343 all game every game with great results.....we fucked the League hands down despite having poorer squad than pep, and pep's first season was also Conte's first season. Please just stop and give credit when its due instead of down-playing it. I swear some you folks love to shit all over our title winning managers just to defend sarri ( not you per say ).
  14. Johnnyeye liked a post in a topic by Atomiswave in Sarri But Not Sarri Thread   
    Thats a horrible analogy.....I dare say the League is very weak atm. And Conte ripped it up......so much that every fucking team copied our way......give some credit will you........or you rather give it to this man for all his splendid work?
  15. Johnnyeye liked a post in a topic by Atomiswave in Sarri But Not Sarri Thread   
    I find it funny that some keep mentioning Conte's second season and Jose's third season as a stick. Why dont you mention the title winning seasons under these managers?
    Besides we all know Jose's third season was not only about footy, much more involved whatever they may be. And Conte....well it explains itself. Where as with Sarri it was pure blindness, pure stubbornness.....doing the same shit time after time expecting a miracle somehow, in the hardest League.
  16. Johnnyeye liked a post in a topic by BlueLyon in Sarri But Not Sarri Thread   
    He coached napoli only and won absolute fuck all, yet he thinks he is bigger than Chels all of a sudden.
    One ban, some boos and he decides to return to italy for easier challenge.
    No fucking wonder he cant motivate for shit with that sort of attitude.
  17. Vesper liked a post in a topic by Johnnyeye in The International Football Thread   
    they only care about one thing: Money, corrupt cunts
  18. Johnnyeye liked a post in a topic by Atomiswave in Sarri But Not Sarri Thread   
    Why come in EPL to begin with then? Why sign a 3 year deal? He chickened out its that simple my man. Now some of of it might be true, but he still fucked up and tailed ass as soon as he could. EPL and Chels are above him, challenge too big.
  19. Johnnyeye liked a post in a topic by Atomiswave in Sarri But Not Sarri Thread   
    I wonder how them Napoli fans think right now or even Juve ones.......if anyone got juicy qoutes please by all means post them, must be a ton of nasty shit.