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  1. Johnnyeye liked a post in a topic by Jason in Chelsea - Man Utd   
    It could get worse, a lot worse...
  2. Johnnyeye liked a post in a topic by the wes in Sarri But Not Sarri Thread   
    Chelsea will allow Maurizio Sarri to handle any internal disciplinary action against assistant coach Marco Ianni, Sky Sports News understands.
  3. Johnnyeye liked a post in a topic by Fulham Broadway in Sarri But Not Sarri Thread   
    Sarri appraisal-
    Defence is a bit iffy at times, but Rudiger is the dogs bollocks. Jorginho is so creative going forward but gets roughed up when defending. We have the worlds best defensive midfielder playing a vital role more forward, so that exposes the defence. Good centre forward and CFC are serious league contenders this time round. If no one bought in January then the last thing needed will be injuries
    Couple of months in its all seems to be a work in progress but it has hit the ground running.
  4. Johnnyeye liked a post in a topic by kellzfresh in 3. Marcos Alonso   
    Alonso is a cross Chelsea has to carry. We have to find players to accommodate his defensive weaknesses instead of trying to improve other areas. Even Hazard had to track back to commit a tactical foul on Rashford, because Alonso was caught out of position again. Every big team targets his wing, Mancity kept Mahrez and Bernado silva on that wing and scored two goals and created many, Arsenal kept Mykiterian and Aubameyang on that wing and created even more, Defensive Mourinho kept a quick Rashford on his wing and created all ManUnited chances from Alonso's side. He scores 1 goal every 8 games to make his contribution look so huge, how he has managed to con his way to become one of our key players baffles my mind constantly.   
  5. Johnnyeye liked a post in a topic by Stats in 3. Marcos Alonso   
    The way fans turn on players is actually scary. WOW.
  6. Johnnyeye liked a post in a topic by Fulham Broadway in 3. Marcos Alonso   
    It's the speed of from hero to zero lol
  7. Johnnyeye liked a post in a topic by Vybzkartel in 3. Marcos Alonso   
    To be fair a lot of people have been skeptical of Alonso, he always shuts up people with a winner something which has failed to do of late thus people are focusing on his obvious flaws again. 
  8. Johnnyeye liked a post in a topic by Vesper in The English Football Thread   
    Leicester totally got fucked on that Holding handball. Should have been a pen and his 2nd yellow red card.
  9. Johnnyeye liked a post in a topic by Laylabelle in The English Football Thread   
    I miss the old Arsenal. 
  10. Johnnyeye liked a post in a topic by Vesper in The English Football Thread   
    4th place is going to be a massive slog if Arse and spuds keep playing like they are
    Aubameyang is on fire 12 goals in last 13 league home games
  11. Johnnyeye liked a post in a topic by Laylabelle in The English Football Thread   
    And we're now level with Arsenal as well as Spurs.. . Urgh can they be crap again 
  12. Johnnyeye liked a post in a topic by Sideshow Luiz in The English Football Thread   
    Balls.  The worst part was seeing Guendouzi playing while CHO never gets a minute.
  13. Johnnyeye liked a post in a topic by Laylabelle in The English Football Thread   
    10th successive win.. Blah blah blah. Credit where its due I guess after those 2 losses... Turned it round quick
  14. Johnnyeye liked a post in a topic by Pizy in The English Football Thread   
    Man, the race for 3rd and 4th is gonna be crazy. Must say, it's would be unbelievably annoying if Arse finish above us while we're both in our rebuilding year. But they have two world class goal scorers who can mask their faults. I'd kill for either Auba or Lacazette up top here.
    All of our rivals have that killer striker but us. Lukaku is useless in big games (as he was against us the other day) but he'll still mop up against fodder and get to 20 PL goals. Morata and Giroud can't even manage to do that.
    If we miss out in the end it'll be because of that I'd think.
  15. Johnnyeye liked a post in a topic by Laylabelle in The English Football Thread   
    This why even though Europa is a annoyance ish.. Its a chance for Champions league. Then again if its having a effect on results what way do you play it. 
    Then again it ain't affecting arsenal so far.. Granted only 2 games in. 
    One team will drop away. Unless we can get this lack of goals situation sorted think be us 
  16. Johnnyeye liked a post in a topic by Jason in The English Football Thread   
    Worth noting that Spurs face City next and Arsenal play Liverpool next weekend. 
  17. kellzfresh liked a post in a topic by Johnnyeye in 3. Marcos Alonso   
    it was really embarassing from Alonso, just man up and get up, that goal could have been prevented if Alonso wasnt a little bitch
  18. Johnnyeye liked a post in a topic by Vesper in The Conte Thread   
    Real Madrid reportedly ready to sack coach Julen Lopetegui as Antonio Conte is favourite to take over
    Real Madrid chiefs are ready to relieve head coach Julen Lopetegui of his duties after a disastrous start to their season, with former Chelsea manager Antonio Conte being tipped to take over.
    Lopetegui was sacked as Spain coach days before last summer's World Cup finals after it emerged he had agreed to take over at Real Madrid after the tournament, but he has endured a torrid few months at the Bernabeu.
    Real Madrid are currently on a five-game winless run in all competitions and their 2-1 home defeat against Levante on Saturday appears to have been the final straw.
    Reports in Spain suggest Lopetegui's exit will be confirmed imminently, with some familiar names being linked with one of the most prestigious managerial posts in the world game.
    Former Chelsea manager Antonio Conte is listed as the bookies favourite to replace Lopetegui, with ex-Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger also listed among the favourites.
    Wenger has confirmed that he turned down the chance to manage Real Madrid on a couple of occasions during his lengthy spell in charge of Arsenal and it may be that he is tempted by an offer to return once again now.
    Real’s B team manager Santiago Solari is being touted as a possible replacement, if the club's hierarchy decide to install what may be viewed as a caretaker manager before targeting their chief target next summer, with that man believed to be Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino.
  19. Johnnyeye liked a post in a topic by Yeboii in The Conte Thread   
    Conte managing Real would be a very interesting mixture. 
    At least, the next job he gets I wish him nothing but good fortunes.
  20. Johnnyeye liked a post in a topic by Vesper in 29. Álvaro Morata   
    Either of them would be a vast improvement now on Morata. He is truly shit.
    I also am not advocating we buy either. Arse would never sell either to us.
    I keep seeing (not saying you) all these 'Sarriball doesn't need a striker' posts.
    Well start Hazard in the Mertens role. Rotate Pedro, CHO, Willian at the wingers slots.
    If Sarri thinks that is an option, then surely sometime he must try it. I doubt he will. He really rates Willian and shows zero desire to play CHO.
    We are not the French national team, with 5, 6 insane goal scorers to make up for no goals Giroud. 
    I am proactive. Something needs to give or we will drop down. It's normalcy bias to think we can keep playing the same players and continue at our current pace. Far too many weak spots. CB, LB, RW, striker, some games RB (Azpi has had more bad games already than all of last year). Even Kante is not truly adjusting to new role. We are a couple injuries away from truly dire straights. 
    If Hazard or Jorginho or Rüdiger went down, we are so fucked.
  21. Johnnyeye liked a post in a topic by LukakutoStamford in 29. Álvaro Morata   
    Belief matters to a point. As I mentioned to another poster I had better technique than he did at age 12. His technique is shit. 
    He got anyway with things at Juventus and Real because there was plenty of talent to make up for his inefficiencies and he was never relied upon to lead the line. 
    He does nothing to fix the problem. I don’t blame Hazard for not trusting him it’s like playing with a shit version of Torres, who compounds matters by flopping everywhere.
  22. Johnnyeye liked a post in a topic by Ledgi in Chelsea - Man Utd   
    This. I really don't get it why he's constantly taken off in games like these which are still very close.
    We seem to lose control of the midfield every time it happens. It happened during the Liverpool game and yesterday too.
    Other thing is, Barkley may have took his chance with 2 goals in 2 games but this game + the Liverpool one, he was largely at fault for two goals. You can blame Alonso being high up on the pitch for United's second but there was such a big hole between him and Luiz which should've been covered a lot better.
    I like Ross a lot and I think he can thrive under Sarri but I don't think he should come on for Kovacic in big games, but it seems Sarri likes to stick to his 4-3-3 under any circumstances, and Jorginho is undroppable. If he took off Kante everyone would go for his head.
  23. Johnnyeye liked a post in a topic by Vesper in Chelsea - Man Utd   
    This why I am begging for Sarri to try Barkley at RW as long as Pedro is carrying a knock. He surely cannot be as bad as Willian. Barkely isnt a ball hog who slows up play.
  24. Johnnyeye liked a post in a topic by coolhead23 in Chelsea - Man Utd   
    Getting in Ross is suppose to put pressure on the opposition when our midfield starts tiring ... combine with the fact that we dont have anyone else. The improved Barkley provides us muscle in the center and being attack minded is a threat in the final third. Yes I would agree that Ross is not great while doing defensive work however when Ross comes in Kante can always become (should become) defensive (which he is brilliant at) while allowing Ross to take more advanced role. For me it makes sense to get in Ross for Kovacic in any game. 
    Coming to conceding the second goal, the blame should be on the Luiz who had a brain frat moment which created a hole behind and it opened up everything for us. Luiz is suppose to be the last line of defense and that was absolutely a huge No-No. 
    And yes we would soon be coming at a situation where Kante might end up on the bench if Ross and Kovacic keep delivering. Said it before the advanced role for Kante might not work for him (although I'm praying he makes it his own at the earliest). 
  25. Johnnyeye liked a post in a topic by 11Drogba in Roman Abramovich   
    He had cancer but he beat it before and a few weeks ago he said that he was going beat it again. Sad that he couldn't.