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  1. Kylian Mbappe

    the only way we could get Mbappe is if if we payed over 100 million, not gonna happen.
  2. Kylian Mbappe

    lol how many more strikers do they need? Mbappe wont go to City
  3. Chelsea - Arsenal

    with all this talk about Arsenal, i forgot to say congrats to Cech for winning another FA Cup, that´s his 5th overrall. Cheers
  4. Chelsea - Arsenal

    mate, my sentiments exactly
  5. Chelsea - Arsenal

    true, almost all of the team looked in holiday mode to be honest, but it doesnt ruin the fact that we are champions of England, the FA Cup would have only been the cherry on top of a great season, but it wasnt meant to be and this loss will not tarnish all the great memories of the trophies i have witnessed this club winning in the past decade, something that Arsenal and their fans can only dream of, let them have their 15 mins of fame. Cheers
  6. The Conte Thread

    im not saying it would have worked but we had no control in midfield in the 1st half and no tempo of the game, something Cesc clearly offers and Matic doesnt, these are areas we need to adress in the summer, and also like many have mentioned here we dont cope too well with pressing teams, that needs to change. Cheers
  7. The Conte Thread

    chill mate, these things can happen, im upset too, but be happy we won the league and made it to the FA Cup final, when no one gave us a chance at the start of the season. this summer is going to be interesting in terms of transfers. Cheers
  8. The Conte Thread

    great post, spot on mate
  9. The Conte Thread

    Today´s loss was on him not starting Cesc and taking too long to sub off Moses, which proved decisive in the end, as soon as William came on it changed the game, but we were already a man down, eventough we managed to score and eaqualize, ou fate was already sealed with the Moses red card and the lack of desire and focus my most of the players was worrying, specially in an FA Cup final, so it showed when Arsenal scored their 2nd goal, yes its frustrating but thats football, there is always the other team, not just us, they had the better day and won, it happens. Conte will need to adress many things in the summer. Cheers
  10. Chelsea - Arsenal

    i dont know what was Moses thinking, stupid brainless decision, ruined our chances of a comeback, it was a cheat move, i support the decision to ban players for diving, its unacceptable and it needs to end for the good of the game.
  11. Chelsea - Arsenal

    lack of a big game player like Drogba, we simply didnt turn up today which is bullshit, but i´ll take the Premier League title over Arsenal´s FA Cup, let them have their parade lol, yes it sucks not winning the double, but thats life. Cheers
  12. Chelsea - Arsenal

    yes thats true, clear handball from Sanchez, Taylor fucked it up in that one, other than that good refereing from him, shame that the handball ended up being a crucial factor in the outcome of the game, we shouldn´t even be complaining about referees, we were so poor today its embarassing, oh well shit happens.
  13. Chelsea - Arsenal

    i knew it was going to be a very tough game, i even said before the game that we shouldn´t be cocky, we paid the price today.
  14. Chelsea - Arsenal

    Congrats to Arsenal, deserved winners, this loss is on Conte im afraid, he should have started Cesc in place of Matic and should have subbed off Moses for William much sooner before the sending off, the signs were there he would fuck up eventually, stupid dive, already on a yellow, that was too reckless and he ruined any chance of us winning the game, he can fuck off, the team was average, far from what we´ve seen this season, its a real shame, they looked sloppy and tired, maybe too much celebrations because of the title, our players simply didnt show up today, they were nervous, clumsy, reckless and desorganized. You reap what you sow and Arsenal were clearly the much better team today and should have killed the match much sooner, we were lucky to only lose 2-1, our players should be really ashamed of themselves, no hunger whatsoever, we fucked up the chance to win a double, shit happens. Sanchez is just world class, man of the match for me, complete player, i would love to have him here at Chelsea at any cost, and Ospina was also great today, otherwise we would have equalized at the end. Arsenal wanted it so much more than Chelsea, them missing out on the Champions League places and wanting to save their season was a major factor, we overachieved this season to be honest, i can´t complain because at the start of the season we werent even thinking of being champions, the objective was top 4, so to me this is an amazing season in itself, yes we should have done much better today, but thats life, you cant win them all. Champions of England and FA Cup finalists is a good enough season for Chelsea considering everything that happened the year before, yes its really hard to lose tho these Arse cunts, but credit to them, they were much better than us today. Conte needs to adress the issues in the team, there is clearly a lot of work to be done, this is a warning that we need to strenghten in many areas and there are some players who are not good enough to stay here. Cheers to all
  15. Chelsea - Arsenal

    sorry mates, i left the room for a moment to type this and Arsenal scored
  16. Chelsea - Arsenal

    goalllll Costa, great pass from William, Moses should have been subbed off before the sendind off, come on Chelsea come on Chelsea
  17. Chelsea - Arsenal

    better start from the team so far
  18. Chelsea - Arsenal

    i get you, really embarassing from the team so far, that early goal messed with the players minds, Cesc should have started from the start, the fact is we are only down 1-0 thankfully, if we can score an equalizer early in the 2nd half, it can be a huge boost for the team, lets see what conte and the players will do for the 2nd half, time for the real Chelsea to show up, lets calm our nerves, this is the wake up call the team needed. Cheers and lets support the team
  19. Chelsea - Arsenal

    he will believe me, he saw what we all saw and it was crap.
  20. Chelsea - Arsenal

    embarassing 1st half, just shocking, Conte needs to kick the players asses at HT, put Cesc on and remove Matic pls, we have no control in midfield, lets see if the 2nd half can be better.
  21. General Transfer Talk

    @@Blue-in-me-Veins Modric at Chelsea would be a slap on the face of Levy and Tottenham because they refused to sell him to us a few years ago , Modric at 31 years old is world class, i would love to have Isco or Verratti at the Bridge, i just cant see Madrid selling Isco, we need to set things in motion regarding transfers, the longer we wait the harder it will be to get players. Cheers
  22. 10. Eden Hazard

    sorry mate, couldnt find one with better quality
  23. General Transfer Talk

    @@LAM09 i hope we can get either of them, but i much rather we signed Naingollan, he´s a Conte type midfielder, just like Pogba and Vidal when he was in charge of Juventus
  24. General Transfer Talk

    Verratti or Naingollan