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  1. Southampton - Chelsea

    yes he scored, hats off to him, spoon fed by Azpi's cross, sound familiar? i rather Giroud all round play and clinical in front of goal than a low on confidence Morata, im waiting to see if Morata starts in the final and has a shitter, then i will to see your excuse, of course i want him to score, but im not expecting too much from him thats for sure, at least for now, but i would like him to prove me wrong. Im not going to argue with you more about Morata. Cheers and good day
  2. Southampton - Chelsea

    what good is creating chances for yourself if you re not going to put them in the back of the net, like i said, lack of confidence atm
  3. Southampton - Chelsea

    Giroud to start in the final pls, Morata is just too inconsistent, just keeps missing chances, clearly has big confidence issues, sad really, hope he manages to turn it around
  4. The English Football Thread

    nah, too much of a bottler for my taste, he should be doing much much more with this Tottenham team
  5. The English Football Thread

    lets do our job tomorrow and then we can think about the final, it would be nice to play the mancs again in the final since beating them in 2007 at the new Wembley, great old memories, back then we had real winners in the team. If we reach the final it will be Mourinho leading the United team this time around as opposed to 2007 when he was in charge of Chelsea, how fast things change in football, damn... i must confess, never in a goddamn million years did i imagine Mou at United, but thats life. All i know is, i really want us to win the whole bloody thing, i hope. Cheers and KTBFFH
  6. The English Football Thread

    can that be a good omen for us? i wish
  7. Robert Lewandowski

    if it happens its safe to say he will more likely end up at Real, more chance to succeed there than at Chelsea to be honest, altough i would love to have him in our ranks, but Real have more lure and more Champions League aspirations than us, sad but true
  8. 7. N'Golo Kante

    fuck Madrid, 100 million upwards for Kante and nothing less. I want the the little man to stay here of course, but if Real want him they will have to cough up serious dough
  9. Southampton 2-3 Chelsea

    im finally going to watch MOTD more relaxed later and thats been a while
  10. The Conte Thread

    can they do the same in the FA Cup semi? we'll see what this lot is really made of
  11. Southampton 2-3 Chelsea

    im just wondering, where the fuck was this attitude during the entire season? this is the fight and desire i was talking about
  12. Southampton 2-3 Chelsea

    Conte's obsession with a back 3 is frustrating, revert to a back 4, its obvious its working
  13. Southampton 2-3 Chelsea

    its obvious the players dont care, and the manager couldnt care less. Disgraceful and classless bunch
  14. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    great games in perspective for the semis, Liverpool-Roma will be a cracker for sure, both teams will be raring to go, specially Roma who are making history, Bayern-Real will be massive, i got a feeling that this year's tie will not be one sided as in previous seasons, i think this Bayern can knock out Real this time around, there is something about Heynckes that works in Bayern's favour and maybe it will be enough to end Madrid's run, but who knows, we all know how unpredictable the Champions league is. As for the Europa League, Atletico-Arsenal will be a great tie too. Cheers
  15. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    argh, i totally forgot about them, that would be great too, lets hope so.
  16. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    agree, no Liverpool pls, i rather Roma clinch it, but you just feel it will be Bayern or Real
  17. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    and now their stock will rise even more, no chance for us at all
  18. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    wow wow wow, this is the beauty of the Champions League, Roma just did the unthinkable, fuck Barca and Liverpool were magnificent against City over the 2 legs, fuck City too. Our players should take a very good look at themselves and learn a thing or two about commitment, desire, intensity and organization. Conte just take note it will be a very interesting semi final no doubt, mouth watering matches await, im not even going to predict a winner. Cheers
  19. Chelsea 1-1 West Ham

    Moyes with 4 points against us this season, let that sink in
  20. Chelsea 1-1 West Ham

    Good managers tweak the system if needed, not persist with the same set up when its clear its not doing the required job, If we had the proper quality players for the system then fine (which Conte wanted to get), but this season has exposed some players, it might have worked last season when we caught everyone by surprise, and also the players had the right attitude, commitment and desire, including the manager, but still its no excuse for these poor showings this season. We've seen this in 15/16 , and the sad truth is as much stubborn the manager is, the players aren't doing themselves any favours, its classless and it clearly shows too much player power, no manager can work under these conditions and it pains to see the club in this current predictament.
  21. Chelsea 1-1 West Ham

    Enough of this back 3 bullshit, hes been found out, time to revert to a back 4
  22. Chelsea 1-1 West Ham

    im not even expecting us to win games anymore, thats how low we've come. What a contrast from last season, when we looked like world beaters on our way to the title, these players need a fucking kick up the ass, no pride whatsoever in playing for the badge, no urgency in front of goal to kill games off. Embarassment
  23. Chelsea 1-1 West Ham

    Pathetic lot, nothing changes, embarrasment to Chelsea Football Club, and as usual that little mexican cunt scores against us. fuck off