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  1. Chelsea v Leicester

    Let's hope for a much better result this time around, it was a very good performance against the victims, but we definitely need to keep things tight at the back and convert our chances when they come. The signs are good, we just need to keep improving. Cheers
  2. The English Football Thread

    VAR is a joke, end of
  3. The English Football Thread

    been reading some comments by scouse fans, saying that Kante deserves a much better team and should leave Chelsea to join Pool or City lmao. Pool fans are fucking idiots, that lot was so lucky to win this Super Cup, fuck them all, i seriously can't stand those morons, go ahead and sing you'll never walk alone and brag about Instanbul you muppets. We will get you next time you cunts Also, hearing Klopp talking about Adrian was cringe as fuck:
  4. 9. Tammy Abraham

    yup deja vu
  5. Liverpool 2-2 Chelsea

    fml, just fuck off you lucky scousers, thats all i have to say. Chelsea deserved this no doubt, very good performance and response from the team after the loss to United, but VAR (absolute joke) and missed chances screwed us over, so typical of our luck. Absolutely gutted for the lads, Pool can fuck off.
  6. Man Utd 4-0 Chelsea

    so frustrating to lose like this, worst possible start for Lamps
  7. Man Utd 4-0 Chelsea

    United get their revenge for the 4-0 loss at the Bridge in 16/17 season, just like City last season, only thing left is a loss to Arse 6-0...
  8. Man Utd 4-0 Chelsea

    just forget it mate, im way too incensed to have a discussion right now
  9. Man Utd 4-0 Chelsea

    fml what a shit fest, if only we had scored one of those chances...
  10. Man Utd 4-0 Chelsea

    total capitulation, we are a joke end of
  11. Man Utd 4-0 Chelsea

    VAR is a fucking joke, at least use it properly you fucking cunts
  12. Man Utd 4-0 Chelsea

    Embarassing, fucking embarassing
  13. Man Utd 4-0 Chelsea

    Fuckkkkkkkk Offffffffff
  14. Man Utd 4-0 Chelsea

    ffs score at least 1 fucking goal
  15. Man Utd 4-0 Chelsea

    i dont care anymore, just kick those manc cunts off the park