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  1. The English Football Thread

    damn, Wigan sure do love playing against City in the FA Cup, never expected this. Thats the magic of the cup i guess, thats why we cant be complacent and take teams for granted, we have a realistic shot at this trophy.
  2. Chelsea v Barcelona

    that Ronaldinho goal, what technique, what a player back then, great game it was, a thriller over 2 legs, great memories. Cheers
  3. Chelsea v Barcelona

    this match up was bound to happen again sooner or later, its been long overdue, our previous meetings with Barca were nothing short of epic, damn i miss those days, time flies so fast. Regarding Tuesday's game, i feel we have a good chance against them, need to start on the right foot, we wont see too much of the ball, but thats's why we need to be at our absolute focused best, try to soak any kind of pressure, try to force them in to any mistakes and hit them on the break with devastating effect. We can do this, we have the players for it, we just need to have that winning mentality that got us trough many tough teams in the past. Barca hates playing vs us as much as we hate playing vs them, we are their kriptonite, so lets believe in this team and give it a good go for old times sake. KTBFFH and goodluck to the lads, lets hope for a great night at the Bridge. Cheers
  4. Toby Alderweireld

    they can fuck off then, thin pot club, karnts all of them
  5. The English Football Thread

    https://mobile.twitter.com/ChelseaFC/status/963368721325744128?ref_src=twsrc^tfw&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fd-17210994894284550614.ampproject.net%2F1518441587106%2Fframe.html those idiots blaming Cahill for Mason's injury , saying he did it in purpose need to get a fucking life, disgusting human beings. It was clearly an accident, these things can happen in football, Cahill could have also been affected, clash of heads is a horrible thing in football and can lead to head trauma, its a hazard of the sport and players know it and live with it.
  6. The English Football Thread

    real shame, it looked really nasty when the injury happened, i reallyhoped Mason would recover from that in time, but his career is finished unfortunately. Wish him all the best and may he recover from this somehow health is much more important than football. and you just know somehow we will get bad press after this news
  7. The English Football Thread

    i enjoyed this, 3 Chelsea players in this team
  8. Marco Asensio

    damn that would be awesome, one can hope right ?
  9. Marco Asensio

    i get you, if not for this shit board we wouldnt be too worried who could come in to replace the belgian wizard, Hazard is one of a kind. Dybala is a great player no doubt
  10. Marco Asensio

    who for you then? i would love if Hazard never left us but its always a possibility with Real sniffing around
  11. Marco Asensio

    Isco tough would be another story
  12. Isco

    if selling Hazard gets us Isco then i wouldnt mind at all to be honest, but can we pull off any deal of that kind? knowing our incopetent board Isco would end up at City, Liverpool or United and we would only have cash from Hazard sale. gone are the days our board would get these kind of deals done without too much hesitation or hastle.
  13. General Transfer Talk

    if im being honest with you i will say Courtois based on what he has done so far in his career and his cv, but he casting doubts over his future, has made me think he's not fully commited with us and he will probably be gone sooner than later, lets hope not of course. I mentioned Jan Oblak because ive been following him since his Benfica days, just like Ederson and Oblak is the real deal imo, you've seen what hes capable of doing in our games agaisnt Atletico, he has already got to a Champions League final with Atletico, only losing on penalties vs Real Madrid. i rate him better than Ederson to be honest and has still a lot of room for improvement, can only get better and has all the attributes of a world class GK, but Atletico will not be willing to let go of him so easily, but we hold the key advantage here on any kind of deal because of Tibo's situation, him having strong ties with Atletico and all, and also minding our good relationship with Atletico regarding transfers, altough the only setback here would be our incopetent board. Cheers
  14. General Transfer Talk

    Asks for Marco Reus, gets Marco Arnautovic Lmao, sums up our board thanks for the laugh
  15. The Conte Thread

    player+cash deal, we can shop in Madrid too