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  1. Chelsea - Arsenal

    he always scored against us in Champions League both with Napoli and PSG, i remember how i hated facing him, i wouldn't be against this deal tbh.
  2. Newcastle 1-0 Chelsea

    in all seriousness, have a safe flight and enjoy your time abroad, a change of scenery might help you relax, because Chelsea makes you age quickly and it drains the life out of you, at least thats how i feel lmao. Cheers mate
  3. Newcastle 1-0 Chelsea

    fuck Oblak then, im fucking pissed right now, i cant even think straight.
  4. Newcastle 1-0 Chelsea

    then by all means do leave and enjoy your time abroad, anything to make us win. Cheers
  5. Newcastle 1-0 Chelsea

    this is the keeper i always wanted here, been following him since his Benfica days, just a shame Atletico won't give him up, no matter how much we pay. Maybe we fucked up with the Kepa deal, i would love to be proven wrong, but Kepa doesnt seem to cut it at all atm.
  6. Newcastle 1-0 Chelsea

    sad but true mate
  7. Newcastle 1-0 Chelsea

    the sooner we realize that there are no more straight forward games, the better. We make any struggling team look great it seems, thats how shit we are atm, this loss will not be the last this season, still a lot more hearthache to come, buckle up. We are miles away from challenging the top teams, too many shit players that need to leave, need to get proper ones in, no more fucking dross buys. This is all on the board for constant fuck ups. My big mistake was expecting too much from this team when results and performances were heading our way, now im falling down back to earth and it hurts to see us lose like this, when we could do much better.
  8. Newcastle 1-0 Chelsea

    we never properly replaced Cech and thats a big worry.
  9. Newcastle 1-0 Chelsea

    Kepa is shit and no one can convince me otherwise, 70 million cock up.
  10. Newcastle 1-0 Chelsea

    when you are shit and winless for many games, just face Chelsea and its a garanteed win and get your season back on track...
  11. Newcastle 1-0 Chelsea

    useless lot
  12. Newcastle 1-0 Chelsea

    just fuck off, seriously
  13. Newcastle 1-0 Chelsea

    typical Chelsea
  14. 24. Reece James

    I'm absolutely delighted for the lad, deserved contract, may he continue to grow and develop here for years to come
  15. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    and yet they get praised for it, while if we do it we get criticized for anti football, parking the bus, etc. hypocrisy