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  1. Arsenal - Chelsea

    that cunt Taylor should never be allowed to officiate any big game ever again, especially our games, the bias against us is plain obvious, but like always no action will be taken against these shit referees. Disgraceful
  2. Arsenal - Chelsea

    will do mate, sorry again
  3. Arsenal - Chelsea

    i may have gone overboard, im sorry. Im just fucking pissed at the shit we are witnessing right now. I will delete it.
  4. Arsenal - Chelsea

    i cant sympathize with corruption, fuck all of them, the linesmen, VAR team, the refs and FA.
  5. Arsenal - Chelsea

  6. Arsenal - Chelsea

    Shouldn't even be surprised. Can't believe the replay wasn't shown once. anyone could see it was off the line, but the officials conveniently turn a blind eye, fuck this shit.
  7. Arsenal - Chelsea

    fucking disgraceful
  8. Arsenal - Chelsea

    its clear as daylight there is an agenda against us, Mou was right all along.
  9. Arsenal - Chelsea

    im just fuming, usually i say loads of crap when im incensed, i overreacted. I hate losing to Arsenal, especially like this.
  10. Arsenal - Chelsea

    Never mind top 4, this season has been a joke on many levels. I want to kill someone, i swear i will fly to UK and murder Anthony Taylor
  11. Arsenal - Chelsea

    this whole season has been pathetic and dissapointing
  12. Arsenal - Chelsea

    this lot is too weak mentaly, Lamps also still has a lot to learn, too many mistakes
  13. Arsenal - Chelsea

    someone knock out Taylor ffs
  14. Arsenal - Chelsea

    so fucking obvious this was rigged
  15. Arsenal - Chelsea

    if i was Lamps i would refuse to shake hands with any official