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  1. 2. Antonio Rudiger

    Ignorant people said that about Alonso, because of the clubs he had played for. We have seen a lot of Zouma playing, you can't compare.
  2. 2. Antonio Rudiger

    Zouma will never be good enough for Chelsea
  3. 24. Gary Cahill

    Show some respect for our captain
  4. Paulo Dybala

    It was reported Chelsea offered 90 million Euros. If I recall correctly, it would have been about 70 million pounds at that time.
  5. 9. Álvaro Morata

    Well I guess that makes you a facist
  6. 9. Álvaro Morata

    While the song was terrible, and clearly bigoted. I find it equally shocking that the UK is so backward that the cops can arrest you for saying something offensive, a reason to envy the Americans, with the freedom of speech enshrined in law.
  7. 3 Simple reasons youth don't make it here

    The reason is they are not good enough, if they are good enough they will play.
  8. Ivan Perisic

    Not a Daily Mail Journalist, Dan is a freelancer, though he does write a lot for Eurosport http://www.eurosport.co.uk/dan-levene_aut1769/author.shtml
  9. Ivan Perisic

  10. John Terry

    The media's attack on JT is pathetic
  11. Marco Verratti

    Probably rubbish as it is the express
  12. 27. Andreas Christensen

    Not at all, The premier league is massively overrated.
  13. Alvaro Morata

    Don't forget this
  14. Stamford Bridge

    A quote from someone more enlightened than me