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  1. Daniele Rugani

    Rugani is already better than Barzagli or Benatia! Why not play? easy, Allegri is an incompetent, just look how dybala have to play, in a team with serious teamplay dybala would play on the last 30 metros instead to have to go around to create play like a playmaker! Rugani don't play becouse " they have afraid to change old to new" Rugani is like when we had afraid to change willian for KDB or similar! Juve is just doing same mistake, for one time we should be the team who can agevolized by this!
  2. higuain can go to united! we have to take Icardi!
  3. Gonzalo Higuain

    Almost 32 Y / o, which in a year has been in a clear waning phase! do we want to be a pension for old gamers? take higuain would really be stupid !!! Go all for Icardi, we have only to pay his fuckin' clause! and he at long time (3-4 season) would be a bussiness much more better than higuain!!!
  4. Next Manager?

    ahah LOL! Sorry! i hadn't seen!
  5. Next Manager?

  6. Next Manager?

    both Blanc and Zidane are downgrades over Conte! fantastic times are coming!
  7. Next Manager?

    the fear he might go to madrid have done moving the ass at abramovich!
  8. Next Manager?

  9. Ousmane Dembele

    If I was chelsea's board i would go for this guy as soon as possible! with the probable arrive of griezmann, Dembele almost definitely he doesn't play much because in team there will be Messi,Suarez,Coutinho,Griezmann and him would be the fifth choice! I think Barcellone make a mistake to not believe in him, but better for us; young player and already at coutinho and griezmann level or near! £100B for one of the best talent in the world that have already showed his talent with 2 fantastic season would be a great power up to the team moreover a investiment that will be paid in several years, not ammortized with 1-2 years like when you take old players!
  10. why we have to take old players who have already gave his best? we need to take players who can make well in future with us, not buy players because have done well in past with others club! Please no players like higuain, lewandowski, bale or others (yes them are fantastic players but have already given their best) Better somebody like milinkovic savic, icardi, ousmane dembele or others who can do well with us for several years!
  11. Cristiano Ronaldo to Chelsea?

    NO NO NO and still NO!!! it will be a stupid business!
  12. 10. Eden Hazard

    if we make a good market with 2-3 right purchases, the next season Hazard could be put in condition to do his best season! Sarri has made seeming Insigne a decent player, Hazard can do a great things!
  13. in my dreams, i won't do only a market but also how I would treat some young for their development! 1) I don't recall yet players like RLC or Mount (yes he is very good but here he can't player always so I prefer let him out for a year longer) Instead I Keep in first team youth like Ampadu or Odoi (becouse here he can improve and next year go out for 1-2 season, instead if they go out already this season couldn't play and lost 1 year) 2) Market: take on sure that next menager will be Sarri i will go for 4-3-3! In market I go to sell several useless players and take 2-3 very good; could seem that the rose will be short but i think not and Sarri is always to use 14-15 players so have 23-26 players will be only a problems for reason like unsodisfaction! of course the formation will be change not only 4-3-3 and some players can play in more position! so Market, Sales: Willian (to United) for at least £55B Pedro £25B Bakayoko £30B Drinkwater £ 25B Cahill + LUIZ about £40B Moses or Zappacosta £20B Morata ( i will use him for switch to try getting Dybala) or £ 55B Other 5-6 players like piazon, [...] about £20B total= £215B (without morata) purchase -Mikinkovic savic about £90B -Icardi about £85B - (a dream) Dybala about Morata + £60B or other great player near £100B - £55B (morata sales) - other player (£50B) total= £225B First Team with 21 Players, 3GK plus 18 others!
  14. 22. Willian

    I hope, sell willian to United (for the right price, £50-£60B )would be a great business for us for several motivation: - we sell a player near 30 old before he gets too old, decline that will be happen in United. -if we sold him to united, they already would spend money for willian and have less money for other player more! - We Sold a direct rival a Good player but old, taking away from them money for the market, and could able to replace it with a younger and stronger one
  15. Sergej Milinkovic-Savic

    maybe one of two/three best B2B midfilder in around! take him by financing with sales of bakayoko and drinkwater!