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  1. Brighton - Chelsea

    i have seen only second half but: Alonso is ridiculous 3/10, Luiz is a disgrace 4/10 and Willian is Useless, he runs on the field without purpose, he does not press well, he does not create anything, he does a lot of precision mistakes or other 4/10
  2. Videoton 2-2 Chelsea

    CHO needs to be more self-confident
  3. Chelsea 2-0 Man City

    2-0, wow
  4. Chelsea 2-0 Man City

    willian... so useless
  5. Chelsea 2-0 Fulham

    for me today Luiz as played a really good game. (he usually is a dogshit, but not today) Out of position multiples time today? i haven't seen that, really. Instead he has coverted well some Alonso mistakes.
  6. Chelsea 2-0 Fulham

    Kepa 7 azpi 6 rudiger 6 Luiz 7 Alonso 4 kante 7- Jorginho 6 Kovacic 6 Hazard 6.5 Pedre 6.5 Giroud 6 RLC 7 zappacosta 6 Morata 5
  7. Chelsea 2-0 Fulham

    RLC, great goal
  8. Chelsea 2-0 Fulham

    morathahtìahhahahaah fu*K
  9. Chelsea 2-0 Fulham

    Emerson has to be 1st choice! I'm sure that today we will be at least 2-0 if Emerson was in!
  10. Chelsea 4-0 PAOK

    i want create a player with foot and vision of fabregas, dinamism of kante and strong of RLC
  11. Chelsea 4-0 PAOK

    rating Kepa / zappacosta 6++ christiensen 6+ cahill 6- Emerson 6++ fabregas 6.5 barkley 5.5 RLC 6.5 Pedro 6++ CHO 7- Giroud 7.5 subs Ampadu 6 Willian 6 - Morata 6.5
  12. 20. Callum Hudson-Odoi

    Emerson-CHO in my opinion could be a great duo on the left if they would play more
  13. Arrizabalaga 5, Azpilicueta 5, Rudiger 4, Luiz 2, Alonso 4, Jorginho 3, Kante 5, Kovacic 4, Hazard 5, willian 4, Morata 4 (Subs: Barkley 6, Pedro 5, Giroud 7)
  14. Spurs 3-1 Chelsea

    today I expected a lose: we aren't worse than the last 3-4 games our performance is still the same but with other teams that could be enough, with this spurs not!
  15. Spurs 3-1 Chelsea

    I agree with you that azpi is not good enough but i put "question points" becouse i don't know who takes at his place not for other reason.