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  1. Man City 6-0 Chelsea

    some people speaking like Man city should be one of our direct rival, but we are 2-3 level below them, like we are below liverpool, UTD and spurs! As I say from years the problem is more big than a menager: yes, Sarri could be more better but, who thinks that another menagar would do miracle is wrong! We actually are a team of 5-6 EPL position and this is not only Sarri fault, but fault of al Chelsea system! Market, development, growing, financial menagement and more others where board of chelsea are easiy SHIT! for Example: Sarri has mistake for Alonso, but Emerson is more better? Jorginho? But have a team of players not good enaugh isn't his fault! take ans so waste money for: Morata, drinkwater, bakayoko and more is a Board's work. keeping willian, pedro instead of improve also! a defence with luiz, rudiger and other also!
  2. Man City 6-0 Chelsea

    only one thing: if we want that chelsea come back again, we have to hope that Roman leaves!
  3. 22. Willian

    but Willian is better!!
  4. Chelsea 5-0 Huddersfield

    CHO finally!
  5. Chelsea 5-0 Huddersfield

    what a goll from higuain!!!
  6. Chelsea 5-0 Huddersfield

    we need a SMS at barkley place
  7. Chelsea 5-0 Huddersfield

    Ginghialooo higuain!!!
  8. Chelsea 5-0 Huddersfield

    lose is bad if we win then sarri thoughts that willian, barkley, alonso are great players! so sad in any way
  9. 20. Callum Hudson-Odoi

    ahhahahaha what a shit line-up! i would see azpi luiz christiensen emerson jorginho kante RLC hazard higuain CHO instead of this!
  10. The Board

    Sarri is having several problems but: 1) is about 5-6 years we have up and down seasons, this should make us thinking: one coach fail is his mistake, but 3-4 one after other not! overall when this menagers are always considered great coaches! 2) Ok coaches, but we don't have a players at level of others 3-4 top PL club! 3) The problem about 5-6 years is the propriety and board, you can have good coach or good players, but untill under there isn't a good board, a good society with great plans, a great vision and a long term program is all just destinated to fail! So we can change coach, some player or other but untill won't be a mental change nothing will change! And this won't happen untill the propriety and board won't change! So Roman needs to sell the club or we are destinated to be a club of 5-8 place in PL for next years!
  11. Paulo Dybala

    Dybala all the life over Griezmann! and why if hazard leave? fuck of willian, afterall dybala is a left foot so he has to play on the right! hazard, dybala,CHO and pedro! we are ok and in the summer out pedro in pulisic!
  12. Paulo Dybala

  13. Paulo Dybala

    Dybala is one of my secret dreams, perhaps the greatest! he right in the team of sarri with the danger on the other side and higuain as a striker would be amazing! And you, Dybala, you have not scored very little, it's only because Allegri put him out of his position: Dybala from midway / right wing / full back / low midfield, games played 7, minutes played 429, goals 0 Dybala without that shit Mandzukic. playing as striker, games played 5, minutes played 438, goal 6 + 1 procured penalty. If now I have to spend something around 120-130M Dybala would be the first of the list!
  14. Chelsea 2-1 Spurs

    despite everything: a great performance! only thing, Willian is always shit! pedro or CHO on the right!
  15. Chelsea 2-1 Spurs

    willian? why? was beautiful until he was out