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  1. 22. Willian

    Cuddling up to Jose before Utd match..... what with Costa, Kenedy, Luiz......he will be next. Watch yer back Willian son....looks as if our head Coach don't like you Brazilian chappies
  2. 30. David Luiz

    Totally agree Luiz has been no more than average this season and his on pitch discipline that was there last season seems to have gone awry. He was sometimes so far out of position he was in another postcode. In my opinion, he had got too comfortable with his status and position in the team and maybe thought he was undroppable. This could be the boot up the backside needed to get him back to the Luiz of last season but it is totally down to him...no-one else....not even Cahill can be blamed for this one. luiz is a talented footballer ....lets see if he has any gumption about him and work hard to prove to the staff and his team mates that he deserves a place back. Those that say...he is a leader etc...he might be , but not a very good one. There is no way he should ever be captain of this team.... let him worry about his own game, nevermind worrying about others. Also, this thing about 'the others players like him and he is a good laugh' etc etc...... I will just remind you...that Diego Costa was loved by all in the dressing room as far as we know .....and we all know what happened there
  3. Chelsea 2-1 Everton

    think we have u23 match as well tonight so that might involve a couple of the youth that might have got minutes for the seniors
  4. Crystal Palace 2-1 Chelsea

    Where is Cahill and who is David?
  5. Ricardo Carvalho

    cept' he aint going to nick and he ain't yer man
  6. Chelsea Kits 2018/19

    its awful....the designers should stick to blue, white and yellow
  7. Chelsea 4-0 Man United

    its been around for years in various forms. Even England national team played a form of it under Terry Venables all those years ago.
  8. Chelsea 4-0 Man United

    dont you get it? Mourinho is doing one of the things he does best after a bad team display by doing or saying something that deflects talk away
  9. Chelsea 4-0 Man United

    Well that was a long day but great fun at the Bridge. Loudest we have been this season and didnt hear the Mancs (who are recognised as about the best away support in the premier league) until last few minutes after we had done all our "ole's". Great tribute to Matthew Harding. And some of you lot will find this hard.....but even Mourinhos name was sang.....admittedly we were 4-0 up ;-) Controlled match from beginning to end and after we went 2-0 up, we were doing the old Mourinho tactic of setting traps for them knowing they had to push forward. Great team performance but Moses was brilliant and bossed the right side Hope a few changes for West Ham so other players get used to the syatem before a tricky away at Southampton
  10. Chelsea v Man United

    most on here wouldnt have a clue who or what he was to the club. A decent bit of respect to Mourinho before the match....then 90 minutes of Matthew Hardings blue white army
  11. Domestic Cup Competitions Thread

    should be a good one for the travelling support. Approx 5.7k allocation if they play by the 10% rule
  12. Domestic Cup Competitions Thread

    thats the spirit...hope we get Leeds or Liverpool
  13. Leicester 2-4 Chelsea

    a win against a mainly 2nd string Leicester that papered over the cracks. I would rather Luiz defend decently first for 90 minutes rather than see his long passes come off. Once that is sorted he can try his hollywood stuff. He was just as much at fault for their 1st when he was ball watching instead of tracking the player....of course there were other errors leading up to that. Organisation and leadership all over the pitch goes missing during periods of every match . Certain 'senior' players need to show up more especially when JT is out. Is Bego up to it as a number 2 anymore...or does he need a run of matches and bench Tibo for a while? Always a hard call with goalkeepers Positives: Costa is right in top form at the moment and I fancy him to score v Arsenal Once the team settled down, the shape looked more balanced and efficient proving you dont have to have superstar names in every position Fabregas comes into his own once he has more space and can operate further forward. Chalobah looked assured bar a couple of minor errors. Hopefully he can gradually get more game time and become a regular within a season
  14. Chelsea Kits 2018/19

    Wouldnt it be great if the kit manufacturers started modern takes on old classics such as the red/green kit that was popular . We use to have a lot of red kits/green socks as away strip and even the red/green/white scarves were popular back then It would pay homage not only to the kits back then, but having red/green/white in a certain way can also pay homage to Italian players and staff padt and present who have served us proud
  15. Stamford Bridge

    think he meant from the Matthew Harding towards Fulham Broadway