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  1. Non-Chelsea Transfer Pub

    Just because Barca, the treble winners, targeted someone, we should sign him as well. Being targeted by Barca after a treble winning season is as sure a sign as there can be of a player being much better than Chelsea XI. I still dread the day we decided not to go after Chygrynskiy. He was a dope defender.
  2. Thank you, Petr Cech

    Thanks for the memories Petr. We're never going to forget you. Wishing all the best in your personal and all the worst in your professional life from now on.
  3. Non-Chelsea Transfer Pub

    @hamad138 I doubt anyone is as quiet as us. Utd have already signed Depay, are close to signing Schneiderlin and Ramos could be going there too. Liverpool have already made 5 signings. Arsenal have signed Cech. Man City look like favorites to get Sterling. In the meantime we've been connected with a hoard of mediocre/washed up players. If things continue like this, I don't think we're going to be able to defend the title next season. We're making the same mistake previous 4 champions made. Being too satisfied with our squad and not getting quality additions next season. @OmldZamani/status/614391372561297408 Juventus apparently are desperate to keep Pogba.
  4. Non-Chelsea Transfer Pub

    @Unionjack Who are you looking to replace Mikel and Ramires with? I recognize their contribution hasn't been consistent but they are squad players. They are meant to be like that- good rotation options but far from world class capability. Look at the winners of last 5 champions league winners. All of them had squad/fringe players- 2015- Adriano, Bartra, Rafinha 2014- Probably the only team with only 1 squad player- Illaramendi. But this squad was one of the most expensively assembled ever. We don't have the resources to spend like that in the FFP era. 2013- Van Buyten, Tymoschuk, Gustavo, Pizzaro 2012- Well our whole squad was filled with "mediocre" work horses. 2011- Keita, Adriano, Bojan, Afellay To traverse the whole course of season squad players are a must. These players are far from world class ability- then again, they are not meant to be. They are meant to do a job just as the manager instructs them to do plus not particularly mind if they don't get regular minutes. It is very enticing to think of a situation where we replace Mikel and Ramires with Pogba and Schniderlin but then who would you bench? Having said that I would replace either Mikel or Ramires (not both Mikel and Ramires) with a deep-lying playmaker who would be happy to spend quite a few games on the bench. Gundogan or Schniderlin seems ideal. I do think we need upgrades but we shouldn't look for expensive options that would be unhappy when they are not getting regular minutes.
  5. Non-Chelsea Transfer Pub

    @Unionjack Why are you worried with what Jose has said? I am pretty satisfied with his evaluation of our needs. Combining various sources, interviews so far 2 things are crystal clear- 1. Jose acknowledges that what's not broken doesn't need fixing. This is a title winning squad. There's no need for major overhaul. The priority is to keep the players we have won the title with. 2. He is going to bring in 3 players- a defender (ideally a pacy center back), a midfielder (ideally a proper right winger) and a striker (to provide some competition and backup for Remy and Costa). If the window goes like how Jose has said he envisions it to go, it would be a pretty good window. We would've attained depth and genuine quality on the bench or in the XI to challenge on all fronts. Let me get this straight- it is not sensible to advocate wholesome changes to any squad let alone a title winning squad. I know lots of us would designate selling Mikel, Ramires, Cuadrado, Luis and buying Reus, Schniderlin, Varane, Benteke a desirable window but that happens in FIFA only. A squad needs fringe players like Mikel and Ramires. No matter how much we would like to see 2 world class options for every position- that's never going to happen in the real world.
  6. Antoine Griezmann

    @Blue Colored Sky With all due respect, that's a fact in your head. Oscar has started against MU, MC and Arsenal in the 1st half of the season. It is during the 2nd half of the season, when Mourinho was opting for someone else. When Oscar was at his best form, there was no dropping him.
  7. Non-Chelsea Transfer Pub

    Remy was far better than people give him credit for. He bailed us out during important times in the season- especially against Hull away. As a 2nd striker we can't ask for more than a better goals/minute ratio than our 1st striker. He's definitely deserved more chances than Jose gave him. By some freakish coincidence he seemed to get injured at the exact same time Costa did. I don't think that kind of coincidence will strike us again next season. He will feel even more hard done by if he's not given the chances he deserves next season. Our pursuit of Failcow is, thus, even more baffling. Remy hasn't been anything close to a failure. We should've been looking to get a 3rd striker- not a 25 million pounds striker who's destined to be Torres 2.0. I will support Jose's decision if Failcow signs for us but I feel he's going to be a waste of money. It's quite a killjoy that going into the transfer window, our only plausible signing seems to be an overpriced past his prime flopped striker.
  8. Antoine Griezmann

    And Bale will surely cost more than 63 million euros. I would love to have Reus, but don't think he's moving. And I would rather splash 63 mil on Griezmann than 50 mil on Sterling. Griezmann is better proven, more mature and has a better end product.
  9. Branislav Ivanovic

    More shocked about how Coutinho got in TOTY with 4 assists and Cesc couldn't get in with 17 (or 16 at the time)
  10. Isco

    @supporter Let's not say Real Madrid only know how to kill the progress of players. CR7 became the beast he is today at RM, Di Maria became one of the world's best at RM and Ozil spent his best years also at RM. We have to be real here. RM's financial muscle and allure is greater than ours. If RM comes calling with a big offer, Pogba won't choose us. Absolutely no way. That, however, has its plus side. Pogba coming means Illaramendi will surely leave. Isco likely will too. Especially after the comments post AM match. We would probably be able to get him for not too hefty a price and IMO he will be an improvement over Oscar.
  11. Welcome to the forums Sosuke Aizen :)