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  1. Who will be the next Chelsea manager?

    Sarri is good choice, but i slightly prefer Jardim.
  2. Danny Drinkwater

    Bakayoko has not played one game for us and really had one good full season, also arriving in a new league. It is immense amount respect many are showing him, believing he is already a undisputed starter and no need for quality players to challenge him.
  3. João Cancelo

    He is great going forward but struggles defensively. He played a lot of games as a AM/FW as the season went on. Overall i think he would be a good signing.
  4. Diego Costa

    Important to note that Chelsea are paying Costa to stay away from the club and stay on vacation. So far that is the most telling evidence, and shows Conte/club really wants him out. So far nothing to suggest Costa is not willing to fulfill his obligation.
  5. Neymar

    Maybe not way better, but comfortably better though. GK is their biggest weakness, they need a upgrade.
  6. Renato Sanches

    If that is their plan why would they loan him out to Chelsea or even Milan. A loan to a Bundesliga side would be ideal, much more likely to be guaranteed starter. He would also get accustomed to the league, culture, and language. This would be the best plan for a player in your long term plan. Bluelyon is absolutely right Sanches would need time and patience. He is far from a finished product, a loan to EPL and Chelsea is far from a good move for his development.
  7. 7. N'Golo Kante

    He said they are very good players but not world class, that is definitely debatable argument. As hot takes and controversial statements go that is very mild. I personally find it much more ridiculous if you can't tolarate any opinion that doesn't see Kante and Azpi as world class.
  8. 2. Antonio Rudiger

    Not sure if I said this a while back, imo out of Bakayoko, Morata, and Rudiger. I believe he will be our best signing.
  9. 4. Cesc Fàbregas

    The thing is both Bayern and Inter played with greater numbers in midfield. Inter had Brozovic, Borja, and Gagliardini which puts them in a good position to win the midfield battle vs Kante and Cesc. Also their forwards Perisic and Candreva were much more willing to help in the buildup. Personally see the issue tactical and the main underling issue with the 3-4-3 system we have in place. I think any team that can do the following effectively are in a great position to win the game against us. Have more numbers in the middle, and stop easy movements from our WBs. Fortunately most clubs in the PL can not do that effectively, but the better sides in the league and Europe can.
  10. Sergi Roberto

    Good option for midfield not RWB. He wants to play in midfield too, with Nelsinho signed he may gets his wish there.
  11. General Transfer Talk

    Wish we could go after Patrik Schick, his transfer to Juve didn't materialize. Do not believe the dodgy reports of him having heart problems. I think Juve negotiated very early for Schick but later changed their plans and went after Bernardeschi and Costa. Valued around 25m, i think this would be a great piece of business and even better he is left footed.
  12. Keita Balde

    What overestimation do you see from some? I don't think anyone is tipping him to be a future star or anything, most comments allude he can play at this level and could be fourth choice after Hazard, Pedro, and Willian. I think more or less that is fair, he can do a job when called upon sparingly.
  13. Arsenal 0-3 Chelsea

    Agree, although i think the white socks design from Nike will look much better in combination with the rest of the kit. But i do prefer the blue socks. The best sock design from Adidas was this;
  14. Benjamin Mendy

    Anyone seen Grimaldo extensively? i have seen him and Telles on very few occasions, but came away much more impressed with Grimaldo.
  15. Nemanja Matic

    No urgency to sell Fabinho, he is on a long term contract. They can get another year out of him and still sell him for equal if not higher price next summer.