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  1. Chelsea 4-2 Spurs

    I think our younger fans are beginning to realise why us older fans hate Tottenham so much. Everything about them makes my skin crawl especially there fans. And as for racially abusing black players here's some songs that those twats sang regularly to Sol Campbell. never seen Campbell with a bird" and "Sol, Sol, wherever you may be/You're on the verge of lunacy/And we don't give a f*** if you're hanging from a tree/You Judas c*** with HIV.""He's big/He's black/He takes it up the crack/Sol Campbell, Sol Campbell. http://metro.co.uk/2008/12/10/spurs-fans-held-in-sol-racist-chants-case-237513/
  2. Chelsea 4-2 Spurs

    Tottenham played well but both there goals came out of nothing and I can't in my hungover state remember them creating that much. Having all the possession and winning the corner count well so fucking what. With a little better finishing we could have had six Alonso and Costa missing late chances. As for Jenas I don't blame him for his Spurs bias he's just another average player turned average pundit he's so bland he makes the likes of Keown, Phillip bloody Neville and Kevin Kilbane sound edgy. The best pundit is rugbys Brian Moore who has the knowledge of an ex pro and a fan's passion and he's a Chelsea fan. He had a heart attack recently so get well soon Mooro. It's funny my phone was red hot from Rottenham fans when they beat us 2-0 and after last Sunday's loss been very quite for the past 24 hours and none of them are answering my calls or texts.
  3. Politics & Stuff

  4. The English Football Thread

    He used to be the editor of The Sun . You don't have to be the slightest bit famous to appear on panel shows in the UK. There's a geezer called Joey Essex who it seems is a celebrity dunce. . Barton will always be a turd anyone who stubs out a cigar on a young apprentice's face is never going to change and he's a cheating bastard. He lashed out a Lincoln player and only got a yellow card and then in the same game he did this. (Don't know why they put up the obligatory and unnecessary fucking music )
  5. The English Football Thread

    It was written by that odious prick Kelvin McKenzie.He can be the only person who Joey Barton can take the moral high ground with. Barton a pseudo- intellectual who believes that listening to Hatful of Hollow by The Smiths makes you clever and a deep thinker.
  6. The English Football Thread

    I heard that a Gooner had a go at that Robbie bloke and I'm not surprised. The geezer is disingenuous to say the least he's making money hand over fist by interviewing man children like that twat Ty. I can't stand Arsenal but I do know some genuine Gooners who think that Robbie bloke is making their fans look ridiculous (I know it's not hard) by getting wannabe Youtube stars to act up to the camera. By the way he'd never last five minutes at the Bridge before someone told him to fuck off.
  7. The English Football Thread

    Extraordinary aerial shots of a previously undiscovered Amazonian tribe holding ‘Wenger Out’ signs have emerged today.
  8. 19. Diego Costa

    This is a piece from the Guardian sort of somes the bloke up I think. He come's across as childish and arrogant a good striker yes a world class striker ? the jury is definitely out. Costa – presumably encouraged by in-house television cameras ready to capture his fun – had hijacked one of the staff’s utility buggies, parked up on the fringe of the training pitch, on Thursday and taken it on a pre-session joyride, wrecking the coaches’ neatly arranged cones en route. A set of hurdles were also smashed to pieces, Costa’s antics prompting nervous laughter from his team-mates.
  9. Chelsea 2-1 Man City

    Thank fuck Pep insists on playing a false number 1.
  10. Andreas Christensen

    I don't watch European football at all but the best thing about TC is all you young fuckers do and and I read and massively respect your opinions. So is Christensen a massive prospect or just another kid destined for Vitesse Arnhem ?.
  11. John Phillips

    Good keeper always was going to be in Bonetti's shadow RIP John. Here's a great save from him against Ipswich in the cup in those days no idea why both teams had to wear there away kit.
  12. Chelsea 1-2 Crystal Palace

    Crystal fucking Palace the naffest team in London even more so than QPR. There Ultra wannabe fans who in reality are just a load of suburban no marks. Selhurst Park is about as intimidating as a Mumsnet coffee morning hope we slaughter them tomorrow and put another nail in Fat Sam's coffin.
  13. Lookalikes.

    Bloke from Arsenal TV and a sontaran from Doctor Who.
  14. Lookalikes.

    Ronaldo's statue and Ian Dowie
  15. Streams

  16. 10. Eden Hazard

    Statistics the death of football. Everything is so over analysed these days, football has been taken over by trainspotters who have too much time on their hands who come out with this meaningless bollocks. If you were in the boozer with a mate and started talking about Chelsea (not pointing you out Wes I mean all fans) would you say '' Did you know that Eden Hazard has a dribble completion rate of 78% while Silva's is 69%''. I know I'm old school but modern day football has become obsessed with this sort of nonsense.
  17. General Transfer Talk

    No need to apologise that's pretty accurate . Does make me laugh that Scotland wants independence but so many of them want Rangers and Celtic to play in England.
  18. Chelsea Kits 2016/17

    Bought my first Stone Island top from a gaff in Haymarket in Piccadilly in 1995 cost £110. Won't touch any of their gear now because one of those twats who killed Lee Rigby was wearing a Stone Island hat
  19. Chelsea Kits 2016/17

    It was first worn in the 1970 cup final no idea why it was red. It might have only been worn for that one game I honestly don't know. The yellow one was worn a few times I think first worn in the 1972 League Cup Final which incidentally is the first time I was really upset over Chelsea losing a match my older brothers taking the piss didn't help either. The red,white and green away of the 70's was because Dave Sexton was a massive admirer of the Puskas inspired Hungary team of the 50's.The yellow and green I think was a bit of a homage to the Brazilian team but believe me we were so shit then as the old joke goes there were times we were lucky to get nil
  20. Chelsea Kits 2016/17

    That looks like an original UJ the little umbro looks genuine. I bought the repro yellow one as well got it home and changed my mind went back the next day and swapped it for the red one.
  21. Chelsea Kits 2016/17

    Totally agree. Our first recognised (being on telly ) away kit in the 70's was yellow. This from 1977-78 is still my favourite away shirt.
  22. Stamford Bridge

    The Liquidator, good vid and music son.
  23. The Pub - Discuss Anything

    That gif is funny and disturbing ha ha superb mate.
  24. Politics & Stuff

    Couldn't agree more. The Iman's have a responsibility to tell the police but I don't think they do. I walked passed my local mosque and there was a list of people who are barred it's just bizarre.
  25. Politics & Stuff