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  1. Super Frank Thread

    I'm going to go into self imposed exile for a while (or maybe quarantine is more apt with the coronavirus ) so here's my final post on Lampard. I'm not trying to stir up a hornets nest here but in my opinion Lampard hasn't got the minerals to be a top coach. You can argue he was dealt a bad hand with the transfer ban, injuries and the board not sanctioning any buys in January but I think it's etched on his face he realises what a big job he's taken on and he at the moment can't provide the answers. Kepa has gone backwards, he's had six different centre back pairings and none of them look particularly good. Aspi hasn't been great at right back even worse at left back and while none of us thought Emerson was Roberto Carlos but he's been awful. Kante has been shit since his injury and I'm not convinced with either Tammy or Mount their young and could improve but they were playing in the championship last season and at times it shows. I said months ago that he should have appointed an experienced no 2 someone like McClaren dreadful manager but good coach. I really can't see Jody Morris telling Frank what to do and to be honest I don't think Lampard would listen anyway I do think and probably most will disagree that Lampard comes across as a bit pleased with himself. Nine home defeats already and with Liverpool on the horizon it will if not against them hit double figures this season and for a team that went 86 games unbeaten that's an appalling stat. Bottom line is Lampard's status is keeping him in the job I know a lot of fans will disagree and I can understand the reluctance to slag him off but lets be honest anyone else and they'd be gone look at the shit Sarri took. If things don't improve Lampard will be gone in October and talking of going that's me for a while KTBFFH and Carefree where ever you may be.
  2. Super Frank Thread

    Tomo I apologise I should know better I've let things become personal which is not on. My outbursts are usually after the game when I've been drinking not a great excuse but I'm old enough to know better. Posters should be challenged on their pov but only on football matters and I've crossed the line. I do have a geezer down the pub sort of pov and it can be a bit raw I'm no shrinking violet and nor are my mates but that's where I should leave it in the pub. We are all Chelsea fans and as one of the old guard I should encourage younger fans not berate them I've let the forum down I'm old enough to know better so it's time for me to self moderate. Sorry Again Iggy.
  3. Super Frank Thread

    Again skimming but excuses have there uses and now there all used up.Night night and don't forget to get your mum to tuck you in there's a good boy
  4. Chelsea 0-3 Bayern Munich

    Time to use a cliche is not of the essence let's be honest we are miles away from putting in a performance like Bayern did We saw a European powerhouse tonight we are in their slipstream of them and all the top teams in Europe. Winning the Europa League last year as good as it was especially taking the piss out of so many Gooners that's our level. There's a chasm in class between us and Europe's elite and anyone who thinks buying a few players in the Summer will right the wrongs is delusional.
  5. Super Frank Thread

    I'm pretty pissed i actually went to the game some of us do I'm skimming this my polItics are RMT rep since 1992 and a Labour party member since 1984 at the height of the miners strike. I'm a shed boy of nearly 50 years you follow Chelsea on the internet that's all you've never been to the bridge if you have it's on your own sitting on your own changing the names on the programme because that just wouldn't do. Post your Chelsea history mate and then I'll post mine and we'll then we'll see who is plastic Argo.
  6. Chelsea 0-3 Bayern Munich

    Bad atmosphere tonight really flat pre match in the boozers and in the ground because we all know we just can't compete at this level anymore. Europa league last year turn up usually a comfortable win concentrate on the Sunday PL game. We are miles from competing at the highest level in the premier and champions league Europa league is our level and the sooner fans except that the better. We all expected hands on our hearts to get beaten tonight but the difference between playing the same team against an injury ravaged Spurs and a European powerhouse like Bayern Munich is is frankly laughable.
  7. Super Frank Thread

    Again nothing but a apologist fuck off back to the middle class wankers on the shed end forum Argo,
  8. The English Football Thread

  9. General Chelsea Stuff

    A mate just sent me this the Spurs match thread is closed so I thought I'd stick it on here. A couple of years old still fucking hilarious though.
  10. Chelsea 0-3 Bayern Munich

    You cherry pick all the time and backtrack more than a Tory MP. You have recently said and it certainly sounded that you were contented with dominating possession against Arsenal and running Liverpool and City close. No mention of the wretched performances against West Ham, Newcastle, Southampton, Brighton, Everton a fucking injury ravaged Bournemouth. If it wasn't for the sendings off against Ajax we wouldn't be playing tomorrow and we were lucky to draw against Valencia. The negatives have far outweighed the positives recently but at least we dominated against 10 men you're words verbatim. Everyone wants Lampard and the team to do well but they deserve criticism if things are going badly and I'm certainly not a fence sitter and will continue to post negative replies when they are warranted and not something as wishy washy as at least we gave Man City and Liverpool a good game
  11. Chelsea 0-3 Bayern Munich

    We're Chelsea not fucking Bristol Rovers we should give a good account of ourselves that's a given. If Giroud plays tomorrow and Willian instead of Mount then apart from Reece James how is that a team full of youngsters ?.
  12. Chelsea 0-3 Bayern Munich

    I've been going to Chelsea for 45 years when you were just a glint in the milkman's eye and have seen us nearly relegated to the third division so I hardly fit the category of spoiled. I've seen some dreadful teams and dreadful Chelsea players in some shithole grounds all over England and abroad the furthest you've been to watch Chelsea is carrying your laptop from your kitchen to your bedroom to do you're geeky musings about high press, pivots, double pivots etc.
  13. Chelsea 0-3 Bayern Munich

    You remind me of my son when he first played for his school football team. He'd say we lost 2-0 but we were really unlucky Smithy hit the bar, Jonesy had one cleared off the line we had two disallowed goals. It used to happen quite a lot and I'd just say never mind mate you'll win you're next game. When Chelsea are the better team and lose I take no comfort in that at all it's nothing to feel good about it's the polar opposite. And what happened against Liverpool and City means fuck all tomorrow. Again it's playground analysis it's like a kid saying we beat Spurs yesterday so we'll definitely beat Bournemouth Saturday. Lampard's press conference. '' How do you see tomorrow's game going Frank ?''. Lampard : '' Well we played well against Man City and Liverpool so we'll be fine''. Press : ''But you lost those games''. Lampard: ''But that's irrelevant all that matters is we played well''. Press : So playing well against two English teams in the league means you can equate that to playing against a German team in a different competition much more loaded atmosphere, more intensity and more high profile game '' ? Lampard : Yes of course anyway I've got to go Christine's just rang my dinner's ready.
  14. The English Football Thread

    That made me laugh you sound like Jack from Father Ted
  15. Chelsea 2-1 Spurs

    The biggest problem for me is the ref not looking at his monitor which apparently Oliver did in a cup game this season. He has a look gives a red card and it shows up the var officials to be the utter myopic twats that they are.
  16. Chelsea 2-1 Spurs

    John Murray's 5live's football chief football reporter I don't mind him everyone else on there is a bland middle England wanker but even he came out with some utter bollocks this evening. He basically said we should cut the Stockley Park twat some slack as it was human error for God's sake it's his job and he's the only person who's seen the foul that didn't think it was a red card it's staggering incompetence. Why don't the refs use their monitors surely this is the decision that broke the straw on the camel's back if any ref is relying on those Stockley Park bozos then what's the point of having the monitors at all. VAR is killing football and as Chelsea fans we've seen the worse of it in the last couple of days two clear red cards and two disallowed goals.
  17. Chelsea 2-1 Spurs

    Well they can't argue with this. Fuck VAR, fuck Spurs and fuck the special needs one.
  18. Super Frank Thread

    Comparisons can be made with Keegan in 96 or whatever year it was. A beloved ex player Newcastle were 12 points ahead of Man United and then contrived to throw it away. A 12 point lead squandered is unacceptable whatever the circumstances we should have picked up points against the likes of West Ham, Newcastle, Bournemouth and Southampton. Keegan and Lampard both playing open football and always looking vulnerable both adored by both sets of fans both could have the same outcome.
  19. General Chelsea Stuff

    It's the total arrogance of these people that drives you mad and yet fair play to Klopp he answered this kid's letter. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-northern-ireland-51590761/jurgen-klopp-tells-young-manchester-united-fan-i-can-t-make-liverpool-lose
  20. General Chelsea Stuff

    Anagram of the day Ladbrokes is an anagram of Broke Lads.
  21. General Chelsea Stuff

    I can understand that completely as we did have a terrible reputation but to be honest going to the Bridge back in the day you'd rarely see trouble especially when we were in the 2nd division. We used to play teams like Oldham, Burnley, Carlisle who would bring about 50 fans down you'd be in the back of the Shed and even though it was a good distance away you could count them cause they were in the corner of the Northstand (MH now) Different story away from home where we used to attract bread and butters from all over the place most of them not interested in football they weren't thugs just geezers who liked anarchy and smashing things up. I saw a bloke chuck ball bearings under a police horse at Plymouth once I mean who goes to football with the intention of doing that ?
  22. Super Frank Thread

    Anyone who calls a 6-0 away win a shit performance is just taking the piss and takes football and commenting on football far to seriously. stop trying to be an apprentice Neville or Carragher. And again and this is my final post on this if we dominate tomorrow and lose come and post on here and say you were happy because you'll be in a minority of one. If Fury dominates tomorrow and gets caught with a sucker punch in the last round it will be scant consolation to him, his fans and people who had money him that he dominated but ultimately lost. You keep changing the narrative by using other games and you're last sentence means fuck all am I supposed to second guess what you're talking about ?. The bottom line was you were happy that we dominated against 10 men and nobody else was and so they shouldn't be.
  23. Super Frank Thread

    It was a shit performance and you were trying to put a positive spin on it and there isn't one. And what's the difference between in your words in terms of territory and possession ? You can only be dominant again your words with the ball which equates to possession of the ball.
  24. Super Frank Thread

    Here you go mate absolutely dominating against 10 men is no consolation at all. If the same happens tomorrow would you post this again? Only on a forum could you say this if I said it tomorrow after the game in the pub or the tube home people would tell me not to be such a twat.
  25. Super Frank Thread

    Good article this and should put to bed this bollocks narrative that having ball possession is something to take comfort in. It's the complete opposite it's a major flaw in your game if you dominate the ball have no final product and lose or draw against 10 men. We're going to have all the ball tomorrow if we lose the game against a team with no recognised strikers then serious questions have to be asked. https://inews.co.uk/sport/football/frank-lampard-chelsea-manchester-united-ole-gunnar-solskjaer-champions-league-top-four-1883536