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  1. More protracted than the Brexit negotiations basically either him or his agent have held the club to ransom so he better be worth it. A few decent performances in the Europa League aside he's got a lot to live up to.
  2. 1. Kepa Arrizabalaga

    Have to say I don't think he's very good has been riddled with mistakes this season he's got no presence either and has flimsy wrists and he looks like Dutch from The Shield.
  3. Chelsea - Valencia

    Just a terrible night there's absolutely no positives to be had. The crowd was flat, that cunt's assault on Mount, Aspi and Alonso pathetic crossing the debacle with the penalty. For fucks sake we all now Jorgie is our penalty taker why the fuck Barkley took the ball like a petulant schoolboy in the playground was fucking ridiculous. If someone mentions transition I'm going to go fucking mental this was a game against a team apparently in turmoil well they looked pretty professional to me.
  4. The English Football Thread

    What a load of old fanny . In the 80's women used to be fully bushed I was with this girl once it was like a barbers floor ha ha.
  5. 9. Tammy Abraham

    Fair play to Lamps he's saying the right things publicly but with the best will in the world Tammy wouldn't be starting if there wasn't a transfer ban. If Tammy's form tails off at the back end of the season will Lamps fork out on a new centre forward in the Summer chances are he will. One thing is for definite though is Tammy looks a far better prospect then Rashford who I've never rated and has got a shovel foot I've never seen someone sky the ball into the crowd more times since Micky Droy and they were clearances!
  6. Chelsea - Valencia

    No you won't be with the away supporters you'll be near them with a little gap for segregation enjoy your night son.
  7. The English Football Thread

    Talking of splashing out the Watford manager will have a puddle of water by his feet the amount he is sweating. Every year one team look dead certs to be relegated the way they are playing that could easily be Watford.
  8. Wolves 2-5 Chelsea

    ''When the ball hits the net like a Harrier Jet that's Tomori''
  9. What TV Prog Are You Following Now

    Best show I've seen recently is Barry it's about a hitman who accidently gets enrolled into a acting class Henry Winkler as the acting teacher is hilarious.
  10. What TV Prog Are You Following Now

    Must be nearly 40 years since I heard this it was a John Peel favourite always remember the where's Spock at the end.
  11. Domestic Cup Competitions thread

    Loads of us going to this including some who haven't been in years can't argue with a tenner. Pretty sure first season Roman took over it was either £30-35 for a cup game.
  12. Chelsea Women Discussion Thread

    Best chant I've heard of recently was believe it or not from those blockheads West Ham, Fulham who's fans have to be the poshest in London West Ham started singing '' Does your butler know your here ?''
  13. Chelsea Women Discussion Thread

    One thing I have noticed recently or maybe it's been going on for years, the very first competitive game for my school team in the mid 70's from the kick off you were told you always had to pass the ball forward and from a goal kick you couldn't pass to someone in the 18 yard box. When did the rules change?. I bet there's a lot of fans on here who are to young to remember that the keeper could pick the ball up from a backpass.
  14. 9. Tammy Abraham

    Don't think he's a Luton fan
  15. Chelsea Women Discussion Thread

    6ft 1 me I played for a couple of teams at CF a five a side team at centre back and when I got to old and wheezy went in goal for my pub team.
  16. Chelsea Women Discussion Thread

    Emma Hayes called City's ground The Emptihad
  17. Politics & Stuff

  18. Danny Drinkwater

    It's an English expression I'm hardly going to say some chap's lady friend. I'm sorry but if you're acting Billy Big Bollocks and hitting on a young man's lady friend and have been warned off several times you only have yourself to blame act like a prick there are consequences. Six on to one is not right but it's a nightclub people are drunk and on drugs it happens every weekend fact is behave yourself and you won't be put in a position where six geezers are going to attack you. And you don't see a lot of gentleman like behaviour in English nightclubs mate Drinkwater should have joined the Groucho club if he wanted that.
  19. Danny Drinkwater

    Drinkwater seems like a grade A prick although it's funny that his initials are DD which is exactly what he got charged with . You go to any nightclub doesn't matter if your a footballer or a warehouse worker and you make a move not once but a number of times on someone else's bird it's not going to end up well. I can imagine him giving the do you know who I am line to her and saying something along the line of what are you doing with him come and get some premier league action. Bit over the top jumping on his legs but if someone had done that to me and my mates when I was young they would have got a deserved kicking.
  20. 22. Christian Pulisic

    What do people expect at 20 the finished article?. I remember someone posted on here that on his debut (he came on for about 20 minutes in the cup against Forest ) that they weren't impressed with Ampadu. !. he was 17 at the time it's just fucking baffling Willy it really is.
  21. The International Football Thread

    I wonder what odds I'll get at the bookies on a Chelsea player getting crocked tomorrow or midweek because it's bound to fucking happen.
  22. Summer Transfer Targets

    No one knew Sheva was past it you can't deny that wasn't a massive signing. The point is who you want us to buy and who we get are two different things entirely. And running a pub team or even a non league team has no bearing at all it's like comparing running a corner shop to running Harrods.
  23. Summer Transfer Targets

    Of course it's different if I predict next week's starting line up against Wolves chances are I could be 100% right unless I said Willian and Kante to play at centre back. Having a christmas shopping list for next season is fantasy football there's no middle ground. We don't know where we're going to finish, who's going to have a poor season and with our revolving door when it comes to managers who's going to be in charge. Unfortunately our days at the top table are over hopefully we might back but have a poor season and players of the calibre of Mbappe wouldn't even consider us. The days of marquee signings are over fans had better get used to it and let's not forget is Roman if things stay the same going to spend money hand over fist on players he's hardly ever going to see in the flesh.
  24. Summer Transfer Targets

    I haven't read every post on here but we are jumping the gun no doubt about it. There is absolutely no guarantee that next summer we're going to go on a massive spending spree a la 2003. I'm not saying there won't be money to spend but finish finish top 4 a few new players yes but out of Europe completely then we become a less attractive proposition. Starting a thread about who we are going to buy before a ball had been kicked is a bit hard to fathom when you don't know how the players are going to perform. Starting a thread in January would have probably been a better time. Besides Lampard might be terrible in the market and buy complete duds. There is a touch of the fantasy football / FIFA about this thread it's pure speculation and guesswork but come next summer there will be many unhappy with who we buy or don't buy that's a given.
  25. Politics & Stuff