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  1. The Mourinho Thread

    In recognition of Man United's treble of Charity Shield, League Cup and Europa League Mickey Mouse has started to wear a Jose Mourinho wristwatch
  2. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    To call the Charity Shield a trophy is stretching credibility a bit. It's a pre season friendly nothing more nothing less. We went on a far east tour in 2003 or 4 can't remember but we won it that's on par with the Charity Shield. Hands up who remembers or for that matter cares when we lost to City at Villa Park in 2012 ?.
  3. Victory Parade Cancelled

    To be honest I'm not surprised that Chelsea have cancelled the parade they have been a bit reluctant to have them in the past. There a bit of a logistical nightmare because the route has to go through two different boroughs. I've been to everyone since 97 but there wasn't one in 98 when we won the Cup Winners Cup and neither in 2007 when we won both the league and FA cups or when we won the cup in 2009. This is from 97 when we won the cup.
  4. Victory Parade Cancelled

    Definitely the right thing to do the Met will be massively overstretched.
  5. Politics & Stuff

    You make some some good and valid points Spike but after something as atrocious all that Manpe geezer had to say was I'm sorry what happened and left it at that. To comment further so soon with comments like '' It's become so common it brings out no noteworthy emotions in me'' is Katie Hopkins like (Google her). It's insensitive to say the least and unnecessary if he put that on Twitter he would have got a lot worse than what I said. When Victoria Wood died she was massively loved in Britain I think it was Piers Morgan who said '' I'm sorry she died but I was never a fan'' a woman died just say your sorry you don't need to critique her career. Anyway Manpe has apologised so we'll leave it there and let's concentrate on football and clinching the double against those Arsenal pricks.
  6. 26. John Terry

    John Terry's wife is not happy apparently she said '' Every time we sit down to watch the telly John wants me to pull him off after 26 minutes''.
  7. Politics & Stuff

    No noteworthy emotions you said what are you a fucking dalek ?. Kids have been killed mate and as Special Juan said I'm going to leave it there.
  8. Politics & Stuff

    Well kindly stop commenting on events and feelings you know fuck all about.
  9. Politics & Stuff

    Don't talk bollocks mate this is off the scale barbarism no one in England and certainly Manchester will forget this. You go and colour in your Facebook and stop making idiotic comments. This was aimed at children who were on a night out I can't get my head around it.
  10. The Mourinho Thread

    Mourinho will never be a DJ because he only has one record and he never changes it.
  11. Juan Cuadrado

    Don't think I've ever seen a player less suited to English football. My abiding memory of him is his audible yelp when a Stoke player clattered into him and his look of bewilderment when he didn't get a free kick. Cuadrado floats like a butterfly and stings like one.
  12. Chelsea v Arsenal

    Chelsea TV free for Sky customers this week.
  13. Chelsea 5-1 Sunderland

    There's an episode of The Simpsons where Homer collapses because he's so bored when Flanders starts talking to him. Crooks used to do after match interviews for the BBC and you could see players wilt under Crooks's long winded questioning. He really is a cock and doesn't even attempt to hide his anti Chelsea bias. Keown is a walking halloween mask and the three of them look like a shit boy band who've just reformed.
  14. fa cup final tickets

    There was a story going about a few years ago about these three blokes at Heathrow airport. People were coming out going out of the bar but these three blokes stayed all of them looking anxious. After a while they started talking to each other and they found out they had one thing in common. They all had paid for the same Thai bride to fly over ha ha.