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  1. The English Football Thread

    I can't be arsed looking for his thread on the ex blues but this picture of Gallas is staggering ! he looks like a pre op tranny
  2. The English Football Thread

    As someone who despises Spurs it has to be said the old white fart lane had a good atmosphere give them they're due they got behind the team especially pre Poch when they were average at best. I've just watched the last 30 minutes or so and I haven't heard the yids sing once. This is the problem when teams become successful the fans sit back and expect them to trash the opponents it's happened at all the top clubs none of them have good atmospheres apart from local derbies and top six clashes. White Hart Lane is just another corporate wankhole where the average fan is priced out, I can't see the bridge getting redeveloped far to many obstacles to hurdle but if it does the atmosphere is bad now it won't improve unless tickets are reasonably priced.
  3. 9. Tammy Abraham

    So the message to Lamps regarding Tammy is stand by your man
  4. Norwich - Chelsea

    Var official photographed as Giroud challenges keeper.
  5. Norwich - Chelsea

    Yes Lamps Chelsea legend blah blah but lose tomorrow and he's already under huge pressure. Forget the stature of the man he's now our manager and no one and I mean no one is above criticism. Let's be honest if Sarri had started off last season with a thrashing, an ok performance in a glorified friendly and a draw where we could have quite easily have been caned then he would have been vilified and again rightly so you take the job your getting handsomely paid the buck stops with you. We all want Lamps to do well that's a given but lets not pussyfoot round the issue if things are not going well then negative posts or maybe questioning posts are a better way of putting it are equally as valid. It's to glib just to say he needs time transfer ban etc yes they don't help in fact there a fucking hindrance but I'm afraid sentiment means fuck all in modern football go down fighting yes that's what Chelsea are all about play like we did against Leicester in the second half as the song goes there may be trouble ahead.
  6. 9. Tammy Abraham

    I think there's being a few posts where people are trying to drown out dissenters when it comes to Tammy. People are allowed to have an opinion and just because it's questioning something or someone it shouldn't be shouted down. So in my opinion and what I've seen of him and first impressions count for a lot in football I just don't think Tammy is good enough for us. This is his season to prove himself he's going to get a fair bit of first team action because next summer we're in the market for a CF no doubt about it. For me he's another Solanke or Carlton Cole just not an elite player. If he proves me wrong and I hope he does I want the best for the club we all do then brilliant I'll gladly eat my words but I can't see myself opening up a tin of Alphabetti Spaghetti anytime soon.
  7. The Pub - Discuss Anything

    The nickname the pope that is mentioned in the link is very similar to my brother. His name is also John Paul so me and my other brother used to call him George we only stopped when he got married so it wouldn't confuse his kids . Not a nickname as such but there was a character in the tv show Budgie called Laughing Spam Fritter that's class ha ha.
  8. The targets for next summer

    Can't remember the ins and outs to be honest but he was presented at OT at a presser with a Man United shirt. On a side note that geezer Chelsea first love who picked Harry Kane in next seasons team he's having a Steffi Graf
  9. The targets for next summer

    Not sure that's true Vesper Mikel joined us after signing a contract for Man United.
  10. The Pub - Discuss Anything

  11. Chelsea 1-1 Leicester

    Lamptey and Mola !! sound like ringers to me
  12. Chelsea 1-1 Leicester

    Geezer got on at Earls Court yesterday middle aged, bald and wearing glasses he also had the full home kit on that's just wrong on so many levels. People weren't laughing at him everyone just sort of bemused how anyone of his age thinks that's an acceptable way to dress. Full kit wanker it's known as fine if your eight not when you're 48 !
  13. Super Frank Thread

    Morris coaching the cream of not just English but European footballers so superior to the opposition almost every game. This is not just a step up it's a chasm. Mind you Jody Morris is the last person you could imagine coaching anyone the amount of shit he got up to in his career although paradoxically he might be just the right person to tell young kids to not make the same mistakes he did. If you asked Jody Morris how do you know out of a group of young kids who'll have a successful career does he say I just separate the wheat from the chav
  14. Super Frank Thread

    I was in the MHU today first 20 minutes superb football next seventy really worrying and here's the one major problem we have. Lamps should have picked an experienced number two Jody Morris is fine coaching the best kids at that level but you play that open against any of the top five and any decent European team then we are utterly fucked. Be prepared for some bad results this season and yes I'm perfectly aware the season has just started but man alive that second half especially hit home what a difficult job Lamps has.