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  1. Group B - Portugal, Spain, Morocco, Iran

    Can't be bothered with the second half those fucking horns are driving me mental.
  2. Anthony Martial

    I lasted 30 seconds before turning it off he managed to say you guys about five times. I'd rather stick knitting needles in my eyes than watch that.
  3. General World Cup Thread

    What the World Cup is all about school kids in Uruguay.
  4. Next Manager?

    Probably like Chelsea all the young buds get sent to Holland
  5. General World Cup Thread

    Bloody hell seems like the vuvuzela is being blown at the Morocco - Iran game just sounds like a swarm of bluebottles. Can you imagine sitting in the stadium listening to that shit it's nearly as bad as the English band.
  6. General World Cup Thread

    Me and my mates bunked into see Flesh Gordon and we noticed a kid in the same year at school sitting on his own watching it which earned him the name Macintosh Man. Still think the best is Carry on Matron where women giving birth are placed in either the Bunn or Oven wards
  7. General World Cup Thread

    When we played pre season in the USA a few years ago and I'm sure he did it on purpose the stadium announcer said '' Coming on for Chelsea is no 11 Yuri Jerk Off the crowd were pissing themselves
  8. General World Cup Thread

    It's to avoid the 1982 scandal when Austria and West Germany played keepball for most of the match so they both qualified and Algeria didn't who had played the day before. You must remember that UJ it was massive at the time.
  9. The Pre-Season Thread

    Might pop over as it goes although I do think we will be vastly outnumbered by the Gooners.
  10. Premier League thread

    Liverpool away on my birthday bound to be changed for TV though
  11. General World Cup Thread

    Can't believe that 5live have given that preening bellend Robbie Savage his own breakfast show. He gives no insight and all he does is arse lick his mates Mark Hughes etc. But he believes your opinion doesn't count unless you have played the game professionally yet here is commenting on the World Cup something he never played in.
  12. Next Manager?

    Best was the Cruyff turn and this still the funniest thing ever to happen on a football pitch
  13. Next Manager?

    I can't believe the amount of angst among some fans in the grand scheme of things it's a pretty trivial matter who Chelsea's next manager is. Just enjoy the World Cup if your country's involved or for us English expect the usual disappointment. My first World Cup was 1974 not many left for me now
  14. Next Manager?

    Twitter in a nutshell someone posting uninformed guesswork