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  1. The English Football Thread

    Same thing happened on the railway in the 90's FB geezers who were sacked by BR came back working for agencies. BR was no more it was Railtrack and they didn't give a toss. Royal Mail had an amnesty in the 90's you could reapply after ten years after being sacked my mate did a teenage postman in the 80's who liked a drink and blazing getting up at five was not the job for them . Look at Ranieri he did a good job for us we were skint pre Roman and he was far better than the special needs one in the transfer market . But apart from one monumental season at Leicester he has been sacked by countless clubs and I can't see him doing much at Fulham.
  2. The English Football Thread

    Chelsea get a lot of stick for the amount of managers we've had under Roman but Notts County have just sacked Harry Kewell the next manager will be there 16th since 2009 that's fucking staggering. The lower league clubs hire and fire far more frequently than the Premier League ones is there any other job in life when you can be sacked in five times in five years and still get employed ?.
  3. The English Football Thread

    Charlie Daniels auditions for Blur.
  4. The 'What Song Are You Listening To Now' Thread

    This has to be the worse dancing in the history of cinema FB. Pacino dances like he's being stung by a cattle prod and Michelle Pfeiffer has the coordination of a four year old it's unspeakably bad
  5. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    They say that in every fat person there's a thin one trying to get out. Seems the opposite with Ronaldo who seems to have Steve Bruce coming out of him
  6. BATE Borisov 0-1 Chelsea

    The camera panned on it with about 10 minutes to go.
  7. BATE Borisov 0-1 Chelsea

    Went on the piss early doors so watching it with a head foggier than the weather tonight but the highlight of the game and we all cheered when we saw it was the Belarus Blues flag fucking brilliant. You don't get Belarus Real flags or Belarus Barcelona flags because these people have a touch of class and recognise a proper football club with proper support.
  8. Ken Shellito

    Two goals in two games and that was it. I was at that Forest game bought a few mates from school who were instantly converted to Chelsea because they loved the anarchy of the Shed you didn't get that in the Loft or Arse's Northbank.
  9. Chelsea 3-1 Crystal Palace

    Not sure a geezer from Romania will get the Jacobs reference
  10. Chelsea 3-2 Derby County

    All good points Greavsie it's similar to Duncan Edwards who was outstanding but only people who saw him in the flesh could say how good he really was. I like Jimmy Greaves but as I said he's a Tottenham man and that taints his legacy a bit.
  11. Ken Shellito

    The book is from when he was managing the club although he does talk about his early days. He plays for the God Squad now and has done for years. Great team that FB I started supporting in 1970 and started going in 75 and as you know mate it was just a tad different then.
  12. Chelsea 3-2 Derby County

    Open to debate that one I never saw Greaves play and his heart is in N17. Osgood and Zola Chelsea's greatest ever for me.
  13. Ken Shellito

    In his book called Eddie Mac Eddie Mac he says he didn't leave over the car can't remember why he said he did. Good book it is FB there's interviews from fans and players from that era you forget just how potless we were the players had to take a paycut just to keep the club going. I couldn't imagine Sarri storming out over a Ford Focus but I could imagine Mourinho doing it over something like why there aren't enough mirrors in his office
  14. Ken Shellito

    I was at that and the one in 82.