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  1. The Conte Thread

    There is to much moaning in general not pointing the finger at any individual it's just we should be happy as fuck with where we are rather than over analysing things. I would never ask anyone to be banned I've been banned from loads of things in the past as well as football forums
  2. The Conte Thread

    Have to say it's quite pointless talking about something that didn't happen.
  3. The Conte Thread

    He's very popular in Germany where he's known as Herr Piece.
  4. The Conte Thread

    A team that came 10th last season and looked clueless and disinterested. 12 months later we have an eleven point lead and are playing some scintillating football and that's down to Conte and people still aren't happy well what the fuck sort of expectations do you have ?. It's just moaning for the sake of it and it makes us as Chelsea fans look spoilt and ungrateful. Did anyone honestly think in August that we'd be in this sort of position come the end of February no of course fucking not so stop whinging and get behind the team.
  5. Chelsea - Swansea

    From the Mirror like most of the press anti Chelsea. A touch of class from Chelsea as they did a special wrap round edition of their match day programme. They paid tribute to Frank Lampard, one of the club’s all time greats, if not the greatest player in the club’s history. Lampard, who announced his retirement earlier this month, scored 211 goals in 648 games and won 13 trophies during a glorious career at Stamford Bridge. The Chelsea fans sang his name throughout the game and at half time when he did a lap of honour before making a brilliant speech to thank the fans. Pure class all round
  6. West Ham v Chelsea

    The London Stadium or as it's better known Pikey's Paradise. Typical West Ham fan someone who's dressed head to toe in Sports Direct gear Lonsdale trainers and Slazenger tracksuit bottoms. A club whose ground is subsidised by the taxpayer and whose joint chairmen Gold and Sullivan are so crooked they could sleep on a spiral staircase.
  7. Chelsea - Swansea

    I can only comment on English football because I don't watch European football but I do think testimonials are a thing of the past. I don't think the likes of Giggs, Bergkamp, Gerrard, Adams(I could be wrong) etc got one simply because as I've said it's no longer about supporting players with a few quid when they retire. Mind you anyone who buys a round of drinks gets one if they played for Tottenham .
  8. Chelsea - Swansea

    Testimonials were started to help players when they retired It was so someone with no qualifications and in his mid 30's had a bit of financial support. Lampard isn't exactly skint and another thing is when would you fit the game in? Chelsea have already announced they're pre season tour for the Summer. When exactly would you like to bring him on the field before the game? bearing in mind that the stadium will be half empty till ten to three and you can't do it to near the kick off. By announcing it like this it gives the fans and Lamps 15 minutes to show they're mutual appreciation. I was at Zola's well they called it an appreciation game rather than a testimonial that was 2004 I can't remember another one (a testimonial you have to be 10 consecutive years at the club) but my feeling is when JT retires they might arrange a joint one with him and Frank.
  9. The English Football Thread

    Alyawatt Srivaddhanaprabha is the name of the Leicester vice chairman. I suppose one consolation for the Leicester fans is that he's not a player try getting that on the back of your shirt.
  10. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    One of the funniest things I've heard at the Bridge recently was Gent fans singing with Belgian accents ''Your support is fucking shit'' to us. Looks like Spurs having the same problem with Wembley as the goons did ha ha.
  11. Your Chelsea FC Memories

    There's a piece in today's Guardian about best goals that have gone in off the woodwork. They chose six including this one by Brian Bason against Carlisle in 1975. Bason run a boozer not far from where I lived in the early 90's . He only played a handful of games for us as I recall, there's also an interview with a 18 year old Ray Wilkins after the game who has a full head of hair and looking like an extra from Saturday Night Fever. Glad I was too young to have missed out dressing like that the size of the shirt collar is ridiculous
  12. The English Football Thread

    Joey Barton to be punished less harshly than man who ate a pie The FA has confirmed that eating a Cornish Pasty will damage your career more than common assault, placing thousands of bets and taking diving lessons off Tom Daley. Speaking to reporters, a spokesman for the FA said that having a laugh the one time in your life the cameras are on you brings the good name and reputation of Association Football into disrepute far more than Actual Bodily Harm on a teammate. Barton, who is hotly tipped to represent England on the 3m diving board at the 2018 Commonwealth games, has twice been convicted of assault without his career being overly derailed – leaving some fans wondering if the fate meted out to Wayne Shaw may not have been a little harsh. “There’s a clear difference between Joey Barton and Wayne Shaw,” an FA spokesman to us. “Wayne is a harmless, friendly fat lad who we all feel comfortable bullying, while Joey is quite good at football and great for advertising revenues, merchandising and ticket sales. “Obviously, it would be entirely unreasonable for his career to be damaged for spending time in prison. “Besides, we’re all afraid he’ll twat us one next if we say anything.” Meanwhile, UEFA has confirmed that while Luis Suarez might have taken a bite out of three other players, taking a bite out of a pastry-wrapped mixture of cheap steak and potato on the telly is ‘clearly’ a more severe infraction and a career-ending offenc
  13. Under The Bridge

    I had a Eddie McCreadie blue and white army silk scarf that I used to wear on my wrist. I still have the red away top that I bought for £3.65 !!!! in the supporters shop. My mum sewed the number nine on the back Steve Finneston being my favourite player at the time. I'll try and upload a picture of it.
  14. The Sutton connection

    Man City are going to buy him he's better then Claudio Bravo.
  15. The English Football Thread

    Looks like the Sutton keeper will have to find another way to earn a crust.