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Socur Toxanarosa

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  1. Non-Chelsea Transfer Pub

    Kennedy didn't play a single match this season, forget about him, if Conte changes his mind during the pre-season and gives him a chance, fine, but for now he is a non factor and we shouldn't even consider him being part of the team next season. The same for the other youngsters that don't play.
  2. Nemanja Matic

    Another great match, very solid performance.
  3. Diego Costa

    He was always like this, he was never a technical player.
  4. Diego Costa

    Who ever thought a great player could play well again after a bad patch?
  5. Nemanja Matic

    Well, i rather Conte judging him then the great Leif, but to each his own.
  6. Nemanja Matic

    Yes, he was the best when he was there, James peaked later, and i don't know why you listed a bunch of scrubs like Cardozo, Martinez, Hulk and Witsel.
  7. Nemanja Matic

    Funny when you say "And that's excluding the little but strong leagues like in Portugal & Belgium" because Matic was the BEST player in the portuguese league when he played there, not CM, best player of any position. About the others, playing at Napoli/Lyon is different than playing for a top club, i don't watch a lot of Napoli/Lyon but it's a entirely different level being a starter for Chelsea, Nainggolan is probably a bit better but too expensive for his age. Fabinho is a good option but i like Saul the most of your list. We need another option anyway for depth but Matic job's is not an easy task, so picking a player performing well from some mid tier club is not guaranteed sucess, Matic was a monster for Benfica, the standards here are totally different.
  8. Nemanja Matic

    If we could bring a better player in the summer and make him a rotation option, wonderful, problem is that there aren't many who can do his role better.
  9. Diego Costa

    The amazing goal against PSG was last season tho.
  10. Diego Costa

  11. Diego Costa

    Morata won't come if Costa stays, he's already bitching about playing time in Madrid.
  12. Nemanja Matic

    No problem mate, i just think they shouldn't be in the squad if they're not playing.
  13. Nemanja Matic

    That's the order of positions i'd upgrade, doesn't mean it has to be done all in one summer, LCB and RF would already be solved with Christensen and Sanchez. And of course we should loan the youngsters that aren't playing, is that even a case?
  14. Nemanja Matic

    And where i said otherwise? Batshuayi and some youngsters will leave, Christensen will be back, and we will buy a LWB, a CM, Sanchez(hopefully) and a Striker, that's what i think will happen.
  15. Diego Costa

    Thank god, we just need a good substitute, Llorente would do it for me, and should be ultra cheap. Let's spend the money on Sanchez.
  16. Nemanja Matic

    We will have lot more matches next season, need a bigger squad. The youngsters are not playing even now, they're not ready, must go on loan.
  17. Nemanja Matic

    Disagree in both, LCB, LWB and RF for me. After that, RWB, then, CM.
  18. Nemanja Matic

    No there aren't, since Essien passed his prime we didn't have a reliable DM until Matic arrived. And the ones who could supposedly do his job at least on a similar level, are already in top teams. We will probably reinforce this position tho, but it's because we need depth.
  19. Nemanja Matic

    Don't think Matic is a football genius, but he is certainly our most underrated player, he's crucial.
  20. Nemanja Matic

    I have no problems fielding Matic against anyone, i had with Mikel. I don't think CM is a top priority for upgrade, Matic/Fabregas is a good set of options to complement Kanté depending on the game, of course we can't only have 3 reliables CM's for next season, but they're pretty fine starters in my view.
  21. Diego Costa

    True, i'm talking about here.
  22. Nemanja Matic

    It's not supposed to.
  23. Diego Costa

    But a lot of them are, the amount of abuse Costa and Matic are getting is unbelievable, you could believe we're in the same situation of last season by reading these comments. I don't even like Cahill, but i'll support him until the end of the season at least, the team is working ffs.
  24. Diego Costa

    Stop talking sense please, that's not how it works here.
  25. Nemanja Matic

    Doesn't matter, they already decided he was trash before the game even begun.