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  1. Chelsea 0-3 Bayern Munich

    Top four is what this season is all about. CL was an adventure. It could have ended a bit better. I sure hope this is the last Arsenal season(last Wenger years) - top 4 scrap and getting humiliated in the cl....
  2. Chelsea 2-2 Arsenal

    How are we still 4th??? The league is at its lowest. Liverpool are winning the league wtf??? ...
  3. Chelsea 4-4 Ajax

    Don’t overreact. They are having one of the best days of their season and we are sooo unlucky. No experience in the squad. When things go to sh*t so do we. 4-5 signings and 2 years and we can be best in Europe.
  4. Chelsea 1-2 Man Utd

    I didn’t get Tammy sub. Bats was bad, but scored one of the goals of the season. If you want to change things up, put Giroud in for us to have a chance of a cross. 3 pts against watford and Ajax and i will be over the moon. Aaand our midfield is sooo thin. Let’s hope kante, barkley amd rlc will be fit sooner rather than later. KTBFFH!
  5. Chelsea 1-2 Man Utd

    Y the way genduzi or whatever his name is has the same amount of assist az ozil who he replaced lolz
  6. Chelsea 1-2 Man Utd

    The same defence almost kept a cs against liberpool. There hasn’t been even one chance for both teams. We conceded a soft pen, but that’s pretty mich it for the whole half. Utd have a plan and are sticking by it. We are missing a couple of players, but even so I prefer we go out with the amount of injuries we currently have. I wouldn’t be too proud if I was a utd fan tbh. Feel kind of guilty
  7. Chelsea 3-0 Malmo

    CHO looks like a starter. Tries different things every attack. Guess Sarri is mad at him for wanting to leave. I don’t see another reason he is not the second name on the team sheet.
  8. Next Manager?

    Terry first gig first thing tomorrow?
  9. Chelsea 0-2 Man Utd

    Can somebody explain to me what ‘Sarri-ball’ is?” Strachan told talkSPORT. “I’ve still not got it yet. Has it just been invented? Is it fake news? “It just looks like a 4-3-3 with one sitting midfield player, and the rest just pass the ball to Hazard. “Wherever he is, it has to go through Jorginho and then somehow you have to get it to Hazard and then you have to stand back and wait for Hazard to do something brilliant, which he has done on many of occasions. “But if that’s not working, then it doesn’t seem to work at all! Gordan Strachan sums it up. LOL
  10. Chelsea 0-2 Man Utd

    Even if he is not, a single goal from CHO gets the fans mad, the press goes wild, he can spark something in this team.
  11. Chelsea 0-2 Man Utd

    City are pretty much showing the league how it’s done. It is still pretty succesful if you ask me. The problem is we don’t have the players to do it. Especially the full backs. So in my opinion Sarri should have looked further than his nose a few weeks back, when the season wasn’t over.
  12. Chelsea 0-2 Man Utd

    I get everyone wants to play beautiful possession based football, but you can’t have only one system. Even in 4-3-3 you can change so many things - not Sarri apperantly. And not giving chances to younger players in dead games is beyond me...
  13. Non-Chelsea Transfer Pub

    I have a lot of friends who are fans of lesser clubs. You should be ambitious and all, but we are one of the best clubs in the world, appreciate what you have.
  14. Non-Chelsea Transfer Pub

    We are rich, but we aren’t stupid. We went trough the fase of spending ridiculous amounts. The market is crazy these days, we can build a new stadium for the price of 1 superstar. In my opinion the board is trying to go trough the new stadium fase without repeating arsenals mistakes. We have the perfect manager. He is a warrior, our players really try with a few exceptions. That is what every sensible football fan wants - the 11 on the field to play as a team and to give 100% until the last whistle. On our day we can beat everyone and i would never use the word averege for our squad!
  15. Non-Chelsea Transfer Pub

    IN: A new CB if Christensen doesn't come back + a fullback(left or right depending where Azpi will play).Hoping for Creswell. A new Makelele(Radja OR Kante) Another CM/CAM only if the right oppurtunity arrives(if we sell Oscar its a must). We need only top class players. There is no point of buying someone just for the sake of buying. 1 or 2 Strikers. I think Graziano Pellle is a great rotation option(PL proven) plus Conte knows him well. The other one should be top class, especially if Diego leaves. If Begovic leaves a HG second choice GK(should not overspend). OUT: We should figure out what to do with all our loan players(sell/loan/1st team squad). Mikel should go. Oscar if the right offer comes in.( £ £ £) We should do our best to keep the others.