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  1. Filipe Luís

    Atletico and their defense are beautiful to watch. Even with Godin injured, they have a solid block. Luis was awesome to look at, both in defense and offense.
  2. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    Atletico Madrid - PSV. What an exhilarating game that was. Even despite the 0-0 on both legs. Griezmann splendid, great technique, Carrasco was dangerous, Torres a real bullhound but disappeared towards the end. Atletico's fullbacks are awesome, kept on going all the time.
  3. The Mourinho Thread

    What Mourinho needs is more options, especially in defence. Chelsea's activity during the transfer window was very minimal.
  4. Kevin de Bruyne

    Here's the thing that bothers me the most: does Eden enjoy football? When I see KDB play, he genuinely enjoys playing. When it comes to Eden, I don't get that same feeling. I'm afraid it's becoming a drag to him and he's forfeiting on his ambitions. Hell, I can see KDB become a trainer in the future, whereas I do not for Eden. Mentality is just as important.
  5. Kevin de Bruyne

    Some great passes that should have led to goals, but wouldn't say he was the engine of City. Nasri was way more active and when De Bruyne was occupying the left flank there were periods you didn't notice De Bruyne because everything kept going through the right flank. Once he integrates I wonder what he'll be capable of.
  6. Kevin de Bruyne

    Almost assist, but Navas messed up big time.
  7. Eden Hazard

    The ten commandments or "How to fix Belgium": 1. throw out all Tottenham players (present and future, if a time machine is built... the past as well). 2. throw out Lukaku. 3. throw out Wilmots. 4. teach our strikers that yes, when an assist is given, you actually need to run forward to tap it in; telekinesis does not exist. 5. strikers must now take a peek at the goal before taking a shot. 6. players that pass the ball backwards more than X amount of times during a game will become bench warmers. 7. fast ball circulation will be mandatory; players failing to maintain it will be dropped from the selection (hence point 1). 8. having a high FIFA ranking means opponents will park the bus and not allow you much space; henceforth, Hazard will be your god (and point 2) 9. Hazard will follow courses to develop leadership skills 10. Courtois is your backup god
  8. Eden Hazard

    Liked and disliked Hazard today, great link up play but aarrggh... the nonchalance! It's the reason I dislike players like Vertonghen and Kompany: that bloody arrogance. Where were those counters? They didn't utilize them whatsoever. You had them scared, so then finish them. Belgium's #1 weakness: 2nd half first 20 minutes. You want to destroy Belgium? Do it in this time frame.
  9. Last Film You Watched

    12 Angry Men (1957): 9.5/10 I like how the plot keeps intriguing despite the entire film taking place in one little room. Also black/white, but definitely worth the watch.
  10. Kevin de Bruyne

    Are we still going over this? As much as I like KDB, the facts are (at least I hope they're correct): - Kevin had a hard time breaking through with Jose experimenting with the squad just after he returned to Chelsea, Jose was experimenting and found better options at the time; - World Cup was nearby and KDB himself says he needs playing time to be in his top shape (not sure if this is a weakness, but on the plus I think he has a pretty injury-free record so far, though he's still young); - Upon joining Wolfsburg he said he harbored no bad feelings towards Chelsea and Jose. This can be seen in two different ways: he doesn't have a grudge or he does have but does not express it, in which case he has a professional attitude (which I think he has because of his response concerning Courtois and the Belgian national team) - Have you heard sensational remarks coming from KDB about Chelsea lately? Nope, hence all is fine and the best we have is our speculation. Compare with Luiz or for a more extreme example Lukaku. Now the real question may be: is there a chance of KDB coming back in the future, and if so would we want him? While I think the first one is positive, I figure the answer to the second question is a no. I have seen him defend from time to time, but not to a standard that would satisfy Mourinho. Under a Mourinho system I can't see De Bruyne being granted a "free-roaming" role, when Hazard has that privilege. I feel De Bruyne belongs in a counter attacking club or one that focuses most its attacks through the center (rookie opinion).
  11. Welcome to the forums hazardousteddybear :)