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  1. The Mourinho Thread

    Their problem is that the thing that used to work doesn't anymore: sitting deep, soaking up pressure is costing them a lot this season. Maybe it's because the game has developed, or maybe it's because there's no Walter Samuel. Anyway their backs are already up against the wall and Spurs are coming on next, expect more pain to be inflicted. Afterwards i can see things getting better... You can talk about performances all you want, but the emotional connection is sad to be lost, IMO. That's on the players and the management. As things stand, this season you seem to have predicted the right outcome, but it's silly to already generalise about the next years. Anything can happen...
  2. Man City v Chelsea

    Things like this happen, the question is how they'll come back afterwards. Have to say it, David Luiz has been incredible, i'm impressed!
  3. Man City v Chelsea

    City didn't look too convincing in their recent matches.. i thought Pochettino could snatch up a point against Chelsea after their game against Arsenal, wrong. Stones is going to make the bench yet again, isn't he?
  4. The Mourinho Thread

    Manager and players are all in the same boat. Finishing is part of the problem... still, they would be at least three points off top. After they acquired four targets in summer, people expected them to dominate the league. It's all fair and square that their style of play has improved compared to the two former predecessors (according to lots of Mancs), but it's just not been good enough. If Mourinho doesn't make top 4, he's surely a goner. Tbf, there're a lots of games yet to come, but they have to start somewhere. It's indeed impressive how Conte gets the job done with 2, 3 average players in the lineup. So far (only 13 games in) he's doing a much better job than Mourinho this season. Carrick, Mkhitaryan, Martial and Shaw. It's nothing but astonishing how these talented lads can't make the team week in and week out. But that's United's problem. Scouse and Arse are loving life so far, not sure if it continues.
  5. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    I liked what Gomes offered against City. He can't compete with Iniesta (tbf, no one can), but he does a job for you, very intelligent player. Sure, with hindsight, Gundogan would tick all the boxes for Barca, but you can do a lot worse than buying Gomes. Yeah, they're different, but i get that someone like Gundogan would have been better. But i think Enrique's idea with players such as Rakitic and Gomes does make Barca stronger. In the end that's all what counts, a flop is a flop, so better avoid one and pay up, penny pinching does you no good. I can't say much to the comparision between Joao and Gomes, all i can say is that personally, i like Gomes, he's means business (on the pitch). Barca need workers to enable 'el tridente' to do their thing. Gomes fits right in, doesn't he? Barcelona have a problem and its name is Sergio Busquets these days. He's miles off form, fecked everything up against City. Barca could've made it 2:0, mistakes were costly. Without Iniesta they're in deep shit, no control. At least Gomes' shot should've went in, in the end that's football. Atletico peaked early, not sure whether they're able to contain it, happens all the time and Bayern don't have a great winger, which will be a big problem when taking on the big boys. Their game against Atletico showed that they didn't learn a thing so far. Another problem is their fullbacks; Lahm isn't as good as before and Alaba has really regressed, especially when taking a look at his way of defending. Of course, both teams can win it. This stuff depends on a lot of things, but an energetic Dortmund can go far and i'm sure Juve will be right up there. Hopefully this time around, there will be some huge clashes already in the round of sixteen. I still think City are overrated. The first game when Barca took them seriously, they got a real good spanking! Good hearing from you, mate.
  6. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    Could have been 2:0 for Barca at half time, mistakes cost them big time, ter Stegen should have saved De Bruyne's freekick...but great game by him, tbf.
  7. Chelsea v Everton

    Don't think that they impressed much against West Ham. Maybe i'm still a bit butthurt because i put some money on West Ham not losing the game, we'll see. Everton's front 3 + Barkley are powerful players, but i don't think they have enough to expose Chelsea's 3-5-2. Chelsea are flying high at the moment and with the league's best striker it really should be a win. What a goal that was against Southampon.
  8. The Mourinho Thread

    People stated their opinion which is most times fair and square. The general consensus seems that Mourinho's done and dusted. I simply disagreed because of their current style of play. Conte's been doing a good job so far, but personally i wouldn't want to say who's got the better deal for long term, it's still early days. Redcafe shelters a lot of opinions, your saying is true for some people, but i read others who were wary of problems the former champion of England 'Chelsea FC' could cause them. I didn't count them, maybe you're right, maybe you're wrong, who knows. Only fools put clubs such as Arsenal or Tottenham ahead of Chelsea. Less competition could lead to a point where most teams including Chelsea start downing tools. Personally, i want a strong league. More top teams means more unpredicability and results finally in more fun, IMO. Chelsea plays the competition because they want to win it. Essien19: I don't think that saying me the above puts me in the basket with the Mancs. I know what i said back in the day... i'm still feeling some sort of disconnection, but when i turn on the tv, the team isn't so doing well, there's still the c'mon, this can't be it, try harder ffs. There's a reason why i'm still around, but you won't see me disrespecting the great boss. A lot of (online) Chelsea fans do this these days, i know! They're still hurting a lot, only time will help, i guess.
  9. The thing is, after the so-called 'clown' comment you seemed a bit more aggressive in the following discussions, if i remember correctly. Especially Gilvorak's behaviour really did get the better of you: his high valuation regarding Oscar did get on your nerves, didn't it?! Furthermore another member called Willian a fraud (it's an insult) but you didn't attack his opinion, you attacked him personally. Maybe you could have phrased that one differently. The good thing is, that's the few examples i can bring to the table, there're no more. In my point of view that's not good enough reason to ban you, even in a soft world like this. But the mods are kings in here and the way it looks they don't want to be dragged into deep discussions with members which in the end are more or less meanignless. Suck it up! Yes, standing up for yourself is in most case not a bad thing, but this time, you've simply met the wrong person. Anyway, it would be a real good thing if the two of you would just accept each others apology, your account gets instantly unbanned and all of us can get on with life. Act like adults, ffs. I thought that was one of the reasons why the board got rid of Mourinho, no more kindergarden! I enjoy(ed) it, but i understand why other people don't! It's more or less useless to moan because of the past. Zolayes keeps on getting mentioned, but he ain't here anymore, but was active af in the past. Meaning, not all things were that good, were they!? Fingers crossed that in the next couple of days you're back in the team. Have a nice day!
  10. The English Football Thread

    Really hope Stoke can win this today, got a bit too optimistic with the amount of money i put on them...
  11. The Mourinho Thread

    Mancs aren't scoring against the minnows, they create chances, though. A bit ironic that finishing has become one of their biggest problems with Zlatan in their team. Their style of play isn't too bad, but at least 4 teams are looking better and they already have about 7 points more. City Chelsea Liverpool Arsenal (new buys are impressive, different than before) Tottenham That's United's problem. There has to be a winning streak now...still think Mourinho's got what it takes and will come good, wait till Christmas, i guess. So far, it's fair to say it's been very disappointing for them.
  12. @Boost aka Stats sad that you aren't around anymore. Really think that you have a very good understanding of the game and your contributions were almost always on point. One of the good guys! I understand that you didn't want to moan time and again but you should've let it go with Special Juan. Making the rounds didn't do you any favours, just concentrate on the future and the new (football) topics, not any grudges with member(s) . Anyway, i'm not here to lecture you. You did less than others who i think get away with it... Maybe there's still a chance, but you need to put Special Juan on your ignore list, i think. Regard!
  13. Southampton 0-2 Chelsea

    The moment one of the Chelsea lads played it a bit too short to Kanté in the second half and the french international -always two steps ahead recovered by laying his full body weight into the opponent, pointless to say that he easily hold on to the ball... the boy can do no wrong, he's the best thing happened to Chelsea FC (in midfield) since Makélélé... it's about time for a song similar to West Hams version of 'we've got Payet'...
  14. Southampton 0-2 Chelsea

    Very good team, very good manager. They don't make mistakes, do they?! For me, Kanté is Chelsea's best player, but the guy who impressed me most is Victor Moses. Incredible, absolutely incredible. Chelsea is right up there with the very best and it's very well deserved!
  15. Southampton v Chelsea

    Chelsea will win, they almost always do these days. Time to make a profit on this. Odds are good.