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  1. Counting Down By Picture From 1000 Its only a bit of fun but just trying to get peeps posting in different parts of the forum. I had this game on my site and it was quite busy and fun finding an unusual image with that particular number on. IF nobody follows you on please give it 12 hours before you repost yeah Lets give it a bash!
  2. Hirving Lozano

    With the north London Arseholes after him and Ancelotti saying he would die to sign him I dount very much if Mz Penny Pinschers formula of going in with a big low ball will have much effect at all. Some blinding players just dropping out of our reach thru apathy and ineptness!
  3. Heres one for you Mrs. I'm not listening to it but a mate just bought a copy lately. Rare as hell and cost a few quid.
  4. Hirving Lozano

    Looks like Gooners are after him
  5. General Transfer Talk

    Looks like Shitty really want/wanted him.
  6. Still in a reflective Dylan mood. Lost count the amount of times I've seen Bobby D
  7. Alwayts easier touse a scapegoat than take the blame.
  8. 3. Marcos Alonso

    You're not ranting at me me old China! I agree! Problem is that peeps keep saying we should drop all the ones playing badly - It will leave us with this which can't be worse for some games And I've been lenient on some of them. Piazon RLC Pedro Kovacic Kante Ampadu Emerson Rudi Luiz Zapacosta Willy
  9. Krzysztof Piatek

    Barca are after the new Lewandowski. The guys already got 7 goals for Genoa Hes got to be worth a go. What do you think Mz @Vesper
  10. Philippe Coutinho

    If Eden is off is Coutinho a viable option if we swap Willian plus cash for him? Personally i would prefer Lozano but if Edens out of here hes a god replacement eh! Chelsea transfer news: Willian-plus-cash bid for Philippe Coutinho ‘could tempt’ Barcelona BARCELONA could be tempted to sell Philippe Coutinho to Chelsea if they offer Willian-plus-cash, it has been suggested. https://www.dailystar.co.uk/sport/football/753923/Chelsea-transfer-news-Willian-plus-cash-bid-Philippe-Coutinho-Barcelona-Gossip?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+daily-star-football+(Daily+Star+%3A%3A+Football+Feed)
  11. 20. Callum Hudson-Odoi

    Never been into bird spotting! Got some good lads there tho. Maybe we need a German manager sometime?
  12. Philippe Coutinho

    The majority realise we are in a bad spot concerning needing upgrades. The others still have their rose tinted specs on or smoking summet much stronger than I am. And I doubt tat very much! So good that an old Bill took some off me yesterday and II HAD TO GIVE HIM £60 ffs!!!
  13. Arsenal - Chelsea

    IF ONLY!!
  14. 3. Marcos Alonso

    The Chelsea we had so long ago in October woulda too!
  15. The Pub - Discuss Anything

    Are any of you budding numismatists out there sitting on a rare 50p?? Right now theres a Beatrix Potter Benjamin Bunny for sale at £4000. And thats not even the rarest. But we all know that eVilbay never gets what they ask for. But check out some of these so next time you count your change you dont spenf one!! Most valuable and rare 50p coins in circulation - and you could have one A scarcity index has revealed the 59 fifty pence coins that experts deem 'rare' - and one is worth £3,200 https://www.mirror.co.uk/money/50p-coins-worth-lot-more-10217373 CHECK YOUR CHANGE The most valuable and rarest 50 pence coins – do you have one worth £840 in your spare change? Coins towards the top of the scarcity index can sell for approximately 10 to 12 times their face value https://www.thesun.co.uk/money/3315810/rare-valuable-50p-coins-design-worth/
  16. General Chelsea Stuff

    I often come across stuff that we dont have anywhere that we already have a thread open to post it. And I'm sure others have/do to. Things about the Chelsea in general. The team as a whole, the supporters - whatever. And I couldn't think of a better section to make it. Love this Tweet - The Willian and T'Boa ones cracked me up. Pretty much hits the nail on the head!
  17. Will surely win the league then eh!f
  18. The Board

    My versions much better!
  19. General Chelsea Stuff

    No probs. We will have Higs by Spuds day!
  20. Marina Granovskaia Thread

    Gota laugh sometimes or we would just sit in a dark room drinking gin listening to Leonard Cohen looking at a bottle of sleepers!
  21. Gonzalo Higuain

    You asled for it mate lol
  22. Philippe Coutinho

    Dont think we could give some away. But yeah. £80/£90mill for Eden and half way there. I'm sure the club woyld stump up the rest. We aren't shy of buying ones that THE BOARD want. Just need to convince them it was THEIR idea and THEY want them. Hire Robert Temple to hypnotize the gits!
  23. Philippe Coutinho

    All season Majority Coutinho has played LW But course yeah. Fekir as AMF