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  1. Daniele Rugani

    Not sure if we need a lumberjack to get rid of all our dead wood or a vet to put down all our Wonkey Donkeys! Either way it should create some breathing space/ As usual we will be filling a few gaps with the youth.
  2. Daniele Rugani

    Sarri wants €40m Juventus defender if he takes over at Chelsea https://www.teamtalk.com/news/sarri-wants-e40m-juventus-defender-if-he-takes-over-at-chelsea Chelsea submit €30m for Juventus defender Daniele Rugani https://readchelsea.com/2018/06/14/chelsea-submit-e30m-for-juventus-defender-daniele-rugani/
  3. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    think it mighta been me that started the Conte 'Class' debate But as I explained he was just being true to what he thought and didn't seem over the top or BS. He just thanked his team and supporters. Never mentioned Roman or the board as that would be 2 faced. Can't see owt wrong with what he said. OK might have been put into 'proper' sentences etc but the basics are his I'm sure.
  4. Daniele Rugani

    I would aim for David myself right now. I cant see Cahill staying.
  5. Daniele Rugani

    Ive not read a bad word about him apart from some of us/ He should fit in well and fast.
  6. Hirving Lozano

    With Willian needing an upgrade and the possibility of Eden going this guy seems plausible. Tho personally Id go for Fekir. Mexico star Hirving Lozano best fit for Chelsea in World Cup scouting report http://sport360.com/article/football/transfer-news/294134/mexico-star-hirving-lozano-best-fit-for-chelsea-in-world-cup-scouting-report/
  7. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    Fat Spanish Wanker is trying to get a 10 year deal going. He wants a good transfer budget, change their academy and improve their training ground. He would probably do well in Geordieland
  8. 22. Willian

    iIve had his back often since he joined. Fought his corner and made excuses - that I did believe at the time. But I'm totally in confusion as to these continual headines about him being 'DESPERATE' to leave us. WHY???? WTF has he got to whine about now? Fuck me. Contes gone. What else did he have to moan about? I've tried looking at it from his point of view and I cant come up with owt. Anyone clue me in? Just really got to get his arse out. fuck it. Let Manure have him. Give us Martial lets get it over with.
  9. General Transfer Talk

    Yeah I got that bud =D
  10. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    There will be a media frenzy when we play them in the CS. With Jorgi boy and student/pupil shit yoiu can see the headlines now. But with Pep well into implementing Sarriball with Shitty and us in a state of confusion and 1st stage evolution I'm not expecting allot from us. BUT just imagine if we win! Yahoooooya!
  11. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    The only one that really suprized me was Ancelotti
  12. Sergej Milinkovic-Savic

    OHH I know bud, Our CM would just be unlayable Truly amazing. If we are talking world class this would be it!!
  13. Sergej Milinkovic-Savic

    Mate!! OMG!!! PLEEEEEEEZE!!!! Can we huh?Huh? Can we? PLEEEEEEZE!!! Lazio drop asking price for Chelsea target Milinkovic-Savic http://www.insidefutbol.com/2018/07/19/lazio-drop-asking-price-for-chelsea-and-manchester-united-linked-sergej-milinkovic-savic/383114/
  14. General Transfer Talk

    Good job we aren't getting links with him then eh
  15. Daniele Rugani

    None of our CBs are very comfortable on the ball and its a pivotal position in a Sarri team. AC is about the best and he showed his weaknesses last year I'm wondering how he will get on with Ampadu. Hes in the Perth crew. I would prefer us getting KK but more than happy too let Sarri have Rugani who wont need to be trained to the new system. I think some of us are forgetting just how different that Napoli plays to our creeping along,slow build up then big boot up front we play sometimes. The main players need to be technically quick thinkers,passers. Comfortable on the ball. We dont have many at all like this. Or am I wrong?
  16. Nabil Fekir

  17. 10. Eden Hazard

    Because its pointless if we had all the money in the world if we didn't have a player we could attempt to fill his boots. Just thinking of all our options.
  18. 10. Eden Hazard

    I know that Eden has said that he would only leave to goto RM but with these latest links with Barca it has to get us thinking. What do we think of the suggestion of them using Ousmane Dembele as part of the deal?
  19. General Transfer Talk

    I just see a link of us to PSG keeper Alphonse Areola.
  20. Hirving Lozano

    I'm sold. But would also gladly take Malcom or Martial too. Go convince the board now
  21. Kurt Zouma

    I'm sad to a big extent that our future with him wont be Happy. I had strong hopes when he was starting out that he would be a main part of our defence and had this vision of Happy,Pogba and Varane together with us It was a sod that he got injured when he did. But now cant see even 1 of them with us. I dint think he really suits a Sarri style of team tho does he.We have to make sure we dont sell him to an opponent and we include a buy back.
  22. 10. Eden Hazard

    I do hear that loudly. But then on the other hand I'm thinking if I was him "OK CFC dont want to sel me this season for the money they are offered. No biggie. I'll sign the new contract and take the wage hike for the year. See what its like with new boss and workmates. Try and get CFC into the CL and do our best to put on a good display. And play it by ear next simmer." Thats how I would look at it anyway. He might think "Ive had enough. I want to go somewhere I will blend in and not stand out where only 2 clubs win anything." Its not going to be the same RM thats won the CL 4 from the last 5 years without their goal machine. He needs replacing more over Eden joining them IMO
  23. 10. Eden Hazard

    But he didn't agree to goto Shitty originally did he. The plan was he was going to the States and would be training with Shitty till the league started. It was the whole FFP bollox what kept him in that disgusting blue shirt. Bastards!
  24. Welcome home Magic Box you clever little so and so!
  25. Nabil Fekir

    yeah got that mate. he always manages to win me over for awhile tho. did Tammy Abraham get any games at Napoli? Hes going to Perth. and seems to get on with Sarri. Maybe more a case of necessity.