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  • Memory Munich That game has given me my lowest lows and highest highs in football. Going from thinking we had lost it to going absolutely bonkers.

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  1. OK chaps and chicks thats me outta here on my hols. I'm off for 4 or 5 weeks and only thing I will miss is not being able to goto see us take Manure apart, my records and 12 months have been really g you luvly lot a8500b03f6eb91c03d4c2b4af8f3f2b5.gif

    Gotta admit these last 12 months have been really tough and would have lost it at times if not for some mates and even coming on here. I know I talk some bullshit, specially at 3 or 4am off the head, but its kept my head busy. So - sorry - but thanks for putting up with me!

    Right, Off to luvly Goa. Sun,Sea and getting Shit faced. Just what Dr Robert ordered!

    Love and Peace guys. Give the lads an extra COYFB for me yeah!

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