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  • Memory Munich That game has given me my lowest lows and highest highs in football. Going from thinking we had lost it to going absolutely bonkers.

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  1. Guys I just want to say thank you for your thoughts and words and cant tell ya right now how theyre appreciated buy both of us. Shes not my wife 'on paper' tho we had our blessings taken by a Monk friend of ours in Goa surrounded by all our friends who came out to join us..

    Shes had to put up with alot from me over time but we have never had 1 raised voice row.

    She knows alot about Chelsea as her dad has been a follower since the late 50s. And she gets to hear all thats going on here as I talk to the monitor while typing hahaha

    It was some very stange things happening at the time that put us together as I first met her at my sisters funeral and then 6 months later my mum died with C so I was 16, on the borderline of following my uncle to being a total headcase or getting my shit together. I ended up Djing for a mates Birthday and I had done some mind altering substance and in walked a angel glowing white! And she walked over to me. My mouth dropped open cause I didn't recognize her.

    Anyway we ended up on the Thames Embamkment talking till 9am about everything.

    I arranged to go pick her up - knocked on her door - and the guy who answerered the door was the manager of my fishing club who I got on great with. He asked me how I knew where he lived and out walks his daughter saying I had come to see her!!

    Her old man knew EVERYTHING about me and knew I was into drugs and Chelsea but he also knew I was a nice lad.

    As all my family apart from my uncle had passed away I was basically on my owm. So I was asked to move in with their family.

    So its been an excellent life since then and I wouldn't have asked for anything different.

    Cacer is a bastard and unfortunately too many of us will get to realize that.

    I pray to the atoms that when yout rimes come you have the strength, love and support to get your heads through it.

    No need to respond guys. Just wanted to clear my head a bit.

    Love and Peace!