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  1. This would be on the same scale as us signing N'Golo last season.

    I know this time of the year all the shit stirring cunts connected to the sport do their best work. All the media,click merchants, players agents and entourages,salesmen etc all trying to get more money for doing fuck all.

    So its difficult to tell truth and bullshit apart.

    But we are being linked with some blinding players and we gotta hope at least some of them come off.

    Lets see what occurs after July 1st eh.


  2. 44 minutes ago, MetsajCFC said:

    Looking at Everton's spending and Lukaku reports-interviews, it seems Lukaku's sold. My guess is that Lukaku to Chelsea is done but they'll wait for 1st of July to announce any signings because of the incoming Nike kit deal.

    My thoughts too. Hopefilly hes not on his Jack

  3. I wonder if theres owt to the Roman stopping Bonnucci deal? Will obviously go for Alves too surely?

    If its to do with the strict 1 year contract for over 30s and not many players in that class wanting just a 1 year one.

    You woulda thunk that any manager knowing the rep we have had with managers woulda gone thru his contract with a fine tooth comb. Specially concerning his powers of control of team both incoming and outgoing. Conte doesnt strike me as a stupid lad and had his people check them back and forth

    Theres always just a little bit of truth to al the media shite so lets hope theres not TOO much.

  4. 10 minutes ago, BluesMadLad said:

    Not plating Piss mate lmao my bad I meant plaiting stupid phone auto correct  

    Ahhhh getting ya know!

    Its Platting piss!

    Like platting fog.

  5. Just now, BluesMadLad said:

    Basically it's impossible lmao 

    Meaning Ive always had is you piss on a shallow plate then freeze it and put it under someones door so they think they did it when they wake up.

    What meaning you got?





  6. 18 hours ago, BluesMadLad said:

    chance off plating piss

    Mrs said that to me once. Then I explained the meaning to her. Ive never understood how we use it in the context we do.

    But I hope youre wrong bruv.Ive already offered to donate me left dangley if we signed him!  ugly%20man%20laugh_zpslc0enyet.gif








































  7. I sadly see this like the problem Roman supposedly has with Bonnucci. With our strict 1 year policy over 30 I can guess both Alves AND Bonnucci would want a couple of years.


  8. Keep em crossed guys! Lets hope this ones coming off (AND its one of Contes!)

    I said back in Jan sales we should pay what they wanted and loan him back till the summer. Hes got to be a starter in any team he walks into.

    Im getting more and more convinced about this June 1st date being one for naming transfers for us. You can imagine the pressure Nikes put on the club not wanting any new signing in old kit cant ya!

    Come June 1st we will have a fuckin great list coming in! , Conte and Eden will have signed new contracts, Emenalo and Grav will both come out declaring they cant compete with the Don and plead for his forgiveness and Roman will give Conte the keys to his private bathroom at the Bridge.((Bugger offf its my dream Cool%202_zpstm5g6qf8.gif  )

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  9. 50 minutes ago, Special Juan said:

    If we are to challenge on all fronts and that means everything then it has to be a 300M summer. Elite players need to be purchased, such as Alexis Sanchez. No point scraping the barrel because come next season we will be left high and dry because we did fuck all about it. Another shite summer of Papa Djiliboji's won't cut it, those transfers windows need to be a thing of the past and all this scrambling in the remaining minutes of a transfer window come because we simply won't pay the money and it's quite frankly stupid.

    If you want to be part of the elite then you pay elite money for elite players, very simple.


    Its very rare nowadays that a buy like N'gol coes along. Top talent at shit hot price. But I wonder just if we woulda bought him if he was say £5 mill more?? I'm wondering ore n more. Has our incoming transfers been price capped?

    In these days of the TOP clubs attracting all the top name players as it is it doesn't seem to make a bit of difference we got a shit hot mamager,just won the premiership (again), a owner that we all assume gives the manager his backing (hmmmm!)

    So clubs like us IF we are serious about competeing with these teams then we need to pay thru the nose for certaib key players. If not then we might as well just use or youth and be happy to be in mid table with a 2nd rate manager.

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  10. 50 minutes ago, manpe said:

    It's been widely reported that Chelsea has a ~£200 million transfer budget this summer, and it also has been widely reported that Conte wants ~5 new players. Divide 200 by 5 and we may understand why the board doesn't want to splash too much on one player, considering the average price for those 5 players must be 40 million. Put 90 mill on Lukaku alone and the rest must come at 27,5 million average, for which you can't even get decent squad players anymore. Add in our stadium expansion plans and this could very well be the reason why we have been penny pinching despite all the money being thrown at us. Either that, or we have incredibly shit negotiators.

    I hope this situation will be resolved quickly. If not and Conte walks, then Marina Emenalo (widely reported to be the main people behind transfers) must be fired ASAP. They are replaceable, King 'Tonio isn't.

    It would be interesting to know what this £200mill is made up from.

    Does it include players sold? And will it include the plaers that we will sell?

    When Conte said we needed 6 players that was pre Costa. And with it looking like Matic is off thats 2 more starters needs replacing. I think £200 mill is a drop in the ocean to what we NEED.

    I'm worried. It seems no matter how we look at it we wont get enough players to upgrade the starters let alone add depth.

  11. Got more than a whif of the Emenalo power play about it again.

    He knows hes fitted tight up Romans arse and hes stamping his 'authority'

    I'm sorry if I upset anyone who likes him but he reminds me of a snidey bacjstabber who arsehole creeps to anyone.

    He should fuck off. But not much chance of that eh.

    IF this comes down to a powerplay and the Don says I'm outta here then we got that revolving managers door again,

    Lets just hope its a load of bollox!

  12. 10 hours ago, the wes said:

    We never put a bid in for Hulk we were just alway linked to him for some reason 

    Every soddin year!

    Just thinking how Koulibaly and Bakayoko? Both big strong fast.

  13. Just now, BluesMadLad said:

    Why is,nothing been announced then kit deal? 

    Who knows how these things work mate? I'd have thoughtt we would try to get business sorted before preseason starts  so Conte knows what hes got to play with.

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  14. 4 hours ago, BlueLyon said:

    Who would you get ahead of him if we actualy needed new LW? 

    There is no one as good as Eden on market. Isco, Bale, Alexis, Grizi are not options and neither is as good as Eden to begin with. Then you have players like Mahrez, Costa, the more realistic options.

    If Insigne was RW, I would take him any day. Unfortunely his right foot is unreal good and he would be wasted on right side, there is no way he could be converted to RW.

    Eden is one of those handful of Blues players that 99% of us agree about. Aye we can have a bitch or a moan now n then but any of us with our grey cells working would never want us to let him go. And I reckon the club would also do all they could to keep him. I think it would make Roman truly pissed off!

    But we know our Eden and his want to goto RM and or work with his hero Zidane. So even with all Eden said about looking forward to CL etc etc we know how stuff can change dont we eh!

    I was hoping we would get Morats to work with Eden/Rom but seems that boats sailed. So I reckon James would be great. He could take the LW (HOPEFULLY TILL Edens recovered and either Pedro/Willian on RW then put him over to RW when Edens on his legs.

    Now I'm not sure if Contes got plans to keep both our current RWs for subs but hotta admit a Eden-Rom-James top line ooks nise.

    I'd still like us to go after Sanchez tho specially IF Eden is about to leave us.

  15. 6 minutes ago, Blue Colored Sky said:

    Lol, gentleman agreement if someone pays the biggest fee ever for the defender? 

    Starting to believe that we should stick with what we've got plus Christensen. We won't pay this big fee and I don't want cheaper alternatives like Rudiger or De Vrij. 

    I really still dont know enough about him than when we were first linked to him apart from theres a large gap between us of peeps that want him and peeps that want him to do one.

    But we really cant sit back thinking we should stick with what we got plus another kid who polarizes views Christensen. You saw how we was taken advantage of at times last season - and now other managers have had time to suss our tactics out and more teams will be doing it.

    I was positive that a CB would have been sorted very quick but I'm used to having Blue dreams broken Had visions of all our incoming sorted early and getting together well in time for pre season. Like I said - Blue dreams.

    Not given up hope yet tho!

  16. 10 minutes ago, akgw13 said:



    Lets hope the Conte that Pirlo praises shows up and Woo's Mbappe! ahah he would look mighty good next to Lukaku.

      'When Conte speaks, his words assault you,' wrote Pirlo in his book I Think Therefore I Play. 'They crash through the doors of your mind, often quite violently and settle deep within you. I've lost track of the number of times I've found myself saying, 'Hell, Conte said something really spot-on again today'.'

    Dont mind me im just off in dreamland :lol::drunk:

    I hear just what you're saying and having a couple of the Dons countrymen with us would make me boogie.

    The thing I dont get is so many Italian players have said such great things about him yet not one has come out saying come get me.  I bet hes a bit pissed off himself after trying for his old mate Bonucci who he thought he could rely on. Thats why I cant see him coming as hes not been in touch with him since.

    But lets see how Conte's talks go with Mbsppe - lets hope theres no injuries too!

  17. On 11/06/2017 at 1:09 PM, kellzfresh said:

    If we can pull off this transfer, it will justify getting Bakayoko (another defensive midfielder beside kante) instead of a creative CM. 

    Conte plans to be solid in midfield, win tackles and then create through the wings with better quality wingbacks like Sandro. Especially with lukaku upfront to eat up crosses instead of Costa who hates jumping. 

    My only problem is why we are not going for Mendy instead, who we can secure faster and cheaper. 

    Just hope we dont say at start of the season "wheres the creativity we have been needing for x years?"

    There was alot of times building from the back last season where normally Luiz would get the ball upto Moses who will normally take it inside before a short pass or shot because of the weakness of his passes. Hes great at running at defenders keeping their back to goal and loosing footing but IF we are going to continue with 343 then we do need some creativity.

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  18. 20 hours ago, mccg said:

    Kerry Dixon _Pat Nevin_ Speedie_etc springs to mind , white lines instead of yellow might look better?

    There were alot of t shirts around early/mid 80s looked very similar. Different widths of stripes etc

    Maybe even a brighter gold?

  19. Cant see any formation we use written in stone but to have another tool at our disposal. But expensive tool not to be a starterr so must be looking to utelise him in some wyt eh.

  20. 28 minutes ago, Fernando said:

    Well I'm not surprised. Said it before, James to me has the reeks of a Conte type of player. 

    Conte wants him and Chelsea will get him. 

    Dont we wish it was that simpe eh/