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  1. 33 minutes ago, Vesper said:

    He is great player, but he apperently has a lot of off field issues. Pep doesn't tolerate bullshit much. If they do buy Firpo, Mendy may be soon out. Would you take a risk with him? I lean towards yes, as he is miles beyond Alonso in terms of being a two-way LB. We would have to be sure though, maybe put some behavioural clauses into his contract.

    Sarri seems to be a nice chap. One who likes characters. Might be what Mendy needs.

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  2. I doubt now with hindsight and forethought that we would nearly all take him back right now as our number 1 striker.

    BUT IF we are really serious about competing against shitty and Victimpool (Ive collared FBs term tho I do like scouse gits too lol) we need a serious striker with us.

    And I'm sure we all have our eyes on our own faves but I do wish we would go all out for Icardi or Dybala. And we know how blinking hard it would be to entice Dybala from Juve so we have to go in hard without trying to pennypinch (as if it would be at all possible) for Icardi. Probably be £110-£125 mill butwe would be quids in apart from the goals! Shirt sales, adbertising and bums on seats etc etc!

    But of course I really wouldn't turn my nose up at Piatek, Martial, Talisca, Belotti, , Or after being educated my Mz @Vesper   Maxi Gomez or that guy Lautaro Martínez .

    But we do need to seriouslt look at players to give us goals. Both in the CF amd RW positions.

  3. On 9/24/2018 at 10:37 PM, Vesper said:

    I think Firpo is the answer long term and now at LB for us

    Lots of good info. Ta Mrs. He does look the bizz.

    Wonder whats going on with Mendy. Really thought he would be good. But he does have 5 assists so far this year


  4. As this isnt a film post and as we dont have a General TV thread (was sure there was one) and as the thread to  Mr Robot has been archived I didn't know where else to post this. But if any Mod or Admin finds out please move it - Ta!!


    I watched the opening episode when it started then went away travelling and never got back into it.

    But I do that with a lot of good series and find myself downloading multiple series and having a couple of days doing nowt but watch them/

    Well I did that with Mr Robot. Got all 3 series from my fave local friendly torrent site and just watched season 1. Have put the other 2 seasons on a data stick to take and watch on my hols lol

    But I found myself wondering summet I wonder if anyone can help me with.

    As it SEEMS SO FAR that Elliot has many umm social and mental issues,, is one of them that he has Multiple Personality Disorder??

    Is Mr Robot an imagined character OR Is Mr Robot real and ELLIOT the imagined character??

    Theres a couple of things that make me ask like when Mr Robot tells Elliot that 'They Can See Me'

    And as Mr Robot has formed the group Elliot joined he has been around longer.

    Yet Elliot lives at his Mums.

    And whats with Elliots sister Darlene? She must be imagined too if Mr Robot is real!!

    I love series like this that you dont know fuck all really and it forever makes you keep asking questions!

    Its a bastard watching it on my own as theres nobody to nudge and keep asking them

    So I'm nudging you lot!

    WTF is going on????

  5. I often come across stuff that we dont have anywhere that  we already have a thread open to post it. And I'm sure others have/do to.

    Things about the Chelsea in general. The team as a whole, the supporters - whatever.

    And I couldn't think of a better section to make it.

    Love this Tweet - The Willian and T'Boa ones cracked me up. Pretty much hits the nail on the head!


  6. Links keep coming and APPARENTLY WE have made contact!

    Chelsea initiate talks to beat Man United and Liverpool to transfer of goal machine out-scoring Neymar and Eden Hazard

    The 12 goals already from this season



    Sources have also told CaughtOffside Piatek has attracted interest from a number of other Premier League clubs, with Manchester United, Liverpool, Tottenham, Everton, Leicester City and Wolves scouting him this season.

    Italian sides have also understandably taken notice of his form, with big boys Juventus, Napoli and Roma all keeping a close eye on the Poland international’s progress.

    We must get in quick with Leicester,Everton and Wolves after him too eh!!!

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  7. 1 hour ago, Fulham Broadway said:

    What was funny was the tourist fan who wanted to see the game and put 'Stamford Bridge' in her Satnav and ended up in Yorkshire. True story.



    On 10/1/2018 at 5:08 PM, Vesper said:

    What is clear is that the soccer star paid Mayorga $375,000 a few months later as part of an out-of-court settlement. In exchange, Mayorga signed an agreement to never talk about her accusations that Cristiano Ronaldo had raped her.

      These he said she said rape cases are so difficult either way. So many post coitus feelings arising. He must have had his choice ow women at the time. But maybe wanted the one who said no??

    We will never know.

  8. 2 hours ago, Fulham Broadway said:

    Bit bitter isn't he, the owl/human hybrid with the inanimate mouth - .they have constantly blamed other clubs for reduced allocations. This is because they set off flares and cause trouble. When they protested to the gooners, they increased the allocation for them. What did they do ? Set off flares and caused trouble. They stole tickets out of childrens hands at the CL Final, they murdered 39 fans in Belgium, theres a reason UEFA said they have the worst fans in Europe -yet according to this prick, theyre getting picked on.  When their fans imitate a crashing helicopter, (Matthew Harding dying) that's acceptable is it ? Ah but its not them, theyre the innocent party. Victimpool indeed.

    I see somebody at least made a reply to him!

    Victimpool indeed!

  9. I understand the reasoning we bought him. In the hope he would do a good job linking up with the Wee Baldy Man. But it obviously was one of thos flash in the pan seasons Leicester had  and the waterboy just usn't the standard we need

    Of course hes happy doing nowt for his "120k a week. Who else is going to pay it to him or pay the money we did to sign him?

    We will only get half if we are lucky back.

  10. 11 minutes ago, Sideshow Luiz said:

    The others, I don't know.

    LOL It takes me ages going thru her posts checking out the players names I never heard of, But it has opened my mind to more options than the household names I'm aware of as I don't watch many European matches unless they  are big cup or Internationals.

  11. 1st impressions were Valencia in the linup shots were all standing still looking asshead looking up for business.

    Manure were all fidgety going from foot to foot squirming.

    I dont know if that means Valencia were nervous or up to do the job

    Or Manure were full of electric energy kmowing the pressures on them - or just nervous??


    Would love Bats to do em!!

  12. Ive been trying to shake my grey cell into remembering which game it was this happened. I just remembered

    I diont have a problem with it. His studs were down!

    Get down you cunt!

    And he only got a yellow and cleared by the FA! Sweet!




  13. I know its just the Star but it typifies what I mean about the media with their tongues up Shittys and the Dippers arses and not a dickie bird about how well Sarri has started

    Its not that Klopp and Pep aren't good but not bringing Sarri into the argument is almost criminal comared to how quick he has been able to introduce us to Sarriball.

    Man Utd boss Jose Mourinho 'suffering' because of Jurgen Klopp and Pep Guardiola

    MANCHESTER UNITED boss Jose Mourinho has suffered as a result of Jurgen Klopp and Pep Guardiola's style of football.

    “When he was at Chelsea he was very defensive and he liked to play two holding midfielders, and it was good in the era that he was successful at Chelsea.

    “But now Guardiola and Klopp have come in and shown that high-tempo, high-pressing, quick-passing and quick-moving football is more successful, and I think Mourinho is struggling with his creativeness.



    Looks like Mou is getting into his annual panto villain character a little earlier than normal. But we have seen it all before. Doesn't it all sound familiar eh!

    Having rows with reporters in pressers over questions about Zidane and losing the dressing room.

    Telling the guy hes paying £500k a week he wont play for Manure again unless he changes his attitude. Sanchez has supposedly moaned to his team mates about wanting regular playing time and that Pep would have used him better. Saying that he has scored 3 out of 23 appearances!

    And slating the team about some players caring about the way they are playing more than others.

    Hes got Pogba apparently laying down some ultimatum saying its him or Mou that has to go

    And hes got 4 Rojo, Herrera, Young and Lingard. out against Valencia tonight

    I'm just sick I wont be here to see us help Mou on his way